A Detailed Report of a Containment Breach

Call Record

Now SCP-087's task is to fight with a class-d personnel, mentally and physically. "Fuck!" SCP-087-1 complained. More precisely, he is a class-d SCP-087-1. It has to complete the assignment from SCP-682, which is to drive that fucking class-d personnel out.

This SCP-087-1 prayed, "Hope he didn't bring a nuclear powered flashlight and didn't have any combat skills, better like the protagonist in 'Outlast 2'. Hope he doesn't even know how to run or jump." There are a lot of class-d personnels here recently, "The home-like mold scent in SCP-087 is going to be depleted by those fucking invaders!" In spite of it being just a class-d SCP-087-1, it still has a special relationship with its "home".

The class-d personnel cautiously walked down thirteen stairs, complaining about the moisture and stench of this small, closed space. Then, after turning his flashlight off, he started to wander about on the 14th stair. "Someone had been here?!" He seemed to be saying. 087-1 was also surprised, not because of this guy being so scared, but for the environment surrounding it - blood stains and screams creeping and depressing under dark light - being so different than before.

"Shit! I thought this place wasn't that scary!" Panic manifests in 087-1's heart. Its bluish-white face turned to complete white; it would shout if it has a mouth. "Stupid! That's because it's the HD Remastered Version!" O5 087-1 roared under the stairwell, "Take that guy out of here!"

The class-d 087-1 set its mind. Meanwhile, it noticed that the creepy BGM suddenly disappeared. Another loud, fast-paced music of gongs and drums started to play. If 087-1 didn't recall that it doesn't even have a body, it will dance together with the music.

"Bros no kidding. How would I panic?"

087-1 was sure that the sound wasn't from the class-d personnel. In fact, it always thought class-d personnels never talked. The atmosphere became more eerie with the personnel's head without face. "Don't they know what they look like?" 087-1 mumbled.

Finally, 087-1 decided to raise its courage and rush to that class-d as fast as possible. It scratched the DV embedded in the personnel's face, and then escaped with no other thoughts. That scream of the class-d personnel was still frightening today.

087-1 finally sighs with relief after seeing the class-d stands for 3 minutes before disappearing. "It's rather a Live or a Stream. He will come back." An old 087-1 said.

The class-d 087-1 swore that it would never see him again before finishing its curse.
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