SCP-2642-JP Fragment 2

SCP-2642-JP is the document allocated to the 2642-JP slot in the SCiPNet database, containing the description and history of the pataphysical Canon Theory. SCP-2642-JP-A and -B are necessary to explain this Canon Theory.

SCP-2642-JP is, in accordance with the Special Containment Procedures, placed in the "SCP-2642-JP" slot of the SCiPNet database and made available to all Foundation personnel. Pages set to restricted access can be viewed with credentials assigned to Project Arca participants and already-known passwords. In addition, by making this document public on the SCiPNet database, the "higher narrative entities" often talked about in pataphysics will be able to acknowledge it. As higher narrative entities have a higher level of meta control over the lower narrative layers, they are able to bypass the security clearance checks and directly access this page. The initial ID and password in the login form are not supposed to allow access to this page, so access through that ID is presumed to be by a higher narrative entity.

This page is viewable by participants in Project Arca, who have the necessary clearance, and our gods, the higher narrative entities. I, O5-12, writing this page, have messages for both of you.

First, my employees. You've done well so far. We are at the turning point between the beginning of the project and the COUNTOVER. Through all of your efforts, we have managed to keep the odds an even fifty-fifty. We judge this to be a great achievement. In the process of the Serpent's Hand collecting SCP-2642-JP-A, we have confirmed that out of the many parallel dimensions there are some where the COUNTOVER has already occurred, and the worlds have died as a result. Through your efforts, our world has managed to overcome what has happened to those carcasses. I am proud of your efforts, and would like you to continue to work hard. I know it's overused, but — it's cool. As those of you who have read through this document know, if this world is to continue to exist as our world, it must be chosen by the gods. In other words, I want you to charm the gods with all your might. Don't worry, you are beautiful, and honorable. If you keep up the good work, the will of heaven will definitely smile upon you.

And as for our gods. While the Pataphysics Department is typically talking about "killing our gods", just this time, we are begging for mercy. In other words, we need you to lend us a hand. In order to make this request, I drew up the SCP-2642-JP article. In order for our world to continue, we have decided to request for your help. We are aware that there are many higher narrative entities. We, as lower narrative entities, are aware of this, as we have seen the wide interference patterns and our many determined "paths", many of which contradict each other, and so we know very well there are many of you. So, I make this request. Will you back us up? I ask those of you who already support us to keep up your support, of course, but we also ask those of you who are skeptical to help us achieve a reality where our plan is successful.

We are desperate to allow this world to continue. We are merely at even odds, and we don't know which way it will go. You can decide what is in the future for this world. Does this not inspire you? This may be a rude presumption, but since you've read this SCP-2642-JP up till here, that means you're interested in us in some way, right? If this has hit it right on the mark, I hope you will think positively about it. I don't know about any of you, but we have started down the path of "Project Arca". So, will you take a chance and support us on that path?

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