Item #: SCP-099-INT LEVEL 3/099-INT
Object Class: Keter Classified

Special Containment Procedures: At the time of this file's writing, no direct means of containing SCP-099-INT has been devised. Containment efforts will focus on anticipating or mitigating damage generated by SCP-099-INT.

Three meteorological satellites have been placed in orbit to detect instances of SCP-099-INT. Foundation personnel will be dispatched according to the anomaly presented by each instance of SCP-099-INT. The general protocol to be followed is called "UMBRELLA":

  • If possible, evacuation of civilians from the area where SCP-099-INT will appear.
  • Control of the damage caused, containment of anomalies generated or humans affected and suppression of information.
  • Obtaining samples of the precipitation generated by SCP-099-INT.
  • Creation of an information cover-up to conceal the effects of SCP-099-INT.

Description: SCP-099-INT is a migratory atmospheric phenomenon that affects clouds by giving them anomalous characteristics (classified as SCP-099-INT-1, SCP-099-INT-2, etc.). The main visible change in clouds is their coloration, and a correlation of this with their anomalous capabilities has been confirmed. The appearance of SCP-099-INT additionally causes a change in the electromagnetic spectrum of light, manifesting a color related to the cloud. SCP-099-INT has a certain behavior and its migration pattern is not chaotic; moreover, a kind of communication has been observed between the instances by means of electrical discharges, which can become thunderstorms. It has been hypothesized that they could be hive-mind related organisms or are the result of an intentional and controlled disturbance.

SCP-099-INT-1 are a group of red cumulonimbus clouds present in Yunnan, China. During storms generated by SCP-099-INT-1, sounds between 60 and 120 decibels have been recorded in the area where the anomalous activity occurs. There is usually no pattern in the content of the recordings, and the ambient sound recorded during a random storm is the voice of an unknown woman pleading for help who was estimated to be in her 20s and 30s at the time of the recording. For more information see Addendum A.

SCP-099-INT-2 are a group of light green nimbostratus clouds in the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Biosphere Reserve, Mexico. SCP-099-INT-2 produces moderate green precipitation (6.5 to 16 mm/h) between 0:00 and 12:00 hours. SCP-099-INT-2 rain has a mutagenic effect on the biota of the region, mainly on the flora. Another effect detected has been that the shadows generated by SCP-099-INT-2 have the capacity to mitigate soil erosion and provide biological material. For more information see Addendum B.

Addendum A

On December 16, 1956, the salesman of Miaozhuang Supply and Marketing Cooperative in Yunnan returned from a trip out of this village Miaozhuang to buy sugar and found the entire village empty. The clothes of old and young people, men and women were scattered all over the place, but there was no items missing, no signs of villagers fleeing, and the livestock kept in pens were still there. Also, the blast furnaces set up for steel making in the village had been extinguished in some unknown way, and there was still a large amount of unburned fuel left in the furnace chamber.

The salesman immediately reported the emergency to the local government department, saying that “the great mountain god ate people”. The local Staff immediately took control of the salesman (hereinafter referred to as SM), intercepted the information and forwarded it to the Foundation. In the afternoon of the December 22, the Foundation took SM’s testimony in Chongzhen and dispatched an investigation team to Miaozhuang.

SM’s testimony contains a great deal of local folklore, most of which has been verified to be explained items. Throughout the whole interview, SM remained steadfast in his belief that the disappearance of the Miaozhuang villagers was caused by the anger of the mountain god as the villagers cut down trees recklessly to make steel without the permission of the mountain god.

SM said that at dusk on December 15, he was on another mountain, and the straightline distance between the mountain and Miaozhuang is about 10 kilometers. At that time, he had seen a weird red cloud wrapped around the village. Other skies showed no hint of reddish clouds, only the one at the top of the village hill. SM described the enviroment as follows: "The cloud was so red that it looked like fresh pig blood, while the rolling black smoke from the steelmaking was entangled with the red mist, forming a terrible, angry face".

The findings were generally consistent with SM’s description. During the inspection of the steel-making blast furnace, the furnace had continued to emit a strong smell of burnt meat within a period of time, thus the Foundation investigators initially suspected that the missing villagers were killed en masse and then put into the blast furnace to destroy their bodies. However, the subsequent sampling survey results showed that the slag did not contain any human or animal remains. In addition to the unburned firewood and its coking part, there were only inorganic salts, a small amount of iron slag, and a large amount of water containing sulfur and mercury compounds.

It was the first collective disappearance caused by the red cloud phenomenon that can be confirmed to have occurred within the territory of China in the 20th century. From 1956 to 1962, many cases of disappearances of different scales occurred throughout China.

When the Foundation intervened to investigate, they found that most of the unidentified mass disappearances had the same characteristics: no traces of violence, no missing property, the missing people often lived in the mountains with inconvenient transportation, and the mass disappearances usually occurred on a village or small-town basis.

Other historically recorded SCP-099-INT-1 events:

In the winter of 1982, clusters of red clouds were observed several times by several observation stations in southwest China over natural areas that are rarely inhabited, such as forests or oceans. The sights were noted by the vast majority of coastal resident meteorological observers.

On November 16, the research vessel Dongfang set sail for home after a short stop at the ██████ base in the Xisha Islands, and disappeared after entering the area affected by red fog again, only one onboard researcher who was stranded due to her illness was spared.

Later in the interview she recalled, “The sea was red and foggy, and we were completely enveloped in an ominous orange-red color. As we had to sail under the red cloud, I felt intensely unease, like… something was peering through the window… As I looked out the window, suddenly, panic and fear tightly gripped me… it felt like… it was that red color that was warning us, warning us don’t snoop, don’t come any closer.”

On January 1, 1990, a sixteen-member scientific research team disappeared after entering a red cloud-affected area south of Sichuan, China.

On March 6, 2002, an observer who was a former member of the Abnormality Institute wrote a handwritten letter and submitted it to the superior. The letter said that red clouds were the sign of a disaster year and there would be some major disasters in the following year, thus the Foundation was expected to prepare accordingly. However, the response letter politely declined the request, indicating that due to limited resources, they were unable to intervene in the relief of the many disasters without anomalous factors that were happening all over the world at all times.

Over the next four months, the researcher’s behavior became increasingly aggressive, sending several harassment emails daily to various related and unrelated departments with a view to obtaining approval for action. Upon review, the Foundation ultimately determined that the researcher’s mental and psychological health was no longer adequate for his position, and ordered him to be suspended from his position and placed on mandatory leave. However, in the last month of his life, the researcher appeared to be under extreme mental stress, and when he was unable to submit his research findings to the Foundation through the usual channels, he finally chose to take the extreme action of self-immolation in the streets and died.

The researcher’s unusual behaviors were judged by the Foundation’s local organization as a case of suicide caused by work-related stress, and his personal property was redistributed according to the Foundation’s standard procedures due to the lack of inheritance.

In 2007, the disappearance of a Person Of Interest named “Rohan”1 proved to be related to the red cloud phenomenon. The Foundation routinely followed up on the case because his spouse was a former Foundation employee. A critical notebook collected from the civilian investigator’s home eventually helped the Foundation, after a 51-year chase, to unravel the anomalous nature of the red cloud phenomenon and to successfully perform containment within the regional scope:

Addendum B

SCP-099-INT-2 was detected by a Foundation climatological monitoring station during 07/15/2022 rainy seasons. The nephology division conducted monitoring of precipitation activity and cloud formation belonging to SCP-099-INT. It was concluded that the behavior pattern of SCP-099-INT-2 did not agree with predictions based on its physical characteristics.

After observing the first precipitation of SCP-099-INT-2 and its effect on the biota of the area, samples of the specimens were taken and sent to the Biotechnology Division for analysis.

During the investigation of the area, the following note was found in one of the instances of SCP-099-INT-2A.

For so long this land lived under the promise of an end at our hands. Yesterday, as I looked up at the sky and the few stars illuminated a land doomed to the end, I wondered, what will become of all that I and my family have cared for generations? I can't stop thinking about how things used to be. The legends of gods who were in charge of providing us with water, good harvest and so on. But they were just that, legends.

Unlike the loss I see day by day in my work here, taking care of this little piece of green land. Lately several have said that the sky has been crying with sadness. That the white has turned blue. And I, who have grown up in this place, can feel it. A moment. A sign.

Let whoever was responsible know, even if your ideas are not understandable, they are welcome. Today under this celestial rain, I thank you for throwing a rope in this time of need.

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