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Item #: SCP-ES-152

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any images obtained from the entrance to SCP-ES-152 must be intercepted and censored before being processed by reconnaissance satellites, astronomical satellites and space stations. Also, the entrance will be partially obscured with cement of a texture and appearance similar to lunar regolith, in order to disguise its existence and allow for future exploration.

Furthermore, any scientist or institution that puts forward a theory of lunar life or anomalous civilisations must be discredited by non-anomalous means.

Description: SCP-ES-152 is a subterranean structure, located 60m below the surface at Mare Serenitatis, on the Moon of colonising purpose created by Ortothan civilizations. Inside are various patterns of protective thaumaturgical glyphs in a deteriorated state. The interior of SCP-ES-152 has the basal lunar gravity and atmosphere.

SCP-ES-152-A is the set of machinery inside SCP-ES-152. SCP-ES-152-A consists of the following:

  • Seven columns with a chimney-like appearance. Traceable quantities of helium and argon were found inside. Prior to their discovery, the upper part was covered.
  • Various forklift-like machinery and conveyor panels. Syringes connected to these are found in their control panels. Subjects who press the button will be subjected to telepathic contact by an unknown entity, urging them to donate blood.
  • A control room. On its left is a control panel in Ortothan language used as a database and door opener.
  • |Cell clusters located in the southern section of SCP-ES-152. These contain bones of humanoids with features of the family Leporidae, specimens of Canis Lupus with a height of approximately 2 m and high temperature resistant specimens of Balaenidae. The cells are equipped with a fluid extraction system.
  • An observatory with maps of the Neoproterozoic and Pleistocene eras of the Earth.
  • Compartments where SCP-ES-152-C instances were kept, presumably as living quarters.

SCP-ES-152-B is a conical entity externally similar to the SCP-ES-152-C instances. Unlike SCP-ES-152-C instances, the exterior of SCP-ES-152-B is considerably dented and has indentations caused by bites presumably from SCP-ES-152-D. In the middle part of SCP-ES-152-B, it had 3 tendrils used as limbs and was expelling a pink liquid. Following the events from the exploration dated 11/03/2004, SCP-ES-152-B is presumed Neutralized.

SCP-ES-152-C are conical entities of 1 m high and 3 m wide with the main body and hollows around its middle part. Unlike SCP-ES-152-B, the interior of SCP-ES-152-B is empty..

SCP-ES-152-D are humanoid-looking figures with high hostile behaviour similar to those seen in harvesting cells. SCP-ES-152-D possesses a static field with a visual snow-like appearance and is able to use it to change its appearance and physical qualities. Its status is completely unknown.

SCP-ES-152-1 is a grey cylinder obtained from the exploration of 11/03/2004. Recordings of SCP-ES-152-B, a map of SCP-ES-152 and mentions of a supposed system for sending messages at superluminal distances have been found inside it.

Addendum: On 01/09/2005, Sergio Manrique and Alberto Álvarez, previously Alpha and Gamma from MTF Beta-3 ("Blue Danube"), resigned, citing professional differences and burnout syndrome. After executing the standard amnestization due to termination of the employment contract, Manrique and Álvarez were put under surveillance to detect their evolution and possible anomalies in them.

On 06/17/2005, Manrique and Álvarez (now PoI-309 and PoI-310) were seen performing rites related to Church of the Second Hytoth cells located in Spain. Surveillance is being maintained.

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