Scp 997 Ko 2

Pataphysics department notice

This description describes the narrative splitting phenomenon due to specific factors.
Therefore, Foundation personnel viewing this document must be exposed to adequate preventative factors. Read the following passage carefully.

Worlds as many as branches. Branches as many as the souls. And souls be like the wind constantly changing.
But remember this: Thousands of branches stem from one single root.

The goal of Project 'Waterrocket' is to verify that SCP-997-KO, which has a broad impact on the Foundation database, can be manipulated or deleted by manipulating the upper narrative layer.

According to early observations of narrative hazards such as [DATA EXPUNGED], the narrator of the upper narrative world can change the Baseline by changing the description of it, which basically exists in their world as "articles".

However, studies of SCP-997-KO and hypothesis raised by Overmeta operations further expand the role of the upper narrator. In other words, the narrator recognizes that the Baseline as a work of art, and creates a world based on their own perception or opinion about it, which is created by overlapping the world of these narrators. According to this hypothesis, SCP-997-KO is the point where differences among the worlds created by the narrators show the strongest.

The core of this project is to prove the aforementioned hypothesis, which creates a hypothetical upper narrator that looks at the Baseline from a certain point of view between the Baseline and the upper narrative layer. The reader will have an "opinion" on the Thaumiel rating, followed by a predetermined manipulation. Observations show that this action fixes the Baseline in a particular direction, leading to the superimposed Baseline to be held in one direction. From a baseline point of view, this seems like it'll nullify SCP-997-KO, but using it as a means of neutralizing high-risk instances is not considered at this phase due to the great amount of damage caused by reckless use of narrativohazards.

Working as a Foundation supervisor, I often shudder at the fact that we've locked almost all of humanity in an incubator of ignorance for safety's sake. But what's even more terrifying is that at some point we realize that we're also beings in an incubator.
The view that modern humanity is of a special rank has been repeatedly negated by both anomalous and non-anomalous science communities. In this universe, ample with chaos and magic humanity is something less than dust, and the Foundation is nothing more than a little child trying to keep a teddy bear from a herd of wolves. We now know all these facts.
I wanted to believe that, at least we know that, so we're free.
But we've found the true gods, in the name of horror fiction authors. And also, this universe, all anomalies and non-anomalies can be crushed in a whim by someone's change of mind.
How this plan will change our world is yet to be known. People ask what the equivalent of throwing a little pebble in the broad ocean of parallel universes can do. However, what we're launching is not just another mischief to fulfil our metaphysical curiosity. This is a small challenge that we send to the gods to hold our fate in our own hands.
I'm not expecting a huge leap. I would be content if we can leave a small mark on the incubator we're trapped in.
For it is the evidence that one day, we will break free.

Secure, Contain, Protect.

— O5-3

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