Item #: SCP-CN-296

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No means of controlling this memetic hazard have been found. Currently, all paper and electronic documents are stored in Site-CN-34's Anomalous Document Storage facility by Mobile Task Force 庚午-08 "Standard Script". Due to risk of a containment breach, printing of these documents is strictly prohibited. If similar memetic hazards are detected on the Internet, the Department of Memetics is to be notified immediately to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

Description: SCP-CN-296 is a specialized memetic hazard. Documents affected by this memetic hazard only contain Chinese characters. All other characters, including Latin script letters, Hindu-Arabic numerals, and punctuation, cannot appear in affected documents. Reading affected documents will cause memetic contamination, causing any attempts to describe the anomaly to be restricted to Chinese characters.

When an affected document is stored on the same medium as an unaffected document, the unaffected document will come under SCP-CN-296's effects. This occurs regardless of whether the document is handwritten, printed or typed.

Of note is that the conversion of content to purely Chinese characters is context-sensitive. For instance, the number 300,000 is written as 三十万 (thirty thousand) and not 三零零零零零 (three zero zero zero zero zero). This implies that the anomaly is capable of comprehending the context of the text it alters.

Addendum: Researcher Huang Zihao received a message from an unknown sender several days later.

Society is degenerating in morals. The written script is the foundation of the country, and it shall not be clouded by the inventions of the West. Oh, when will our written word return to purity?
From the Abnormality Institute

Upon questioning, former members of the Abnormality Institute claimed not to know the source of this message.

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