I am from the S.H.I.E.L.D.
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"Dr Jack Bright."
"I am agent Phillip Coulson from the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division."
"Strategic Homeland… What?"
"…Agent Phil Coulson from S.H.I.E.L.D."
"Should have said so in the first place. I thought you were from the UIU or something."
"The FBI is not under our jurisdiction. You look different from what we've been told."
"I can't speak as an orangutan, you see."
"Is that so… Anyways, I'm here to tell our proposal regarding the Foundation's activities."
"So? I don't think we have much to say with you people."
"There's no need to be so harsh. After all, we have the same goals, don't we?"
"We work for humanity, not for the UN or the United States."
"We also… Nevermind. Anyways, how do you think about our proposition of sharing intelligence?"
"I'm not so sure. Talk to the rank five personnel for that kind of matter."
"Where are these rank five personnel?"
"It's a rank five classified secret, which only rank five personnel know."
"The O5 tend to be that way. So, you're asking to merge our database with yours?"
"To put it shortly, yes."
"Ten dollars on that not happening."
"Some information that we have will screw up the owner if fallen into the wrong hands."
"It's the same for us, too."
"Good. Let's not waste our time yelling at each other then."
"Look, can you even comprehend the situation now? This is not a time for shallow pride."
"Well, it's your fault, not ours. Nothing much has changed for us."
"The number of supervillains and superheroes have increased so rapidly there's more than triple of them compared to five years ago. If we don't act now-"
"We know too. SCP-3012, 3143, 3325, 3470, 3502, 3666, and 3698 causing mayhem on New York to stop 4009, we know already."
"…The Avengers and Loki?"
"Is that what you people call them? Anyways, don't you think you people are excessively letting humanoid SCPs loose? We have to classify them as Keter objects, thanks to your response."
"Didn't you just say not to intervene with each other?"
"You can't tell a piece of advice from the heart. Enough and give information about the instances' traits and the current situation. We have to do what we can do for ourselves."
"I am sorry, but I have orders to return immediately if the proposal is declined."
"Shoot. Your current leader is Nick Fury, is he?"
"No, this is a decision from the council."
"Name them. We have connections with every major figure from every country."
"The identities of the council member are classified information."
"Councils tend to be that way. Nevertheless, it seems that we do need information from each other. Wouldn't it be better if you just accepted our proposal?"
"Declined, neither am I authorized to accept."
"Hey, Bright. This call's for you."
"Who is this? …Ah, director. Yes, I'm listening. …Already? Yes, I'm still here. …Yes, director. I'll hang up."
"What is it?"
"Take this."
"What's this?"
"Ten dollars."
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