Von Eisner 1

Eva von Eisner (SCP-294-DE-08), ca. 1910. Painter unknown

Item #: SCP-294-DE

Object Class: Neutralized

Secure Containment Procedures: SCP-294-DE-02 to SCP-294-DE-08 are stored in the morgue of Site-DE10. SCP-294-DE-01 is no longer anomalous, yet a restricted area in the form of a private plot 100 m in diameter has been established around the Eisner mansion, closing access to the site to civilians. The site continues to be monitored with a drone, but to prevent unauthorised personnel from entering the site.

Description: SCP-294-DE-01 describes the area within 200 m of the coordinates 49°35'██.█ "N 10°44'██.█ "E, where the mansion of the former German noble family "von Eisner" is located. This area was antimemetic until the 23rd of August 2023, making people unaware of the existence of any objects located in SCP-294-DE-01. On the 23rd of August 2023, a negation spell was used in collaboration with SCP-4684, which cancelled the anomalous properties of the area.

SCP-294-DE-02 to -08 describes the noble family von Eisner, consisting of:

  • Josef von Eisner (SCP-294-DE-02), born 1855, acquired anomalous properties in 1917 at the age of 62, died 201█ at the biological age of 64.
  • Josef's son Alois von Eisner (SCP-294-DE-03), born 1880, attained anomalous properties in 1917 at the age of 37, died 2023 at the biological age of 39.
  • Josef's son Theodor von Eisner (SCP-294-DE-04), born 1883, attained anomalous properties in 1917 at the age of 34, died 2023 at the biological age of 36.
  • Alois' wife Regina von Eisner (SCP-294-DE-05), born 1881, attained anomalous properties in 1917 at the age of 35, died 2023 at the biological age of 37.
  • Alois' and Regina's son Hans von Eisner (SCP-294-DE-06), born 1898, acquired anomalous properties in 1917 at the age of 19, died 2023 at the biological age of 21.
  • Alois' and Regina's son Leon von Eisner (SCP-294-DE-07), born 1898, acquired anomalous properties in 1917 at the age of 19, died 2023 at the biological age of 21.
  • Theodor's wife Eva von Eisner (SCP-294-DE-08), born 1890, acquired anomalous properties in 1915 at the age of 25, died 2023 at the biological age of 27.

Alois von Eisner (SCP-294-DE-03), ca. 1910. Painted by Anton Schönefelder

SCP-294-DE-02 to -08 possessed the anomalous property of slowed ageing. One year corresponded to about one week for the cell structure of SCP-294-DE-02 to -08, which increased the average life expectancy to about 4200 years. Matchings with SCP-066-DE have not been able to find any ritual of this kind. The family acquired this ability in 1917 through Josef von Eisner himself. Rosa von Eisner, Josef's wife and Alois and Theodor's mother, died before the family acquired their anomalous effects in 1917 and is therefore not classified as SCP. There is also Magdalene von Eisner, born in 1905, who is the daughter of SCP-294-DE-04 and SCP-294-DE-08. She fled the Eisner mansion in 1915 and moved in with her maternal grandparents. Magdalene von Eisner died of a heart attack in 1977. There was also an Ulrike von Eisner, who was born in 1905 as Magdalene's twin sister. She was sacrificed in the same year by Josef von Eisner for a ritual.

Discovery: The SCP Foundation became aware of SCP-294-DE in 201█ when SCP-294-DE-02 apparently took his own life by a spell in Emskirchen town centre. It was later confirmed that he was controlled by a control spell by SCP-294-DE-08. A large-scale class A amnestic was administered to all witnesses and the body was taken to Site-DE10 for examination. SCP-294-DE-02's body did not exhibit any anomalous effects and was moved to the site morgue. On his person he carried a copy of the "little spell book", dated 1910, as well as a book documenting forbidden rituals. In addition, he carried two diaries through which the Foundation became aware of SCP-294-DE. Initially, Gaap symbols were used for all those employees who worked with SCP-294-DE, but in 201█ the Foundation succeeded in developing a mestic which negates cognitive locks of the Mages Academy.

Addenum 1: In 2023, the bodies of the entire remaining family, with the exception of SCP-294-DE-08, were found in front of the mansion via drone footage. In addition, the following note was recovered next to the pile of bodies:

I sent Josef to Emskirchen and killed him, with all the necessary items to track us down, but instead of saving us you decided to simply watch us suffer. As if we were animals in a zoo. You knew about us, you could have saved us all. But no.

So unfortunately this was the only solution I had to save my family. I am so sorry. I am so incredibly sorry. There was no other way to put them out of their misery.

I will be with you all soon. I hope my daughter has led a good life.

Eva von Eisner

A negation spell for SCP-294-DE-01 was used with the agreement of the site director of Site-DE10 and an MTF DE9-𝔄 team was dispatched to enter Josef von Eisner's pocket dimension and find SCP-294-DE-08. The pocket dimension was successfully entered, and there they found the corpse of both SCP-294-DE-08 and a lamb. Both bodies were transported to the morgue at Site-DE10.

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