Item#: 1100-KO
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel must not use programs or devices that utilise the Infinite Monkey Theorem (Referred to as SCP-1100-KO) for personal purposes without proper authorisation. If non-Foundation individuals attempt to use SCP-1100-KO, it is strongly recommended to dissuade such behaviour while providing sufficient reasons. However, information that can compromise the integrity of the veil policy, such as the Containment Procedures for SCP-1100-KO, or the possible threat caused by the item, must not be mentioned. The same rule applies to non-Foundation organisations that try to utilise SCP-1100-KO, and personnel must provide sufficient reasoning, excluding confidential information, which includes this document.

Security clearance of Level 3 and above or special approval from superior officers is needed to access the SCP-1100-KO-made Scranton Random Text String Generator(SRTSG)’s products.

Description: SCP-1100-KO is known as the Infinite Monkey Theorem to the public. The theorem is not anomalous by itself, and this document does not differ from any publicly available description. However, due to the potential threat that unrestricted, public usage of SCP-1100-KO may cause, the containment procedures mentioned above were established.

Random text strings generated by SCP-1100-KO could match anomalous text strings that may or may not have been contained by the Foundation. Id est, SCP-1100-KO is completely non-anomalous, but it is theoretically possible to produce an anomalous SCP object using it, which can cause a containment breach or, even worse, a breach in the veil policy. From February 25th, 2023, when the Foundation first started to utilise the SRTSG, to November 19th, 2023, AI Conscripts have already identified 52 known anomalous text strings and 227 previously unknown text strings generated, summating to 279 text strings, seven of which were generated more than twice to date.

To make matters worse, SCP-1100-KO is widely known to the public. Even if one is oblivious to the designation SCP-1100-KO or the more widely known name of the Infinite Monkey Theorem, it is intuitive to anyone with the most rudimentary knowledge about infinity. Therefore, complete containment of SCP-1100-KO is currently impossible. The Containment Procedures above result from an effort to minimise the use of SCP-1100-KO despite the circumstance.

Information about the Scranton Random Text String Generator: On August 17th, 2022, it was discovered that SCP-1100-KO could be used to produce previously unknown anomalous text strings, some of which can be weaponised to gain militaristic advantages over hostile Groups of Interest. For such reasons, the Intelligence Department proposed utilising a random text string generator based on SCP-1100-KO, which was approved on November 5th of the same year. On November 6th, 2022, the Scenario Department submitted a request to use the device, stating that text strings with anomalous and meaningless text strings filtered out may provide new, unimagined ideas, which was granted the same day.

A development team led by Dr Ursula Scranton started developing the Random Text String Generator on November 23th, 2022 and finished development on January 23th, 2023. The generator generates text strings by matching the random number generated by the Hensworth/Alice Number Generator with a corresponding letter and saving it. The device was later named "Scranton Random Text Generator(SRTSG)" by the Overwatch Command.1

Text generated by the SRTSG undergoes real-time examination for memetic contamination performed by AI Conscripts. Unchecked text strings or strings that failed to pass the examination are barred from online and offline access. Contaminated text strings are encrypted with an attached warning sign, after which they are sent to relevant departments such as the Memetics Department and Infohazards Department. Uncontaminated text strings are made accessible either online or offline for Foundation researchers. However, due to the sheer number of text strings generated, text strings deemed meaningless by the AI Conscripts - which make up most of the production - are eliminated, as per standard protocol. Personnel is granted access to the remainder but are free to access the eliminated products, too.

Additional information limited for current security clearance.

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