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Opening document: #PL-231….

Today's date: July 12, 2021.

2/PL-231 LEVEL 2/PL-231
Item #: SCP-PL-231

Assigned Site Site Director Project Supervisor Assigned MTF
Site-PL-37 Bartosz Karczewski Robert Polon MTF Omicron-3
("Blown Fuses")

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-231 is currently in provisional containment near Poznań, Poland. SCP-PL-231 is to be confined with thaumaturgical seals and continuously monitored from a safe distance. The area within 1 kilometer of the facility is to be fenced and guarded. Only members of Mobile Task Force Omicron-3 ("Blown Fuses"), the Project 231 Head (Dr. Robert Polon), and personnel of his choosing are allowed in the vicinity of the facility. No electrical equipment may be located within a 15 kilometer radius of the facility.

MTF Rho-9 ("Technical Support") is tasked with overseeing the process of protecting the Foundation's database from the anomalous effect of SCP-PL-231.

A cover story is to be released to the public claiming that SCP-PL-231-1 is the result of a magnetic storm on the Sun. All witnesses to SCP-PL-231 manifestations are to be treated with amnesic agents.

The Special Containment Procedures of all other anomalies that require the use of electricity must be revised and rewritten as soon as possible to exclude the use of electricity, starting primarily with anomalies of the Keter class and with a threat level of red or black.

In the event that SCP-PL-231-1 causes the Foundation to reach a state where it is impossible to function efficiently, a Class IK-0 "Dark Ages" scenario should be declared1 and immediately implement Emergency Procedure 180 "Thunderstuck".

Description: SCP-PL-231 is the designation assigned to the electrical anomaly that occurred on June 10, 2021 at the Bełchatów Power Plant in the Łódź Voivodeship.

SCP-PL-231 manifests as an outline of a humanoid being, measuring approximately 2.5 meters, entirely composed of anomalously directed electrical discharges of unknown source. It is able to move in a manner that mimics walking by directing the discharges that comprise its body. It is currently unknown how the object maintains the discharges in this form.

Due to its construction, SCP-PL-231 cannot be inflicted with physical injury. If the discharges of which SCP-PL-231 is composed come into contact with any solid body, the discharges will pass through that body. The object has also demonstrated insensitivity to any electric arc neutralizing agent, such as sulfur hexafluoride.

The subject is most likely conscious, as it has responded to its surroundings several times and has made appropriate gestures. However, it is not capable of speech, and its body movements are devoid of emotion. All attempts to communicate via thaumaturgical methods have only resulted in the testers sensing a deep feeling of anger.

When any living creature comes within 8 meters of the SCP-PL-231, it will be instantly electrocuted with 800 kV.

The object is currently moving according to an unknown pattern at a speed of 4 kph The subject remains secured as of June 15. However, despite being chained by thaumaturgical seals, the subject continues its anomalous activity at all times.

The most important anomalous feature of SCP-PL-231 is its generation of an electromagnetic storm around itself within a radius of 15 kilometers, designated SCP-PL-231-1. SCP-PL-231-1 manifests around the subject and stays close to it for 5 to 30 hours, after which it begins to move independently. Immediately after such an event, another instance begins to form.

When any device powered by electricity enters SCP-PL-231-1's area of effect, a low-voltage electrostatic discharge will strike the device. For the next few seconds, the device will operate at an increased intensity and then explode, damaging internal components.

There are currently 87 200 instances of SCP-PL-231-1.

SCP-PL-231-2 is the collective designation for an unspecified but significant number of mostly humanoid anomalies appearing most commonly in woodland areas and whose existence was reported shortly after the discovery of SCP-PL-231-1. Descriptions of most of them agree with depictions of various demons from Slavic mythology, such as the wodnik,2 the strzyga,3 werewolves (distinct from lycanthropy cases previously observed by the Foundation), the leszy,4 or the bagiennik.5 At least some have been confirmed to be hostile to humans, however, their method of choosing victims is mostly consistent with portrayals of the creatures in Slavic beliefs. Because of the similar time of discovery their association with SCP-PL-231 is theorized Their association with SCP-PL-231 has been confirmed (see Addendum 231-3). Currently awaiting closer examination and separate classification.

Based on the information obtained, it is presumed that SCP-PL-231 is an avatar of a preternatural being of unknown nature, worshipped by Slavic peoples in the form of Perun, the god of lightning. The association of SCP-PL-231 with other objects believed to be Slavic deities, such as SCP-5659, is under investigation.

Addendum 231-1: Discovery and containment of the subject

The Bełchatów power plant.

The subject was formed on June 10, 2021 at the Bełchatów Power Plant. On that day, during the evening hours, an anomalous discharge occurred at the power plant building, followed by a massive failure of all electrical equipment at the facility. The next day, mass reports of broken electronic devices began to appear in the Bełchatów district. The subject was discovered 2 days later by local Foundation agents, invariably heading east. After an unsuccessful attempt to intercept the subject (resulting in the death of two agents), Mobile Task Force Omicron-3 "Burnt Fuses" was called to the site, with the task of tracking and stopping the subject. On June 15, with the help of the thaumaturgical team from Site-120, they successfully initially secured the object by bonding it with thaumaturgical seals, then organized a provisional containment facility where the subject currently remains.

On June 13, the first instance of SCP-PL-231-1 came into contact with Site-120, completely destroying all electrical equipment on the site, including the transdimensional project currently being tested.

On June 17 at Site-PL-37 one of the witnesses of the first manifestation of SCP-PL-231, Mr. Marek Borkowski, a digger by profession, was interviewed. The interrogator was Dr. Robert Polon.

After this interrogation, amnesic agents were administered to Marek Borkowski, as well as to all other persons who were on the premises of the Bełchatów Power Plant at the time of the subject's first manifestation.

On June 18, Dr. Polon filed an application with the Board of Directors of the Polish Branch for permission to terminate SCP-PL-231. On June 19, the application was denied because it conflicted with the Foundation's directive.

Addendum 231-2: SCP-PL-231-A Exploration Log Transcript

On June 23, the speed of the days-long decline in the stock value of most energy or electrical equipment companies accelerated dramatically. The new priority of the Artificial Intelligence Applications Division (AIAD) has been to monitor and control the stock market, in order to stop or delay the stock market crash and economic crisis.

Addendum 231-3: Texts found in SCP-PL-231-A

On June 24, translators from Site-PL-24 completed the work of reconstructing and translating the texts recovered by MTF Upsilon-4 from SCP-PL-231-A. The following are the translated texts, arranged in presumably chronological order:

These words are a warning to unwise prospectors of wealth or unfortunates who happen to have found this place — go away and live in peace. Go away and enjoy life, for you have just escaped mortal danger. Perhaps as you read these words you hear his voice — resist him if you are strong-willed enough. For he wants to break free to take revenge for what we have done to him in the past. We beseech you, do not release him, or you will doom the world.

Before Perun came, there were droughts. Long and terrible droughts that made it impossible to farm. Famine reigned, and people fought for every drop of water or berry to prolong their existence. Humanity cried out in despair.

Then, Perun came.

No one knows where he really came from, but one time he appeared in the sky and summoned a storm. The rain continued for many days and many nights, and the crops grew like never before. The droughts were finally over. Perun gave us the rain, and he himself fed on the lightning that he created.

For the kindness he showed us, we gave him the honor he deserved, and then he gave us another, much more important gift.

He shared his meal with us.

Once our sages understood how to harness the lightning, further development presented no difficulty. In a short time we created great tools using the power of Perun. With their help we built great and wonderful cities. We were able to travel beyond the great waters and back, and even to ascend into the skies and the stars.

We lived in harmony with Perun. He would cause storms and give us some of his lightning and consume the rest, and in return we would make generous offerings to him.

However, such progress came at a price. Years later, we realized that we didn't have enough power to continue using our devices. We didn't know how else to get the power we needed, and no one was going to give up the comfortable life we had gained. So one wise man developed some powerful device to absorb power from lightning, and we decided to make the biggest mistake of our lives.

We stole the lightning owed to Perun.

The wrath of Perun was terrible. Of all our achievements, our civilization, not a stone was left. The terrifying storms he created caused all of our wonderful devices to fall into nothingness. To top it all off, the vengeful god scourged us with bloodthirsty beasts, lurking in the remaining forests and mercilessly attacking us. We felt that this was the end of our people.

Then, in the depths of the earth, in the deepest cave, in the heart of the darkest swamp, the last hope of men appeared.
Three Crones who defied an angry god.

Another text is damaged and unreadable, but it is theorized that it described how Perun was originally defeated.

When Perun was defeated and weakened, the Three Crones, unable to kill him, cast their final spell. Using their powers of darkness and the remnants of our lightning power, they trapped Perun in a crypt, the same crypt in which you now stand. Perun has been chained and his power tamed, but his lust for revenge has only grown. He dreams that one day someone will appear who is docile enough to release him. Therefore, once again I beseech you, resist him.

Because if that happens, humanity will never see the light again.

On July 1, the existence of a previously undiscovered Group of Interest of a religious nature, provisionally named the "Sect Celebrating Perun", was confirmed. The goals, structure and origins of the Group have not yet been studied, but it is known that their doctrine roughly assumes that SCP-PL-231 is a kind of Messiah, and that the effects of SCP-PL-231-1 — an act of God. The group is openly opposed to attempts to repair the power grid and is aware of the Foundation and its activities in this regard, having attacked Foundation members on several occasions. The current size of the group is unknown.

On July 6, a security breach of SCP-PL-231 occurred. According to reports from facility surveillance personnel who witnessed the incident, the entity generated a tremendous amount of energy around midnight, manifesting through a bright burst of light. This energy was then released in the form of an explosion that destroyed the thaumaturgical seals that were incapacitating the entity. After the release, the entity began to float in the air and then dematerialized in another flash of light. It is theorized that the subject stored the energy extracted from the destroyed electrical devices in an unknown manner via SCP-PL-231-1 to then use it to escape.

From all the information we have gathered, it appears that SCP-PL-231 is not or at least was not at the full strength it had in its original form. It was apparently absorbing the energy gained from the destroyed electrical devices to strengthen itself enough to break through the defenses. This may be its weak point — Dr. Polon.

The location of SCP-PL-231 remains unknown. MTF Omicron-3 ("Blown Fuses") is tasked with finding the entity as quickly as possible.

Addendum 231-4: Implementation of Procedure 180-Thunderstuck

On July 8, the following message was sent to Foundation members from Site-01.


All attempts to stop SCP-PL-231 have failed. The percentage of electromagnetic devices destroyed totaled 90. The O5 Council unanimously decided in favor of declaring the IK-0 Class "Dark Ages" End of Civilization Scenario.

We have failed.

All personnel are directed to immediately implement Procedure 180-Thunderstuck.

Secure. Contain. Protect.

Procedure 180-Thunderstuck

As part of the implementation of Procedure 180-Thunderstuck, the following orders are to be executed:

  • All documents that exist only in electronic form for the moment are to be transferred to paper immediately.
  • Instructions are to be given to the leaders of each country to prepare civilizations for the IK-0 Scenario.
  • The Special Containment Procedures of each anomaly are to be immediately redetermined in a manner that does not require the use of electrical equipment. All anomalies of no measurable benefit to the Foundation for which this process is not possible are to be terminated immediately.
  • The Departments of Logistics and Engineering are to develop and implement alternative methods of communication between Foundation staff that do not involve the use of electricity as soon as possible.
  • All of the Foundation's major functional equipment, along with as many electrical and meteorological anomalies as possible, are to be transported to Underground Containment Area-23, located 2 kilometers below sea level.
  • Actions are to be taken to restore normalcy not involving the use of electricity.

Letter left by Dr. Polon at the time of discovery. The photograph was taken with an analog camera immediately after discovery.

On July 10, Dr. Polon, supervisor of the PL-231 project, failed to show up for the morning crisis meeting at Site-PL-37. Upon checking his bedroom, it was found that he had disappeared from the Site. The following note was found on his bed:

To the Employees of Site-PL-37, my esteemed colleagues:
I'm sorry. I did not want to leave you at such a difficult time. I would have stayed with you to work out a solution, but I have no choice. The Foundation can't secure these storms, not anymore. Our only chance is to destroy 231 before it destroys us. And I think I know how.

I researched the matter of this Presence that Jordańska detected in SCP-PL-231-A and was able to determine that the same energy is concentrated in significant amounts in several other locations in Poland. Whatever or whoever is emitting it is still out there somewhere. If I am right, and I believe I am, there is a chance that we will find the being that defeated Perun last time. And that it will do it again.

You may say that this is not a very solid foundation. You're right. But it is the best option we have at the moment. I've been analyzing all the options for the last month and I'm confident in what I'm saying now. I know that the Foundation will never allow what I am about to do, which is why I am forced to leave you.

And as for you, the Overseers, those in power: I respect you and your efforts to maintain normalcy, and I trust that you believe in the validity of your actions, but deep down you know you are wrong. This time, avoiding conflict with the anomalous phenomenon is not an option. I would agree with you if it were about any other anomaly, but not in this case. Our society had become too accustomed to electricity to live without it. We couldn't imagine life without it. Let's face it, we CAN'T live without it. And when Perun recovers, he will use it to destroy all of humanity, every last one of us.

— Doctor R. Polon,
loyal to mankind.

Dr. Polon was declared a deserter, and the PL-231 Project was turned over to the current Assistant Supervisor, Wiktoria Lisiecka.





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