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Item #: SCP-ES-152

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any images obtained from the entrance to SCP-ES-152 must be intercepted and censored before being processed by reconnaissance satellites, astronomical satellites and space stations. Also, the entrance will be partially obscured with cement of a texture and appearance similar to lunar regolith, in order to disguise its existence and allow for future exploration.

Description: SCP-ES-152 is a subterranean structure, located 60m below the surface at Mare Serenitatis, on the Moon of unknown origin and purpose. Inside are various patterns of protective thaumaturgical glyphs in a deteriorated state. The interior of SCP-ES-152 has the basal lunar gravity and atmosphere.

SCP-ES-152-A is the set of machinery inside SCP-ES-152. SCP-ES-152-A consists of the following:

  • Seven columns with a chimney-like appearance. Traceable quantities of helium and argon were found inside. Prior to their discovery, the upper part was covered.
  • Various forklift-like machinery and conveyor panels. Syringes connected to these are found in their control panels. Subjects who press the button will be subjected to telepathic contact by an unknown entity, urging them to donate blood..
  • A control room. On its left is a control panel used as a database and door opener in a pictorial language in the process of deciphering it.

Exploration Log

Date: 01/15/2004

Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Beta-3 ("Blue Danube")

Location: SCP-ES-152

Team Leader: Beta-3 Captain (Alpha)

Team Members: Beta-3-A (Beta) / Beta-3-B (Gamma) / Beta-3-C (Delta) / Beta-3-D (Epsilon)

Equipment: EMU spacesuits adapted by the Foundation for greater mobility.


Alpha: Guys, we're going to go back downstairs. This time we get to manipulate panels and stuff.

(The Task Force goes down through the hole made in the previous exploration.)

Command: Gamma, press the forklift button again.

(Gamma presses the button. The same events take place as in the previous exploration.)

Beta: The same again?

Gamma: Yes. Every time I think about that giant, I get sad. I feel like there's more I can do, but I don't know what.

Beta: Don't get upset. It happens sometimes in this job. (The forklift has descended.) We're here.

(The Task Force arrives at the control room. They approach the control panel.)

Epsilon: Let's get this thing started. Let's see… (Epsilon brings his right hand to the sphere and begins to move it.) Let's put it up.

(The heptagon illuminates its upper part. When the sphere is touched, it displays a pictographic text and two other heptagons below it, of which the left one appears to be selected.)

Epsilon: I still don't understand what it says here.

Alpha: Focus the camera so that Command can see it.

Command: According to our paralinguistic records, these pictograms resemble the Ortothan Extraterrestrial Language. (OEL)1. For the time being, they will have to settle for a rough translation.

Epsilon: We'll have to make do with this. I think I see something.

(The text is translated to: [Do you want to open atmosphere replacers? Yes/No] "Yes" corresponds to the left heptagon, and "No" corresponds to the right heptagon.")

(Epsilon presses "Yes". Beeps and the movement of structures are heard. When finished, a message appears on the screen. The text reads: [Ducts open. Decomposition of Noble Elements 1 and 3 in the (atmosphere?) cancelled. Cancellation caused by excess of obstructing elements].

Delta: Heh. I could see that from the looks of things. Come on Epsilon, find something more useful.

Epsilon: There you go. (Epsilon returns to the main screen) This looks more interesting. Let's inspect these "Harvesting Cells".

(Epsilon presses Harvesting Cells. Like the previous option a pictographic text is displayed. The text reads: [Do you want to open Harvesting Cells? Yes/No])

(Epsilon presses "Yes". An alarm sounds. When finished, a message is displayed on the screen. The text reads: [Action cancelled due to anti-Voruteut contingency protocol. Do you wish to proceed anyway? Yes/No])

Alpha: We should return to the Area for resupply.

Command: Not necessary. No life signs have been detected. You may proceed.

(Epsilon presses "Yes". You hear the rightmost door opposite the entrance open.)

Alpha: Beta and Delta, check that area.

Beta: Yes, sir.

Delta: Yes, sir.

(Beta and Delta enter the Harvesting Cells. The Harvesting Cells are laid out in a heptagonal grid. What little light the keypads used to emit is now emitted by the pictograms on the cell doors, dimmer than before.)

Delta: This is getting weirder.

Beta: Why?

Delta: Alien languages, chimneys that break things down, and now we're heading into a place that's synonymous for slaughterhouse.

Beta: We would all like to deal with politicians with their minds in the skies, but we all have to get stuck in like everyone else. Take a look at the cell on your right.

(Delta approaches the cell. The door contains no recognisable mechanism such as a knob or opener.)

Delta: Yeah. I see a rabbit face and a person's body with those pictograms again. I see it says something like [Erect Rodent 578]. It's gonna be time to break the door down.

(Delta breaks the door. Inside the cell is a set of syringes similar to those seen in the montecargas. On the floor is a skin in a deteriorated state. No other items are visible.)

Delta: Let's pick this up and move on.

(Beta and Delta continue into the cell complex. The cells examined are identical to the first one inspected except for the number shown.)

(Beta and Delta begin to hear a monotone voice speaking in Ortothan of unknown origin. Transcripts will be provided in translation below.)

Unknown Voice: [Egoists were. We came in search of life in this dead region. They threatened us. Now, the land is no longer alive but…] (Static is heard for 4 seconds and then silence.)

Delta: Did you hear that, Beta?

Beta: Yeah. It's probably a recording. Command said there was no life detected. Let's continue.

(Beta and Delta continue to move deeper into the cell complex. They both begin to observe different information in the cells.)

Delta: Something different at last. This one says [Superior Canid 258] and the pictograms describe it as a giant wolf. I'll open it. Cover me just in case.

(Beta covers Delta. Delta opens the door. Inside the cell is a set of syringes similar to those seen in the forklift. On the floor is the skeleton of a canid estimated to be 2 metres tall.)

Beta: Well, it looks like this is dead, so we can inspect a bit more. (Beta looks at Delta and Delta looks back at him.)

Delta: (sighs) Okay. Let's move on.

Unknown Voice: [Mindless hounds, ready to devour when they hear the whistles of…] (Static is heard for 4 seconds and then silence.)

Delta: That voice appears just as we enter another specimen's cell.

(Beta and Delta continue to move deeper into the cell complex. They note an increase in temperature in the area. They continue their inspection.)

Beta: We're approaching the origin. Ready, Delta?

Delta: Ready.

(Beta and Delta open the door. Inside the cell they find the remains of a creature resembling a specimen of the Balaenidae family. The creature is preserved in the igneous rocks. As in the other cells, there is a set of syringes similar to those seen in the forklift).

Beta: Time to take a sample.

(Beta collects a sample from the Balaenid-looking creature.)

Unknown Voice: [Beautiful creatures and their cohort subjugated to the grudging anthem. We…] (Static is heard for 10 seconds and then a throat clearing. The voice of unknown origin begins to shout). [YOU ARE NOT LIKE THEM. YOU ARE NOT US. ARE YOU…] (Static is heard for 10 seconds and then silence.)

Delta: This is getting weird. This time we actually have enough information to get back to the Area. What do you think, Beta?

(Beta nods.)

Beta: Command, we believe we've gathered enough material for your investigation. Permission to return?

Command: Granted. Assemble with the rest of the team and return.


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