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Operational Information on SCPs

List of SCP-FRs

SCP-001-FR - Awaiting De-classification [Blocked]
SCP-006-FR - The Butcher
SCP-008-FR - Wax Salamander
SCP-009-FR - Nailed Deers
SCP-014-FR - Agent of Chaos
SCP-020-FR - Transmuting mineral
SCP-024-FR - "U can Totali swalo Dat"
SCP-025-FR - Deadly Silence
SCP-027-FR - "Get Rick Rolled"
SCP-031-FR - The Knowledge-Eaters
SCP-032-FR - The Ornate Gun
SCP-036-FR - Suction Lizard
SCP-038-FR - And Dust You Will Be
SCP-043-FR - Blind Wanderer
SCP-045-FR - Thieving Arthropod
SCP-054-FR - Blue Fear
SCP-059-FR - Blizzard's Claws
SCP-060-FR - The Lich
SCP-061-FR - The Kiwi
SCP-062-FR - The Perfect Predator
SCP-073-FR - Biological Sterilizer
SCP-079-FR - Village with NPCs
SCP-080-FR - The Peacock Egg
SCP-095-FR - The Demon Core
SCP-101-FR - Y@u aɹe hëre
SCP-103-FR - "This is not a Mosasaurus"
SCP-113-FR - Infected file S.O.S. - Dr. Anton Vehan
SCP-119-FR - The Curious Incident of 119-FR in the Night-Time
SCP-124-FR - Dragons ?
SCP-125-FR - Mark IV
SCP-134-FR - Lim(Un)=+∞
SCP-137-FR - The One True Religion
SCP-143-FR - Mesozoic chicken coop
SCP-150-FR - Vox
SCP-155-FR - Wake up
SCP-161-FR - The Book And The Beast
SCP-164-FR - Creationism
SCP-165-FR - The live tent
SCP-172-FR - "Points of View"
SCP-181-FR - Non-recyclable
SCP-185-FR - Kinetic Inverter
SCP-192-FR - Your question
SCP-197-FR - Gardener Tortoises
SCP-198-FR - Considerations on the Causes of the Greatness of Mankind and its Decline
SCP-201-FR - Mind Palace Syndrome
SCP-213-FR - The Vagabonds of the Dark Forest
SCP-215-FR - Industrial Sardine
SCP-218-FR - The Antiquity Manufacturer
SCP-236-FR - The Perfect Parry To An Imaginary Threat
SCP-237-FR - Absurd Instability
SCP-281-FR - The Day The Earth Stopped Being Flat
SCP-291-FR - Containment Procedures Updated
SCP-296-FR - Dusk on Mars
SCP-299-FR - 113-B
SCP-320-FR - Life is a pillow
SCP-324-FR - He Died Thrice
SCP-327-FR - Foresight Cameras
SCP-335-FR - Lacrymodjinn
SCP-347-FR - Risky Driving
SCP-369-FR - Everything Is Fine Is White
SCP-375-FR - Proof of the existence and uniqueness of the Self
SCP-403-FR - Güiro in Exile
SCP-471-FR - Riders on the Storm

List of Joke SCP-FRs

SCP-1054-FR-J - Schisms
SCP-SKIP-FR-J - Skip For Long Optimal Multifunction Whiteness ©





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