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Item #: SCP-ES-152

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any images obtained from the entrance to SCP-ES-152 must be intercepted and censored before being processed by reconnaissance satellites, astronomical satellites and space stations. Also, the entrance will be partially obscured with cement of a texture and appearance similar to lunar regolith, in order to disguise its existence and allow for future exploration.

Description: SCP-ES-152 is a subterranean structure, located 60m below the surface at Mare Serenitatis, on the Moon of presumed Orthothan origin and fluid harvesting. Inside are various patterns of protective thaumaturgical glyphs in a deteriorated state. The interior of SCP-ES-152 has the basal lunar gravity and atmosphere.

SCP-ES-152-A is the set of machinery inside SCP-ES-152. SCP-ES-152-A consists of the following:

  • Seven columns with a chimney-like appearance. Traceable quantities of helium and argon were found inside. Prior to their discovery, the upper part was covered.
  • Various forklift-like machinery and conveyor panels. Syringes connected to these are found in their control panels. Subjects who press the button will be subjected to telepathic contact by an unknown entity, urging them to donate blood.
  • A control room. On its left is a control panel in Ortothan language used as a database and door opener.
  • Cell clusters located in the southern section of SCP-ES-152. These contain bones of humanoids with features of the family Leporidae, specimens of Canis Lupus with a height of approximately 2 m and high temperature resistant specimens of Balaenidae. The cells are equipped with a fluid extraction system.

SCP-ES-152-B is a monotone voice, in Ortothan language, emitted from a vague location within SCP-ES-152. It usually speaks when approaching certain objects in SCP-ES-152.

Exploration Log

Date: 11/03/2004

Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Beta-3 ("Blue Danube")

Location: SCP-ES-152

Team Leader: Beta-3 Captain (Alpha)

Team Members: Beta-3-A (Beta) / Beta-3-B (Gamma) / Beta-3-C (Delta) / Beta-3-D (Epsilon)

Equipment: EMU spacesuits adapted by the Foundation for greater mobility.


(The Task Force goes down the hole made in the previous exploration.)

Alpha: You can tell the head-honchos know something that we don't. Otherwise they wouldn't have sent us so soon and before our holidays.

(The Task Force heads for the freight elevator. Gamma presses the button. The same events take place as in the previous exploration)

Epsilon: Guess I get to be the one with the panels again?

Beta: Don't complain. You just sit there while Delta and I sometimes break cells that might have been full of monsters.

Alpha: Or you go into a trance like Gamma and the forklifts.

Epsilon: Okay. I get it.

(The forklift has descended. The Task Force arrives at the control room. They are approaching the control panel.)

Command: Find out how to access other sections and collect any items or information of interest.

Task Force: Acknowledged.

(Epsilon heads to the control panel. Moving the sphere, he goes through different panels with no relevant information. After 3 minutes of searching, he finds a way to access other sections.)

Epsilon: Guys, I've found something relevant. This thing translates it as "Observatory".

Alpha: We're 60 meters underground, not in the air. Still, it's Command's orders and it's time to look. Gamma and I will go this time. Open that door.

(Epsilon presses Observation Room. Like the previous option, a pictographic text is displayed. The text reads: [Do you wish to open the observatory? Yes/No])

(Epsilon taps "Yes". An alarm sounds. At the end of the alarm, a message appears on the screen. The text reads: [Action cancelled due to anti-Voruteut contingency protocol. Do you wish to proceed anyway? Yes/No])

(Epsilon presses "Yes". The leftmost door opposite the entrance is heard to open. SCP-ES-152-B speaks.)

SCP-ES-152-B: (Shouting) [LEAVE US. RETURN. THE VACUUM MUST RE-] (Static is heard for 10 seconds and then silence.)

Alpha: Looks to me like we're gonna have some company.

(Gamma nods.)

(Alpha and Gamma enter the observatory. They cross a corridor lit only by the torches in their suits. Five minutes later they come across a conveyor panel with a syringe similar to the ones seen earlier.)

Gamma: Alpha, could you hit the button?

(Alpha presses the button. The same events happen as Gamma experienced.)

Alpha: (Pauses.) Gamma, now I think I…

Gamma: (Interrupting.) When we come back we'll talk about it. Let's continue.

(The conveyor panel ascends diagonally to their left. At the end of their ascent they come to a closed door. As they approach it, it opens without Alpha or Gamma intervention. SCP-ES-152-B speaks.)

SCP-ES-152-B: (Clears throat.) [For those sapient beings who discover us, listen to me. It all started in pursuit of our second home…] (Static is heard for 4 seconds and then silence.)

Gamma: I suggest we don't pay too much attention to SCP-ES-152-B. Its static bothers me. It reminds me of… of… of… Them. That… You know what I mean? You know who I mean?

Alpha: Yeah, but you have to keep it together. Don't get carried away.

Gamma: Got it. (Points in front) Let's try those telescopes.

(Alpha and Gamma enter the observatory. To the right are periscopes with a crank attached and a barrier of light that doubles as a window. Alpha and Gamma approach them.)

Alpha: Let's see if there's land or not. (Alpha pulls the handle. He looks for a few seconds and then moves away.) I can only see the lunar landscape. (SCP-ES-152-B speaks.)

SCP-ES-152-B: [A small place, but its denizens were stubborn. They did not know how to cooperate…] (Static is heard for 2 seconds and then silence.).

(To the left are telescopes and a hologram of a map of the Earth in the Neoproterozoic Era with the area equivalent to Antarctica illuminated in green. SCP-ES-152-B speaks).

SCP-ES-152-B: [The empire perished. Not out of hatred. It collapsed out of distrust. They were not the last…] (The map changes to a map of the Earth in the Pleistocene.) [We still await worthy successors to the cause.] (Silence.)

Gamma: We should continue. Maybe we'll just find out what the hell it is saying.

(Gamma and Alpha move silently through zigzagging corridors. They reach a small corridor with two doors on either side. The right door contains a pattern of thaumic protection glyphs. SCP-ES-152-B speaks.)

SCP-ES-152-B: [Voruteut alert. Voruteut alert. Voruteut alert. Voruteut alert. (Static is heard for 20 seconds and then a throat clearing.) [NOT THERE. THE GRUDGING VACUUM REMAINS. FOLLOW THE DOORS.] (The left door is opened by unknown means.) [THE CARCASSES WAIT FOR YOU. LEARN LEA-] (Static for 1 minute and then silence.)

(Alpha and Gamma express symptoms of mild fatigue. Both enter the open door.)

(The room is arranged in smaller rooms 3.5 m wide and 1.5 m high. In each of them there is an entity with a vertical conical body 1 m high and 3 m wide, with the main body and openings around its middle part. The interior is empty. SCP-ES-152-B speaks).

SCP-ES-152-B: [My people so advanced and worthy of the Fourth, praise be, did not foresee it. Death begets rancour. Death begets emptiness] (Silence for 3 seconds) [I too was a fool…] (Static is heard for 1 second and then silence.)

(Alpha and Gamma continue to inspect the small rooms. They find nothing relevant. At the end is an open door. The next room is empty except for a hologram in the centre and a freight elevator on the opposite side.)

(Alpha and Gamma approach the hologram. The hologram shows a wooded landscape with rivers of lava flowing into seas of lava. The creatures are unaffected and bear some resemblance to the depictions from the previous exploration. SCP-ES-152-B speaks).

SCP-ES-152-B: [That life was too rebellious. We must create servile ones to the cause before the fallen claim.] (Static is heard for 10 seconds and then silence. It should be noted that the volume of the static is louder compared to previous occasions. The hologram changes to a moonscape. The popping of an air bubble is heard followed by the sound of sinking earth.)

Alpha: What are you!? Speak to us! Come out of wherever you are!

SCP-ES-152-B: [ONE OF THEM. I SAW THE CENTRE OF EVERYTHING. AND THE DEAD RANCOUR SAW US.] Static is heard for 4 seconds [FAST. THEY WOKE UP RAVENOUS.] (A beeping sound is heard in the freight elevator.) [COME DOWN. YOU'LL ARRIVE SOON.]

Gamma: Ah, my head. I mustn't… I mustn't fall. (Alpha holds him to keep him from falling.) Thank you, Alpha.

Alpha: A partner always looks out for his own. Hang in there, okay? As soon as this is over, we'll be back with the team.

Gamma: All right.

Alpha and Gamma get on the forklift. Unlike the others, no syringes are present. They both press the button. The forklift begins to descend.

SCP-ES-152-B: […When my race arrived, it became essential for us to communicate over long distances as an outpost. Our Andromeda was far away and our superiors anxious for our progress. They turned to a mind such as mine for help…]

Alpha: And then what?

SCP-ES-152-B: […I helped them with the harvest, I helped them with the prison, I secured mechanisms for them to worship the Fourth, praise be, easily. Without me, they would have been dead in days].

(The forklift keeps on going down.)

SCP-ES-152-B: [I experimented with the waves and began to understand. Your intelligences cannot yet comprehend it, but when everything is the centre, everything is equally near and far. Even that which is not meant to be…] (Static can be heard for 20 seconds.) [IT HUUURTS. NOT FOR LONG, NOT FOR LONG. ONLY THE PRISONS-] (Silence.)

(The forklift has just descended. Alpha and Gamma see a single corridor with doors similar to those seen in the harvesting cells. Screams of pain can be heard in the distance).

Gamma: It must be that voice, that thing…

(Alpha and Gamma run towards the source of the screams. SCP-ES-152-B speaks.)


(Alpha and Gamma arrive at a door with an inactive thaumic glyph pattern. The door is pulled down and two tendrils emerge from it.)

(Alpha and Gamma enter the room. In the centre is a conical entity similar to those seen before. The entity has 3 tendrils in a deteriorated state and expels a pink liquid1. Its exterior is considerably dented and has indentations. Surrounding the entity are leporine-looking humanoid figures emitting static in the form of visual snow from their bodies.)


(On the opposite side of the room is a suspended sphere. On the sides are holograms of conical entities similar to those seen before. In them, their tendrils and their insides decompose into a pink cloud. This is repeated again and again. The humanoid figures seem to stop observing the entity, focusing on Alpha and Gamma).

Alpha: Gamma, run for the sphere. I'll hold them off.

(Gamma runs towards the sphere as the leporine figures head towards Alpha. Alpha draws his weapon and fires. The leporine figures stop for 10 seconds. The static around the figures changes to resemble a canid. Swiftly. the canid figure attacks Alpha. Alpha attacks the canid figure, successfully stunning it.)

Alpha: Gamma! Activate the sphere NOW!

(Gamma reaches the sphere and activates it. The static on the figures begins to disappear, rendering them inert. The tendrils and pink liquid of the conical entity evaporate into a pink cloud. The conical entity says goodbye.)

SCP-ES-152-B: [Thank you, faithful ones. Now we can leave it in oblivion… Where all this should be…] (Silence for 5 seconds.) [Help them… to the Fourth… to Rakmou…]

(The conical entity no longer responds. Its interior is completely empty. Gamma notices that the sphere has been opened. Within it is a grey cylinder. As he pulls it out, all light sources are switched off. Alpha and Gamma nod and return to the rest of the group. The rest of the journey is uneventful.)


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