Scp Es 199 4

The following is the document version dated ██/██/2013

Item #: SCP-ES-199 Level 2/SCP-ES-199
Object Class: Safe Classified

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the location of SCP-ES-199 and its nature, the primary containment method will be the disinformation of residents close to its location, also betting on 4 guards equipped with Class-A amnestics surrounding SCP-ES-199.

New investigation requests must be approved by 2 Level 3 Staff personnel within 2 weeks.

Description: SCP-ES-199 is a psychiatric hospital measuring approximately 20 m2 and 5 m tall located on the [REDACTED] plain, Guárico, Venezuela.

SCP-ES-199 is inhabited by three types of sentient, sapient, and speech capable entities, labeled as SCP-ES-199-1, -2, and -3.

SCP-ES-199-1 instances are SCP-ES-199 workers, which fulfill the functions of nursing and janitorial services. SCP-ES-199-1 instances are entities that correspond to humanoids with characteristics of the species Equus ferus caballus.

SCP-ES-199-2 is a humanoid entity with characteristics of the species Lama glama glama, which fulfills the positions of medical and administrative specialists.

SCP-ES-199-3 instances are entities with characteristics of cathartid species that fulfill the role of inmates. They have shown signs of severe mental deterioration, and many of them have attempted to escape from SCP-ES-199, being captured by SCP-ES-199-1 instances and subsequently being terminated.

Both SCP-ES-199-1, -2 and -3 follow a pattern of height and weight relative to the species they represent, in addition to speaking fluent Spanish.

Further investigations regarding additional anomalies are being carried out.

Addendum-ES-199-01: Discovery of SCP-ES-199

SCP-ES-199 was discovered after its previous iteration (see SCP-ES-199-B in the previous version of this document) turned into a 500m radius meteorite and fell into its current location. This event was seen by the Foundation, which proceeded to locate the point of impact of the meteorite, finding SCP-ES-199 in its current state.

No remains of the meteorite were found in the surroundings.

Anexo-ES-199-02: Note Given by SCP-ES-199-2

The following note was given by SCP-ES-199-2 after Interview N#4:

I can see again, the light, the sunrise in the firmament.

Now everything makes sense in my head. They have died of hatred. And they have been reborn by sighing.

In the end, the Operation was a success, and humanity was saved, again. But for how long? There are thousands of universes in thousands of multiverses, maybe thousands will fall short. Because it is there. Sadistic, waiting behind the eyes, waiting to unleash what is under the shadow of our feet.

The flame that lies ahead of you has given you an assignment from me, that I am no longer with you, for now, I cry out in eternity, hoping to meet with you, sons of bitches. But in the end I understood that it was more than a simple whim, the Pattern had consumed the creator of this place, and they needed to remake themselves under the verdict of the Pattern. And that's what they did, they sent those birds to look for the wailing that lay on the floor absorbed by the floor. And they returned to their bubble, waiting for one of us to go and fall into their trap because they cannot do it.

They just want to help, that is why they did not leave, that is why we were their prey. They do not want to leave because they think they can handle the pattern, and someday, perhaps, if we support them, they will not consume us.

In my memory, he who has twisted himself and now sings verses of hate and fear,
Fucking Foundation - Rafael Segovia, Alpha.

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