Scp 997 Ko 1




Item #: SCP-997-KO

Object Class: None

Special Containment Procedures: Maintaining the current anomaly classification system is sufficient for SCP-997-KO's containment. The inconsistency between the existing classification system and the Anomaly Classification System (ACS) is to be disguised as an error in administration.

Description: SCP-997-KO refers to the current state in which "Thaumiel" is considered both a major containment class1 and a subclass of the Esoteric class.

It is assumed that SCP-997-KO first emerged at the introduction of the Anomaly Classification System (ACS) in ████. At that time, a vote by the Classification Committee was held under the observation of the O5 council over the treatment of the Thaumiel class. Currently, there are two contradictory approval records that each treat the Thaumiel class as its own class, or considers it a subclass of the Esoteric classification.

At that time, the classification committee discussed the introduction of the ACS, along with how to treat the Thaumiel classification. The main issues addressed then were as follows.

  • Thaumiel is used more frequently than other esoteric classes, but lower than the major classes.
  • Other esoteric classes are often experimental classes used exclusively by some departments or researchers.
  • The current 'Esoteric class list' only explains the meaning of the classes, while treating all classifications equally. Resetting an existing classification to a subclassification of the esoteric classification will result in unnecessary waste of administrative resources.
  • Since the Thaumiel classification is applied exclusively to situations when it is "used by the Foundation", it is clearly different from the usual "Object Classification" set according to the difficulty of containment.
  • Disruption/Risk classes cause unnecessary confusion in classification, i.e. they act as an obstacle for writing and understanding documents.
  • Documents with ACS are aesthetically inferior.

According to the log at the time, it is clear that a conclusion was reached after hours of heated debate, but the log of the results is as anomalous as above. The official documents of the Classification Committee distributed after the vote includes limiting the number of major containment classes to five, excluding Thaumiel. However, in the standard object class guidelines used within the Foundation shows the Thaumiel classification on par with the major containment classifications. Attempts to edit this proved futile.

Subsequent interrogations were conducted on the members of the Classification Committee and RAISA personnel responsible for the security of documents who attended the vote. However, there was no evidence that any personnel intentionally rejected orders or neglected administrative confusion regarding the matter. One thing to note is that problems occurred during communication between personnel with contradicting opinions, which is very similar to the "discrepancy of common sense" that appear among people from different parallel universes. Why this happens, even though it is clear that all the people in question are from the Baseline.2

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