SCP-ES-197 1

SCP-ES-197, working.

Item #: SCP-ES-197

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-197’s credentials have been modified to stop the subject from accessing SCP-ES-197’s archive. SCP-ES-197 must not be informed of their anomalous properties and must be treated as a normal researcher with free access to Site-34 and the facilities available to their clearance level. Every day, the chief researcher must assign SCP-ES-197 low-clearance work.

SCP-ES-197’s corpses must have their clothes and personal belongings removed at the time of death and be immediately returned to the subject’s home.

SCP-ES-197 is contained at their old dormitory in Personnel Block A-32.

Description: SCP-ES-197 is Researcher Elliot Sarmiento, who was registered as deceased in an incident involving SCP-ES-112 on July 26, 2003. SCP-ES-197 claims to be 29 years old,1 despite Researcher Elliot dying at age 35. SCP-ES-197 acts and behaves in a similar manner to Researcher Elliot while alive, but their vital functions suddenly cease at 10:32:03 PM, local time. The next day, SCP-ES-197 reappears on their bed at 6:55:09 AM without memories of their death.

When they are asked about what they did the previous night, SCP-ES-197 will typically give answers consistent with other Site researchers. Additionally, SCP-ES-197 possesses no memories of their life past July 3, 1997, but is capable of remembering events from previous dates with precision.

Addendum: SCP-ES-197 was reported as missing on October 5, 2007. Foundation records show that this is consistent with the transfer date of researcher Elliot from Site-34 to Site-88 on October 5, 2001.


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