5/CN-1000 LEVEL 5/CN-1000

- Ye Ming Classified


Item #: SCP-CN-1000

Object Class: N/A

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the research of basic technologies in the current Timeline are not yet completed, suppression on SCP-CN-1000 itself were not started.

Preparation on suppression is lead directly by the O5 Council and the Global Occult Coalition Supreme Congress, with O5 Council being mainly responsible.

The current task is still to raise the Foundation and instruct it with containment and suppression of products from the SAP Project. For more information about the progress, please inquire within the project group. All responding personnel of SCP-CN-1000 should stay in Site-01P. Any departure or contact without permission will be considered as a betray.

Description: SCP-CN-1000 is the general designation of events happened during the 168 hours between 2300-1-1-00:00 (GMT+8) and 2300-1-7-23:59 (GMT+8). Currently, no information about the situation after SCP-CN-1000 have been collected in any Timelines.

SCP-CN-1000 process includes the following events:

  • An eruption of anomalous creatures, which nature includes, but not limited to, anti-regular mental/physical/physiological/memetic controlling abilities.
  • An eruption of anomalous objects, which nature includes, but not limited to, anti-regular mental/physical/physiological/memetic/location narrative controlling abilities.
  • Mass anti-regular modification of human consciousness.
  • Mass anti-regular modification of common concepts
  • Regional anti-regular modification of physical laws.
  • Mass flashback CK-Class scenarios

In all known 4496 Timelines, SCP-CN-1000 became undetectable from 2300-1-1-00:00 (GMT+8). Conjugation was made that SCP-CN-1000 will happen indiscriminately in all Timelines.

Anti-regular products of SCP-CN-1000 (written as "CN-1000-1") are hazardous to the human civilization and individuals in many ways. The cause of SCP-CN-1000 is currently unknown. In all acquired Timeline records, SCP-CN-1000 has done destructive harm on the human civilization. The results include, but not limited to, the following:

  • 90% of the human population deceased, corrupted, or had passive mental/physical/memetic/conceptual conversion
  • An average environment Hume below 1*10-3 or above 1*1013
  • Complete corruption of meme system
  • Complete corruption of concept system

SCP-CN-1000 and CN-1000-1 do not have a fixed manifestation, but their intensity is observed to be proportional to the development of human technology1. 382 in all Timelines with SCP-CN-1000 progress records are expected to be completely destroyed by SCP-CN-1000.

Special Assistant Containment Procedures: To respond to SCP-CN-1000, the survivor from Timeline β3-03-ACDA2, known as YeMing-01, has experimented and initially established the Simulative Anomaly Project (SAP Project) and GengChen-3 "Ye Ming" Protocol (abbreviated as Ye Ming Protocol in the following context).

The goal of SAP Project is to duplicate some anomalous objects and events in a non-anomalous way. The Project is one of the main elements of GengChen-3 "Ye Ming" Protocol.

Ye Ming Procedure is consisted of three stages:

  • 1. Insertion. To transfer SAP to specific timepoints in the target Timeline.
  • 2. Intervention. To transfer "Ye Ming" team members to timepoint in the target Timeline, intervene the target Timeline, and to guide normality preservation organizations to be founded.
  • 3. Guidance. "Ye Ming" team members will assist human civilization in the target Timeline to fight against SCP-CN-1000. Meanwhile Ye Ming Protocol will be established and implemented.

This Timeline is currently one of the executors of Ye Ming Protocol. O5 Council members, GOC Supreme Congress members, and some field agents are from Timeline δ8-03-CBB3F, and are currently responsible for commanding and tutoring in the Timeline (γ8-03-AACAF).

Till now, Ye Ming protocol has been implemented for 382 times. Records of some of the executions are listed below.
# Content Result Note
1 Informal execution. Survivors from Timeline γ8-03-ABCAA accidentally entered the experimental time machine with a number of drones, and arrived at year 1900 of Timeline α3-03-AADAF. Personnel hasn't been waked up from hibernation. The drones self-started, entered nearby villages while causing injuries, and were considered as supernatural objects at the time. A supernatural weapon research institute was established. The drones failed on 2000.1.23, with the institute being disbanded soon. SCP-CN-1000 process occurred normally. The Timeline was abandoned.
2 Informal execution. Survivors from Timeline α3-03-AADAF arrived at Timeline β3-03-ACDA2 with masses of technical materials. Personnel publicized their technology after arriving. The speed of world development increased. Over 99.8% of all human have completed digitalization before SCP-CN-1000 process starts. SCP-CN-1000 process occurred normally. In the process, [DATA EXPUNGED], digitalized human were [DATA EXPUNGED]. The Timeline was abandoned. Technology conveyance is considered as an invalid solution for SCP-CN-1000.
3 First formal execution. Survivors from Timeline β3-03-ACDA2 arrived Timeline γ9-03-A2D32 with technical materials, and proposed the idea to create anomalies-like objects to guide human to confront SCP-CN-1000 for the first time. 130 SAP's were spread into the world, while the survivors voluntarily went into hibernation to wait for the start of SCP-CN-1000 process. UIU was founded and made some resistance against SCP-CN-1000-1, but SCP-CN-1000-1 gained major advantage quickly afterwards. The Timeline was abandoned. SAP is considered as a feasible solution against SCP-CN-1000.
4 Not implemented. Survivors from β3-03-ACDA2 developed more SAP objects here. Meanwhile, they drafted the initial revision of GengChen-3 "Ye Ming" Protocol. The survivors applied eternity transformation to themselves, and named themselves the "O5 Congress" from then on. The Timeline was abandoned.
5 Thousands of SAP objects were directionally sent to specific eras in Timeline δ3-A7-ABDB2. O5 Congress entered several Timepoints in the Timeline, guiding the foundation of SCP Foundation. SAP objects were contained as SCP objects. The anomaly containment theory was established for the first time. O5 congress recruited 23 alternate personnel, while refining and reconstructing the Ye Ming Protocol. SCP-CN-1000 process occurred normally, the Timeline was abandoned. SCP Foundation protected the major cities for approximately 30 minutes until their armed power was eliminated.
23 More SAP objects are sent, inducting the occurrence of the Global Occult Coalition. The Foundation was too weak that it was annexed by the GOC. SCP-CN-1000 process occurred normally, the Timeline was abandoned. Forces from GOC suppressed CN-1000-1 for about 3 hours, but the defense was eventually broken.
43 Multiple additional SAP's were sent in order to affect its social process. Attempting to construct the society and the Foundation based on religion. SCP Foundation was not founded. Instead of it, an organization named the Abyssal Light. No additional progress were made than the last Timeline. SCP-CN-1000 process occurred normally, the Timeline was abandoned.
85 Operation fault. SAP-2301 was accidentally transferred to 1950, causing the Cold War to be worsened. Not recorded. Left the Timeline in 1952. No additional records were made.
231 Inserted systems of the Church of the Broken God and the Sarkic Cults. More mind affecting SAP's were transferred. The diversity of the ways to confront CN-1000-1 was significantly increased Achieved to protect major cities not to be destroyed in the first 24 hours for the first time. The Timeline was eventually abandoned.
232 An operational fault occurred when attempting to insert more anomalous cultures. SAP-3379's hazard level was more than the expected level. Human generally extincted in 2121. Left the Timeline in 2121. No additional records were made.
381 Processing. Processing. Processing.

We can't change our past, but we can change their future.

Message: You received (1) new mail.


You entered the Council before me. Approximately 500 years earlier? Overall, you experienced three more Timelines than me.

Time to stop, One. Time to find out that Ye Ming can't be more advanced.

Is there any differences between the five Timelines we are experiencing? Yes, we achieved our first leap after inserting the Church of the Broken God. But what's after that? We inserted more Groups of Interest and even added a exposition for Chinese history. But at the end of world, what they did is only to add several publications to human supernatural theories. When the Foundation encountered the Succubus they still keep her on an island. When GOC saw a undestroyable reptile they still lock it in a hydrochloric can. We planned a massive amount of Containment Breaches just trying to force those human to create new solutions. But nothing have been changed.

How many CK and XK had Ye Ming caused when they are training the Foundation and GOC? Maybe every one of us had killed the same number of people to a SCP-CN-1000, with their own hands.

We kidnapped those most talented ones in the 300 years before the doomsday, letting them to die in the darkness for our fantasy of "fighting against the anomalies"… That heap of darkness were made by us. We make political panics, we blackmail the governments, we speed up depleting the only treasures and resources of this world. If there's no SAP, no Ye Ming, no Foundation, no GOC, people may have been enjoying peace for a few hundred years before destruction.

That's the limit of human. 381 times. 95250 years. We had fought enough. And now we have a chance to give the world less suffer.

There's no need to continue the circulation.

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