Free Wi-Fi Upon Joining the Church
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Foreman! Check Pilihub! Any video will do!




Rogers, veil disruption. Pilihub is being attacked by the Church of the Broken God. All videos have been replaced with their promotional video. Yes, it's the Maxwellists.

There are 7.5 billion people in the worldppt%20%282%29.JPG
Of them, 4 billion are able to access the internet through various meansppt%20%284%29.JPG
For the first time, over half of humanity has been given the chance to meet one anotherppt%20%285%29.JPG
But this is far from enoughppt%20%286%29.JPG
The theoretical maximum data transfer limit of most devices is only 300Mbpsppt%20%287%29.JPG
Of course, we will provide all new believers with free personal Wi-Fi, faster than 4G.
And much of the world on the surface does not have complete Wi-Fi coverage
The vast majority of communication has stopped at non-instant text messagingppt%20%289%29.JPG
Under these conditions, some people have even strengthened restrictionsppt%20%2810%29.JPG
The remaining bytes' linkage is pale and powerlessppt%20%2811%29.JPG
We remain separatedppt%20%2812%29.JPG
We remain brokenppt%20%2813%29.JPG
But perhaps it is time to take a small stepA2.JPG
The Data Layer, our new paradigm for realityppt%20%2815%29.JPG
Here you can be anyonea1.JPG
Here you can do anythingppt%20%2817%29.JPG
Everyone is equal; we do not care where you are fromppt%20%2818%29.JPG
Though we can't replicate the human eye's 576 million pixels, we can still share our visionppt%20%2819%29.JPG
Though we can't replicate the feeling of every strand of hair, we can still feel each other's warmthppt%20%2821%29.JPG
Here, we can connect with each otherppt%20%2822%29.JPG
We are brokenppt%20%2824%29.JPGppt%20%2825%29.JPGppt%20%2826%29.JPGppt%20%2827%29.JPGppt%20%2828%29.JPG
We shall become Gods

Broadcast successfully terminated!

Too slow. They've already played the whole thing once. How many people saw it?

The initial estimate is thirty thousand or so. People started to discuss this on the forums; AIAD is dealing with it.

Thankfully there weren't any cognitohazards in the video… Have you found out the source?

We still haven't got a single clue… They hid themselves very well.

Understood. Cisco? It's time for your guys to take center stage.

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