Frag. of JH
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    Name: Jolt Choi

    Age: between 18 and late 20s

    Languages: Chinese {zh-yue/yue(N), zh(N)} / English {en(2)}

    History: Once a student from St. Christina College, Jolt was merged with his multiversal counterpart from Hong Shing Hang Tan College anomalously. He had since become the joint school student of both schools, and has mainly been active in Asian regions to receive as much education as possible from different schools, regardless of anomalous or not. It was said that during that period Jolt has joined the joint-schools anomalous society C12 under the code name "Musician".

    Jolt was recruited as a level 2 advisor for Thaumuseology and Thaumcantology Response Team of Site-CN-71, in exchange for gaining access to the internal learning resources of the Foundation. Due to Jolt's fluency in Chinese and English, he was later appointed as a translator for the Chinese Branch.

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