SCP-021-INT 2

Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:


Authorized Response Level:

3 (Circumstantially Moderate Threat)

A fastback coupé, Alfa Romeo brand, Alfetta GT model. It differs from standard models due to a number of intentional modifications, both paranormal and normal in nature.

The normal modifications are as follow:

  • indigo paint job plus matte finish (never officially provided by Alfa Romeo);
  • leather seats and leather-covered steering wheel (unclear whether leather is real or synthetic, though ultimately irrelevant);
  • "08 aMa 80" alphanumeric identifier in white letters on white license plate decorated with silver emblems of Italy on the four corners (incorrectly formatted identifier not associated with any recorded Italian vehicle, illegally-designed plate);
  • indigo glass over the high beam headlamps;
  • blue glass over the low beam headlamps.

The paranormal modifications are, as currently understood, two. Most evidently the ability to move in a non-standard fashion through space-time, with a grave imbalance toward time, to the point that its movement has been referred to as "time travel" by a number of cooperators during the first redaction of this document; secondly a spatial distortion ubicated in the rear seating area, which allows for the housing of bodies of a volume up to dozens of times superior to that a normal Alfetta GT would be able to house.

The Veil- and law-breaking uses for KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral are potentially endless.

As of the nineteenth of March, 2009, KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral is actively being employed by a party (under SCP Foundation monitoring and investigation) to commit massive and reiterated breach of the Eurtec Embargo.

Rules of Engagement:
KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral is approachable when left unmanned and unsurveiled. Separation from current user is encouraged though evidently difficult.

Due to the potential replicability of KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral's structure, destruction or damage is forbidden. Suggested course of action when encountering the parathreat is limited to study in order to facilitate replication.

PSYCHE Records

Notes regarding parathreat of interest - replicability

As our current working theory posits, [parathreat] KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral originates from a normal model of A.R. Alfetta on which paranormal mods were installed, not differently from how standard illegal and illicit mods are on normal cars regularly (hopefully not on the daily, though we all know how these things go). Of particular interest is the question of whether these modifications are installed in spatiotemporal locations when-where they are not illegal, not paranormal, or a combination of both; though despite this interest of ours, in the space-time frame we operate the end result does not change: the parathreat operates (or is operated) in breach of the Embargo.

With this consideration out of the way, let us move on to the more pressing matter: the replicability of these paramods. As a first, superficial read of the base document might tell you, the parathreat represents a unique opportunity to give ourselves a tactical advantage on land if we were to crack its code, so to speak. This means decommissioning is out of the question, obviously. If any of us stationed in Eurtec, where the parathreat's activities seem to have concentrated in the past couple trimesters now, has access to any means of observing and studying the inner portions of machinery without recurring to dismantling, they are heavily encouraged to either ask to be put on duty on the project dealing with parathreat or to denounce the possession of said means and lend it to colleagues currently working on this project.

Aside from the rather banal speed advantages (compared to normal, non-modified service land vehicles) a vehicle built according to blueprints derived from parathreat would have, the bonuses that should be considered are the temporal displacement, foremost and almost unheard-of perk when applied to equipment actively employed by normorgs which would give the Coalition an immense advantage over virtually any opposing ground-based entity or group (employable, for example, in the ongoing crackdown on gang violence is the peripheries, or in the daily attempts to stop the illicit races that take place in las Catacombas or in the roads we forget (or are not currently fast enough) to check).

Outside Eurtec and the nexi we've been tasked with policing, the revolutionary movement power of these parathreat-based vehicles [henceforth "cars"] would tip the scales of certain bilateral and trilateral unions and relationships in favor of the Coalition, which (and it may sound petty, though it really isn't) get to objectives faster, with more precision and with a bigger storage space to fit potential materials and bodies to carry to the most appropriate facilities.

The storage space situation is perplexing, due to how little it is currently being employed in the parathreat situation itself. A report on the parathreat's current activities has already been compiled by PSYCHE but, due to the complicated nature of the study, is available exclusively on demand and is not a default, public annex to this parathreat's document.

Notwithstanding the perplexion, a paranormal modification based on the spatial deformation ubicated in the parathreat's rear seating area would grant a sedan or similar such automobile, ideally, a dickey substitute as spacious as a semi-truck. Research and Development is ongoing, see PTOLEMY file.

Notes on the misfocus of the SCP ally's studies

It has become abundantly clear that the SCP Foundation, the second normorg currently on the case of the embargo breach, has incurred in one of its usual cases of misfocus of resources, which are common in the European sections, Branches and autonomous departments especially.

On this case, SCP Foundation has, despite multiple sources and proofs we supplemented them with, still refused to acknowledge that KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral's driver is merely a battery used by the parathreat that the vehicle represents. However, while an initial error may be understandable, the fact that their services have refused to change it since 1998 — according to their own files — begins to be suspicious. More details to be found under PHYSICS records.

PSYCHE Records






First of all, we'd like to thank the Servants of the Silicon Nornir, and especially Mg. Sørensen, current Pythia of the Nornir, to have allowed our delegation to conduct such experimentations and analysis in the city of Eurtec, and this despite our divergent point of view about their believes. This collaboration proves once again the success of the 108 Council regarding international occult coordination.
Aristide Dion, Head Researcher of United Church of Satan, Scientist.

Satanists have been of a great help in understanding this paranormal mechanical device. With their unique and unorthodox way to apprehend theurgy, researchers from the Church allowed our clerical Research and Development institute, Thread Horizon, to both better handle the very nature of the Ghost Car and develop paranormal technology one step ahead, literally. They gained our voice for the next 108 Council presidency for sure, and the Digital Thread is hoping for a new partnership very soon.
Magdalene Sørensen, Pythia of the Nornir.

KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral have been the source of multiples interrogations from various GOC members, especially the Servants of the Silicon Nornir. Indeed, although Eurtec has been locked out of the current dimensional space in 2008 and is currently in the process of a global digitisation by the Nornir with the help of the GOC Research and Development units, the parathreat is able to bypass all the security protocols without ever being noticed by anyone, acting the same way as criminals were doing with illegal dimensional entrances before EMBARGO laws. Initially, KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral was hence considered as the most important security breach in Eurtec since the creation of the project back in [CLASSIFIED]. Here is the first report of the parathreat entering Eurtec, that still serves as a basis towards KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral investigation.

Dear General Undersecretary,

It has been brought to our attention that EMBARGO regulator had spotted unauthorised entrances and exits lately. 23 in three months since March 19th to be precise. We do know that the regulator system is not perfect, but this cannot be a false positive. Hence, with assistance from the PHYSICS police, under supervision of Theremin himself, we started an investigation on the case. With the database of Urthor and the Skuldir's quantum-tachyon tandem processor, we were able to identify two things.

The first one is that the parathreat is a 70s Alfa Romeo that seems to blink in and out of Eurtec's dimensional fabric.

The second one is that it is absolutely impossible to predict anything regarding the parathreat.

Every single one of our algorithms has been defeated, this thing is a Pure Variable. It cannot be predicted, nor anticipated, at least not from this approach. Director Theremin recommended a more physical approach, and handled our inquisition service some Replicants®, a few Black suits and one White suit. Neither of those were damaged in the operation that followed, but some very interesting discoveries have been made.

It turns out that the parathreat is indeed a 1974 Alfa Romeo that undergone some heavy tuning, but it does not blink in and out of dimensional fabric. Instead, the car has proven itself able to move along W-axis, or to put it short to travel through time. The interesting part is that it both explains how it can enter Eurtec this freely using the former illegal portals, as well as explaining how it drives under our personal radars : despite VERITAS scan and our personal devices, no tachyon trace has been found. The car simply does not travel through time in the way we imagined.

And we do not know exactly how it does yet.

Urthor, Verthandi, Skuldir

File written on 2010/12/21 at UOE-0001-Archon-Turing-Spiral by the Crowley Institute team.

We have safely arrived at Eurtec today, with no visible damage to our equipment. Tests are currently ongoing in the laboratory GOC provided us with, elegantly placed a the 66th floor of the Watchtower. From what Eriksson seems to have understood, it looks like every partner company or 108 member that may have interest in the Eurtec project has its own floor here at the Headquarters.

For now, it looks like this KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral is nowhere to be found in Eurtec. Hopefully, the City of the Thousand Nights will be a source of interest for our research team.

The Silicon Nornir have called. The parathreat is inside the city. To be honest, Salem was a bit anxious about meeting the Silicon Inquisition, but they are not the usual type of religion we face. It makes more sense that GOC PSYCHE coordinators helped towards this collaboration: even if it would be weird to include them at Crowley's Institute, the fact they are based on a philosophy rather than a dogma, and that their prayers are directed towards tangible — at least digital — entities have facilitated the discussion. Apparently, the parathreat has been located in the Neo-Montmartre district, the following entry will be the analysis result.

The United Church of Satan, Scientist
Research laboratory Crowley Institute, CA, USA
Senior researcher Dr. Katarina Abramov, theurgy and retrocausal entities specialist
Other researchers Dr. Frederick Eriksson, Dr. Victoria Salem, Dr. Jeremiah Brown
Number of Assistants 4
Because the parathreat already left the crime scene when the forensics team arrived, this analysis therefore only covers the oil leftovers and the tire particles found on the asphalt. The tests covered chemical analysis, thaumaturgical and theurgical captation, causality radiation spectroscopy and metadata recreation.
Octane 29.6%
Heptane 0.2%
Cyclohexane 4.7%
Pent-2-ene 32.9%
Benzene 32.6
ARAD Intensity 103 Caspers
ARAD Hue Over-Ebony
ARAD Pitch Double-Sharp
ARAD Weave Locked
LIGHTBRINGER theurge status Ba'al
No paranormal property has been revealed by the investigation.

First of all, the chemical analysis of the oil reveals a very interesting property. While it is effectively usable and quite bland oil, the fact that only a single type of alcene and aromatic hydrocarbon are present in the residue is very intriguing and lead to a thorough metadata analysis. According to our instruments, this oil have been reconstructed from elemental particles in Eurtec, but at a date around 2050, so in about 40 years. However, because of the tachyon wall surrounding the city, no further investigation has been possible.

The second very interesting thing is the Aspect Radiation scan. Without the Intensity value, almost any thaumatologist would freak out. A very structured radiation, with Double-Sharp pitch that indicate an highly constructive paranormal effect, on a Double-Ebony scale, this seems like the signature of a demiurge. But the Intensity is only of 103 Caspers, no more than background radiation. However, it cannot be a false positive, as background noise is not that polarised. Hence, the parathreat seems to be something of a very fundamental level, but one which actively tries not to disrupt the fabric of reality.

Lastly, our LIGHTBRINGER investigation revealed something we did not expect. A Ba'al signature is the nomenclature for a paranormal theurgic entity that have been summoned. This means that inside Eurtec, some individuals have the knowledge and power to summon an entity strong enough to move inside the even space-time concept to avoid detection and walls.

Our recommendation would be to avoid confrontation at any cost and conduct a second analysis by PHYSICS Assessment units.

Dr. Katarina Abramov, Crowley Institute


ST Patrol Report (Debrief)

Involved Strike Team: 9521 "Soupir"

Filing Operative: 62006035/212 "Theremin"

Mission : Espionage over KTO-Kewpie "SCP Foundation" assets and data regarding KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral.

Cover list: — 78413685/9251 "Mockingbird": Italian SCP Foundation agent, Archives Department, [CLASSIFIED IDENTITY]
— 78234652/9251 "Lupin": Francophone SCP Foundation MTF agent, under the identity of "Jean-Marie Schmitt" (real Jean-Marie Schmitt have been liquidated and his body sent to EurTRASH)
— 71234652/9251 "Kaplan": Italian SCP Foundation IT maintenance agent, under the identity of "Lorenzo Martinelli"
— 96522113/9251 "Edgelord": International SCP Foundation Network communication agent, [CLASSIFIED IDENTITY]
— 88451621/9251 "Bombshells": S5-11 (Italian SCP Foundation) personal assistant. [CLASSIFIED IDENTITY]

Results: Hijack of various files and messages, as well as surveillance interception, showed that SCP Foundation is not only missing their focus and targeting the thaumic battery of KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral, but is also actively trying not to contain it. Some hints that the files may be edited in their own organisation to hide it from us, as well as a clear difference of treatment between regular researchers and senior staff indicate that they refuse to play fair on this one. A classified document from a unknown "Dr. Valbeaugris", now referenced as PoI-5012033-Kewpie, has been partially retrieved and handed to PTOLEMY Research and Development unit.

Personnel Condition: All involved agents were given new identities by MI666 as well as British nationality. Because they might have been compromised with SCP Foundation, they all have been reallocated to Assessment Team 701 "The Grey Hand", Eurtec's secret police. The Strike Team has then been reformed with new agents.

Recommendations: Do not show signs of suspicion towards the KTO, as well as continue the partnership with them. Limit as much as possible information shared and include some fake data to limit their own R&D potential. Include the case in a potential legal retribution towards KTO-Kewpie.


Thread Horizon Research and Development

III- New ways to consider time-based transportation and engineering



Walt Disney Company memo

Dear Communication Assistant Director,


It has been brought to our attention that a parathreat was currently driving through Europe with little to no protection, and it feels like your little "partnership" with the aforementioned SCP Foundation clearly does not suffice in any way, as usual regarding this Foundation.

We, both as members of the 108 Council and as friends, want to remind you about the Second Mission of the Fivefold that hold us together : Concealment. While KTE-1974-Clockwork-Parallax-Mistral has no need to be concealed in Eurtec, where paranormal is common, we feel that it is irresponsible to let such a parathreat on the roads of Europe without any protocol surrounding it.

Hopefully, we might remind you of the recent buyout proposition we did to Universal Studios regarding the rights on the Back to the Future license. What do you think about a reboot of the franchise to explain the videos of the vehicle being released on a monthly basis on the Internet? We could even use Eurtec footage as a movie setup and disguise it as special effects, allowing the next declassified paratech to be realistically "inspired" by our movies, as a crossover fashion collection for example.

Of course, such buyout would require a small participation from GOC PTOLEMY budget, but nothing to be scared of. You will find the formal request in the attached files.

Best regards,

The Walt Disney Company Legal Department

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