SCP-021-INT 1

Item #: SCP-021-INT

Threat Level: Yellow Red

Object Class: Argus / Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As long as SCP-021-INT is in FP-03, the Foundation does not need to supervise the item, as it is under Global Occult Coalition control and thus classified Argus.

There is no known way to contain SCP-021-INT outside of FP-03. For now, the Foundation's priority is to monitor and track down SCP-021-INT and cover the anomalous phenomena that follow its path through disinformation and road diversions. The Censorship and Disinformation Department is in charge of this process, and the different scenarios available, designated 021-1 ("diplomatic intervention") to 021-7 ("internet trolls") are available on demand. If necessary, new scenarios have to be prompted by a containment specialist with level 3 clearance or higher at this address < rf.tenpics|tni-stpmorp.dcd#rf.tenpics|tni-stpmorp.dcd > so that a realistic cover story can be created and deployed under 3 working days.

As of now, monitoring of European road cameras, radars and police radios is left under the supervision of SIR-I "Aureæ Notitiæ", based in Latium, Italy. The web crawler Delta-I ("Hyperspace Drifter") is programmed to look for any evidence of SCP-021-INT's existence uploaded on the Internet, whether in audio or video format or by testimony, and take it down using defualt cover reasons ("Copyright infringement", "hate speech"). SIR-I "Aureæ Notitiæ" is also in charge of cataloguing every known way to summon SCP-021-INT and keeping it out of civilian-accessible data.

Physical intervention, such as setting up road signs, interception of SCP-021-INT or removing any burn traces SCP-021-INT may have left, is handled by MTF Phi-16 ("The Broken Jars"). Any potential interception of SCP-021-INT must be accompanied with exceptional collaboration with MTF Lamba-5 ("White Rabbits") and must include at least one person from the Corpse List (see below, marked with a dagger †). MTF Phi-16 is also in charge of taking care of any instance of SCP-021-INT-A and containing it in either Site-Aleph (for large items) or Site-Kybian (for small items). Any civilian that may have come in contact with SCP-021-INT or an instance of SCP-021-INT-A must be amnesticised and monitored for at least 6 months. If such individuals come in contact with either SCP objects a second time, they must be terminated.

Description: SCP-021-INT is a humanoid entity whose size ranges from 1.20m to 1.90m, with a normal distribution of parameters (1.73, 0.013)1 and usually appearing as a male with tanned-skin around 30 years old. Because of the nature of SCP-021-INT, no precise measurement of mass, age, nor any physical data has been conduced. Although no fixed name has been employed by SCP-021-INT ; his driving license indicates "[ILLEGIBLE] Piras" alongside a date of acquisition dating to 1974/12/25. No birth date nor address has been extracted from the only picture ever taken of SCP-021-INT's driving permit, as it was partially burnt. The paper samples extracted showed traces of combustion from octane and heptane in a very quick reaction ; hence a car crash is supposed to have caused the incident. There is currently no evidence of anyone named "Piras" acquiring a driver's licence on 1974/12/25 in Italy, although this may be part of SCP-021-INT's anomalous effects on itself.


Only photograph available of SCP-021-INT's driving license, 15/04/2004. No further encounter has proven capable of capturing it again.

SCP-021-INT's can anomalously move in four dimensions, both in non-conventional directions and with anomalous speed. Such movement has been called "time travel", however this is a misnomer: despite all efforts from The Temporal Anomalies Department, no tachyon trace has been observed from SCP-021-INT, hence refuting a standard time travel theory based on faster-than-light travel. For a more detailed review of SCP-021-INT's anomalous movement, please refer to the analysis presented in Addendum 2.

It should be noted that this anomalous property is not always performed by SCP-021-INT ; instead it seems to only be active when the entity is inside a specific set of cars and the engine is turned on. Currently, this set of specific cars is composed of 1 vehicle, usually referred to by its driving plaques: "08 aMa 80". For more information about this non-anomalous vehicle, please contact PoI-016-033102001 through the partnership program regarding SCP-021-INT. Because the vehicle has not shown any anomalous properties for now, it is not considered to be eligible for SCP classification, even as a subclassification of SCP-021-INT.

SCP-021-INT also exhibits a wide variety of shape-changing abilities, always centered around death or mutilation, as well as some constants across different shapes it has at one point taken on. The following list shows the most common forms SCP-021-INT usually takes. For a complete list, please use the regular request form to SIR-I, SCP-IT.

Observer SCP-021-INT appearance Category
████ █████ - Civilian, Italian Mid-30s male with short mossy hair, tan skin, moustache, blue eyes. Italian. Under the name of "Alejandro Rossi". Wore aviator sunglasses, driving gloves and black clothes. No visible scars or wounds. CARRIER
Stephan Bauer - Surveillance agent, Swiss Early 30s male with semi-long mossy hair, light tan, unkempt beard, green eyes. Italian, speaks with a small Grisons accent. Under the name of "Luciano Ferri". Wore unremarkable clothes. Bloody hands, yet no visible wounds. CARRIER
█████ ████ - Civilian, French Early 40s male with mossy hair, heavy tan with wrinkles, unkempt beard and moustache, black eyes. About 180 cm tall. Franco-Italian. Under no name, yet seemed to angrily respond to "Mario the plumber". Wore an Hawaiian shirt widely open as well as aviator glasses. A bullet hole in the forehead, no bloodstains. HOLIDAYS
Jessica Gallo - Operative agent, Italian A dead and dessicated body sitting in the car, one hand on the gear lever. No visible wounds nor traces of rot, as if the body was mummified. Wore an Hawaiian shirt fully opened, and a pair of aviator sunglasses were found in the glove box. Spoke through the car radio in perfect, yet very dated italian. CORPSE
Nils Hassan - Surveillance agent, Swedish Late 20s Italian male, somewhat androgynous. Wore red lipstick, black nail polish and slicked-back hair, eyes obscured behind round glasses. Under the name of "Alejandro Ferrari". Multiple knife wounds across the torso, still bleeding. CARRIER
Erik Vinderberg - Experiment subject no 1 99 721 212 856 16, Eurtec An empty car with blood stains on the driver seat. More than a dozen different voices coming out of the car radio, all speaking Italian or English with a strong Italian accent.2 CORPSE

SCP-021-INT's behaviour has been reported as "a bit rough, but helpful" in most testimonies. In every contact with a human being, the modus operandi of the entity has always been the same:

1. The car stops near a person, either randomly or because of a summoning3.

2. The front window opens, revealing SCP-021-INT.

3. SCP-021-INT asks the target what they want it to deliver. Although no EMF waves nor psionic energy have been detected coming out of the vehicle or the entity, SCP-021-INT always knows when the demand has ulterior motives and refuses it.

4. SCP-021-INT starts the engine again and the car quickly "disappears" by translating on a 4th dimension.

5. SCP-021-INT reappears in less than two working days4 later to the target, with the good delivered. This item is designated SCP-021-INT-A.

6. Same as step 4.

The reason behind SCP-021-INT's behavior, as well as the means by which it always manages to deliver items on time as long as said items respect some constraints, is currently unknown.

It must be noted that the item can be located anywhere in space and time as long as it's accessible through the 4th dimension embedding of a road; for this reason, it is impossible for SCP-021-INT to deliver an item located underwater, in the sky, or in places or times where Earth's surface couldn't be traversed by car. SCP-021-INT has also proven itself unable to obtain paradoxical items that would exist at no point of space and time, such as "a sphere with a flat surface" or "the smallest sand pile to qualify as a pile", or impossible to access due to physical constraints, such as "the last moving atom before the thermal death of the universe". SCP-021-INT delivery list also excludes items larger than 50m3 or heavier than a metric ton.

It should be noted that no matter what SCP-021-INT delivers or how far the anomaly goes in the past to get an item, no butterfly effect has ever been noticed, nor any temporal paradox ever occurred. This phenomenon is discussed in Addendum 2.

06/03/2012 update: According to the various tentative summonings performed by the Thaumaturgy Department, it looks like summoning methods are affected by the butterfly effect. This may be linked to SCP-021-INT's nature.

Only two methods of encountering SCP-021-INT are currently known, none of them being reliable. The first and most common method is to randomly come across the anomaly while it is not currently delivering something. While impossible to anticipate nor predict, this method has been the most common way to interact with SCP-021-INT, coupled with the CORPSE method5 and with the heavy road surveillance from SIR-I "Aureæ Notitiæ". However, this phenomenon has also been the cause of numerous containment breaches and threats to the Veil, and as such a way to better understand and predict the movements of SCP-021-INT is a primary objective of the Foundation regarding the entity. However, it should be noted that once a single individual has encountered SCP-021-INT three times in a lifetime and has used its service each time, the probability to encounter it again drops to 0% in every case of a triple encounter (57 between 1998 and 2022).

The second method is summoning the object. While no characteristic emission of a thaumaturgical entity, such as Akiva radiation, Aspect radiation or EVE has ever been recorded next to SCP-021-INT [EXPURGED], it appears that a specific ritual can be performed to summon SCP-021-INT. For now, most of the Foundation's attempts have been unsuccessful. However, in rare cases of successful summoning, two things were noted. The first one is that when the method worked and SCP-021-INT brought back an item, that same method will not work a second time. The second is that a highly thaumaturgical (supposed to be of theological origin) entity is always being summoned instead of SCP-021-INT, its signature linking the entity to Spheres way above the physical world. A more thorough analysis of SCP-021-INT summoning can be found in Addendum 3.

Addendum 021-INT.01


As part of the re-attributing process, you are granted access over some private discussions regarding Addendum 021-INT.01 that aren't normally included in SCP-021-INT file. Proceed with care.

While SCP-021-INT has so far never been captured, some methods have been developed over the years to both communicate with it and better handle the threat to the Veil it regularly poses. The aforementioned Corpse method is one of them.

How do you communicate with someone driving a time-travelling car and that doesn't want to be stopped ? That's the neat part: you don't. There is no way to stop the Courier and just have a chat with him in the middle of a ride. However, there is something in his car we can use: the radio. We have been hijacking these for cover or intervention purposes since before the car radio has even been invented, so why not continue? The only issue is that a car radio is a transmitter, not an emitter. And I know it's neat to send messages to the Courier to inform him he passed Mach 3 on asphalt again, but we mostly want to hear him, not the opposite.

So the guys at Miscommunication got really creative. Sometimes, the Courier is a dead body, or even someone who isn't in the car. And when he is, he can still speak to the client using the car radio. So it means that if we manage to get SCP-021-INT in this Corpse shape, easy peasy lemon squeezy and we can just intercept the car radio to get our answers. And that is exactly the point of the Corpse List.

Since SCP-021-INT's appearance does not vary in time for any given individual, we can provide pictures of the Courier to the operating personnel, and look for agents that see a cadaver in the car. These are marked in the files with a dagger (†) and at least one must always be onboard when an intervention on SCP-021-INT is ongoing. They are to operate the radio hijacking device and conduce the diplomacy part regarding the anomaly. However, because these individuals cannot see the Courier act and instead feel as if the car was haunted, they cannot participate in armed confrontation, if one was to occur.

SCP-021-INT field guide p.40, §2


Map of all known SCP-021-INT detections from 1998 to 2022. Hover to zoom in.

The following entries are various encounters with SCP-021-INT, be it from the Foundation's personnel or civilian testimonies. For a complete list of all encounters with SCP-021-INT, contact International Security Coordination office at : gro.tenpics|tni.ytiruces#gro.tenpics|tni.ytiruces


Date: 1999/02/16

Location: 226 Corso Casale, Turin, Italy

People Present:
– Cpt. Sara Giovanni, SIR-I
– Agt. Massimiliano Cocci, SIR-I
– Malco Cantalamessa, civilian

Interrogation context: SCP-021-IT6 has been located in Turin by a gas station employee who called the police. Foundation agents, disguised as Carabineri, amnesticised the civilian after the operation.

Giovanni: So, this mysterious driver. Can you tell us more about him?

Cantalamessa: Yeah… I guess. It was close to 7 PM, so it was getting dark outside. So, when this indigo matte vintage car went in, I did not immediately realise what was going on.

Cocci: Did you see where the car came from?

Cantalamessa: Negative, Sir. Well, to be honest, I almost felt as if the car literally appeared in the station, so… Anyway, the driver waited for a bit in the car, engine on, then turned it off and stepped outside. Through the window, I was able to see him. Slim black jeans, ripped jean jacket with rolled up sleeves, aviator sunglasses and black driver gloves. The type of young fucker you'd encounter in a cold winter night at a Turin gas station.

Cocci: Sunglasses at night?

Cantalamessa: Positive, Sir. I'm always wary of people who wear sunglasses at night.

Giovanni: Go on, please.

Cantalamessa: As you wish, Miss. So, he grabbed a huge fucking sports bag in the back of his car, and headed towards the shop. I did not recognise the brand, but it was full leather, red and white, with an anarchist pin near the strap. When he pushed the door, I noticed it.

Cocci: Noticed what?

Cantalamessa: The smell of blood. There was a strong smell of dry blood coming out of that guy. At first, I thought it was coming from the bag. I mean, it was big enough to contain a corpse, so… He took a pack of raisin-flavoured chewing-gum, a bottle of water, two packs of tissues, some car window cleanup and asked me what was our cheapest oil. Who even does that? I mean, I gave him the price, he picked the one we use for tractors and started to search in his giant bag. At this point, I was pretty sure he was going to like, grab a gun and shoot me. But no, he grabbed a tracksuit and fished a wallet out of the pocket. He payed just fine and went outside with me to get the fuel.

Giovanni: Anything suspicious outside?

Cantalamessa: Nope, I only noticed that the seats were made of some really neat eco-leather, sleek black. During the service, he closed his window, but I still managed to hear some noise inside, as if he was speaking to his car radio. Really, this guy was a total freak. And you didn't even hear the worst part yet.

Giovanni: Go on.

Cantalamessa: After it was over, he opened the window and handed me a 5000 lira banknote. But from that angle, this time I was able to see his eyes.

Cocci: And?

Cantalamessa: The smell of blood. It was coming from the holes in his eyes sockets.

Conclusion: The civilian has received Class-B amnestics and was put under surveillance for a month. The gas station was put under surveillance for 6 months, during which SCP-021-IT appeared one more time.

Addendum 021-INT.02


Of the Nature of SCP-021-INT

Abnormality Fundamental Theories Underdepartment

Let's break down what constitutes the entity classified under SCP-021-INT, or, as Foundation personnel likes to call it, the Courier. At first, it seems to correctly fit the Shapeshifter category, alongside SCP-2006. Some humanoid, without any energetic signature, changing shape based on the observer. However, the Shapeshifter category requires the appearance of the entity to be, if not constant, at least coherent. To clarify the terms, everyone in the same room should perceive the entity in the same way, even if it can change its appearance overtime. In the case of the Courier, it is closer to something we already saw in SCP-600, where the appearance of the entity is based on the person who observes it. However, two elements contradict the hypothesis of an SCP-600 anomaly type, i.e. an Enchanter:

  • Firstly, no trace of any psionic or telepathic communication has ever been recorded near SCP-021-INT.
  • Secondly, as the title suggest, this type of change is merely cosmetic and does not represent a change in matter: however, the Courier's look is both consistent with electronic device response (and the Corpse List method showed it perfectly) and every physical variable, something that could not replicate such an effect.

Instead, the next one on the list to check for is the Reality Bender category. Here, let's talk a bit about the car.

As everyone should already know by now, SCP-021-INT drives a car. While in this car, the Courier is able to move in four dimensions, effectively travelling through time, while we must reaffirm that it does not count as time travel without any tachyon emission. This, along with the total control over its shape, may indeed hint towards a Reality Bender, but once again some elements don't fit. Mostly, the total absence of anomalous properties from the car when the Courier is not operating it as well as zero occurrence of the Courier changing its appearance while being observed are issues, and obviously the fact that no Kant counter did trigger at SCP-021-INT's passage nor an SRA limited its ability to time-travel are also bad signs.

So, is the entity a god? Well, it could be. As the 2014/12/25 intervention showed, SCP-021-INT seems to have strong connections to demiurges, especially this unknown "work-giver". Moreover, as the infamous 2022/██/██ operation indicated, the Courier showed signs to be both part of Time continuum and a living paradox, trapped inside it. Also, as with SCP-343, SCP-021-INT's appearance feels as if it was determined independently for every individual. Outside of the Corpse List, the most striking example must be the one of Nils Hassan: while every appearance of the Courier seemed to somewhat depict the same individual at different points of his life, this one was really different. Lipstick, slicked-black hair, lost his famous aviator glasses for some round rockstar ones- at first it almost looks like different anomaly. However, when you put back in perspective than it really looks like a description of Damiano David, the singer of the Måneskin band who won Eurovision three days before the detection, and that this was the only exposure to anything Italian this agent received in years, it all of a sudden makes sense.

Our safest best would be to consider SCP-021-INT as a concept-being: no Akiva radiation, no thaumaturgical prowess, appearance based on the conceptual shape of "an Italian male who died and who is a delivery guy" has in one's mind, its intrication inside space-time continuum are all very good hints. We should also mention the fact that SCP-021-INT is effectively omniscient when it concerns its order state and location, outside of any time-based anomaly. The Fundamental Abnormality Theories Subdepartment's verdict is clear: we are in presence of the conceptual embodiment of delivery.

As a consequence, containing SCP-021-INT is both almost impossible and would be extremely detrimental: it could harm or even destroy the concept of delivery, which would result in at least a CK class scenario without hesitation, not to mention the space-time implications it may have.

Dr. Valbeaugris, Fundamental Abnormality Theories Subdepartment

Addendum 021-INT.03



Pangloss protocol update: As of this date, main SCP-021-INT target and zone of activity is located inside the FP-03 "Eurtec" Nexus, a zone under Global Occult Coalition control. Until further notice, a diplomatic bridge is set up with this organisation towards the containment of SCP-021-INT. The GOC referent for this partnership is EU-102 Managing Director Theremin (PoI-016-033102001). This change in SCP-021-INT's behaviour is responsible for the very high amount of SCP-021-INT occurrences near the city of Calais, as the entrance to Eurtec is supposedly located somewhere around Calais.

Regarding this partnership, the Foundation is sharing the real-time location of SCP-021-INT as well as the most advanced theories regarding the nature of SCP-021-INT with the GOC; however, no military nor logistical partnership has been planned for now.

As a benefit towards this partnership, the Foundation gets immediately notified each time the GOC dimensional sensors detect an illegal entry or exit from FP-03, can benefit from GOC worldwide detection of SCP-021-INT and is able to access some of Global Occult Coalition documentation regarding the anomaly.

As part of the re-attributing process, you are granted access over some private discussions regarding Addendum 021-INT.03 that aren't normally included in SCP-021-INT file. Proceed with care.

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