SCP-ES-197 3

Item #: SCP-ES-197

Object Class: Irrelevant

Special Containment Procedures: None

Description: SCP-ES-197 is Researcher Elliot Sarmiento, who was registered as deceased in an incident involving SCP-ES-112 on July 26, 2003, and currently manifests at the old location of Site-88 since October 5, 2007.

SCP-ES-197-1 is an asteroid 79 meters in size, that manifests and impacts the location of SCP-ES-197 daily at 10:32:02 PM, local time. The constant impacts of SCP-ES-197-1 against the Earth’s surface have caused extreme changes in climate systems, ocean currents, atmospheric composition, and global sea levels. Additionally, the Earth’s axis has deviated by over 24 degrees since the first SCP-ES-197-1 was registered.

Due to the constant collisions of SCP-ES-197-1 and the lack of safe measures of manipulating time, it’s expected for human life to be extinguished within the next 4 days.

We’re sorry, Lunar Base-33.

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