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The Foundation’s french branch also has to face rival Groups of Interest, whose activities are mainly (but not entirely) focused in the french-speaking regions of the globe. In order to grant every researcher access to all available document regarding said Groups, this page should be constantly updated, as the Foundation gathers more data.

The Order of Light

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Infos : The Order of Light is undoubtedly the oldest Group of Interest known to the Foundation. Founded in 1224, it is a direct descendant of the Knights Templar, created by Hugues de Payens in the 12th century, with the purpose of keeping objects and/or entities showing anomalies hidden, or try and use them for military purposes. The existance of this branch of the order was kept hidden by its own members until its downfall in 1305, in as of today unclear circumstances.

When the whole order was dissolved by the Pope, the remaining templars affiliated to this particular branch gathered, in order to allow the rebirth of the Order of Light and to designate their successors. Despite numerous speculations regarding them, this organization always managed to dissimulate its actions to the world, and to subsist until our days. At this moment, the Order’s HQ is believed to be located in France, constantly exchanging informations with an unknown number of contacts in the East, using the intermediary action of “attendants”. The extraction of valuable resources, such as oil and gems, assures colossal revenues to the Order, which has a number of sleeping agents inflitrated at every level of the society, all of whom are adepts dedicated body and soul to the organization.

This organization counts among its members, especially in the highest ranks of the chain of command, individuals suspected to be SCP themselves. Their capture, in order to assess the gravity of the threat posed by such individuals, is considered an Alpha Priority.

The Order of Light has never showed any intention to cooperate with the Foundation, nor to be hostile towards us, even if this does not exclude possible conflicts of interest. Every individual believed to be a member of said group must be reported to the highest ranks of our Foundation and should be carefully observed by MTF Omega-1, aka “Odour of sanctity”.

The SCP objects held and/or used by this Group of Interest should be treated with the utmost caution.

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Society of Atheist for the Protection from the Perilous and Hindering Istitutionalized Religions Everywhere (SAPPHIRE)

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Infos : The Society of Atheist for the Protection from the Perilous and Hindering Istitutionalized Religions Everywhere, more commonly known under its acronym SAPPHIRE, is a group of extremist assertoric atheists, largely present in Europe. Its adherents are, for the most part, members of the scientific community, belonging to an international network difficult to discern. These people recognize SCP objects (which they call the “Singularities”) as a threat to scientific thinking and rationalism, thus encouraging superstition and religious obscurantism. Their policy varies between the systematic destrucion of SCP objects and their use as weapons to perpetrate acts of terrorism against religions, global or more aimed to certain objectives.

SAPPHIRE’s attacks involve mainly large masses of civilians, with no attempt at discretion; this obliges the Foundation to deploy extreme dissimulation protocols after every strike. Mobile Task Force Omega-5 “The Jewelers” has been created with the specific purpose of tracking, prevent or, in case of failure, camouflage this attacks.

SAPPHIRE is in constant conflict with any and all form of cult, may they be normal or paranormal. Having numerous contacts in the scientific world, it has happened that some Foundation researchers turned out to be undercover affiliates of the group. Even if SAPPHIRE generally respects the Foundation and its objectives, it disproves of its conservation policy in regards of the SCP objects, and some of their spies have already been captured after having tried to destroy or otherwise recover contained SCPs for their own personal interests.

Each and every undercover agent of SAPPHIRE must be reported, captured and interrogated regarding the inner workings of the Society and their future attacks.

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