FTCm - Model Series A/B/C
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Data Sheet: FTC/FTCm - Model Series A/B/C

Designation: FTC/FTCm (Ferntransmit container/mobile)

Intended Use: The FTC is used for the purpose of detecting and researching the behavior of an SCP. Furthermore, the apparatus can predict the time of appearance of the anomaly. An FTCm is used to some extent for the suppression of a space-time-bending property or capability of a material anomaly. The standard version of the device is intended for anomalies representing, for example, a building and/or a large object, whereas the mobile version is adapted for smaller anomalies and can be implanted. An FTC/FTCm allows the tracking of tangible anomalies that are not tied to a location and/or are spatiotemporal, and the tracking of them via a built-in GPS module.

The devices can be operated from a terminal or a mobile control module.

The use of an FTC/FTCm by other branches of the Foundation is not permitted at this time.

On ██.██.20██ it was decided by the O4 Council to temporarily suspend general use of the FTC/FTCm due to security precautions.

Description: An FTC represents a device consisting of a circuit board and several chips that is the size of a suitcase. The standard version of the FTC has several chips, internal data carriers and antennas. These are used to process, store and transmit collected data. The mobile version of the FTC is the size of a small circuit board with one main chip, this version has no internal memory modules and sends data via a built-in GPS module.

An FTC is used for the purpose of studying the behavioral pattern of a space-time transient anomaly. The standard version of the device can, among other things, determine the time of appearance of the anomaly1. The mobile version of the device has the option of suppressing a space-time-bending anomalous property or capability emanating from a module. An FTCm is capable of acting on only a single individual (a "live" anomaly) if most of that individual has already been biologically studied and certain preparatory measures have been taken (see "FTCm Deployment Preparation"). An FTCm is surgically implanted in the vast majority of cases.

Several model series of FTCs have already been developed; these are referred to as Model Series A and Model Series B. To date, a single model series of FTCms exists, which is referred to as model series C. A "generation" refers to a full-scale version of a model.2

The FTC/FTCm was developed by the development and engineering department of the German branch of the Foundation and is based on the Eisler space-time stabilizer built for SCP-050-DE. There is a great similarity of chip processes and operation between an FTC/FTCm and the Eisler space-time stabilizer. The device is at the moment in test phase and highly unstable. The mobile version has been used by only one anomaly so far.

Model of the device & model series Usage Existing Generations
FTC - Model Series A Allows the exploration and prediction of the time of appearance of a spacetime-bending anomaly. Used for large, space-time-bending anomalies and anomalies originating from other dimensions. 1;2
FTC - Model Series B Allows the exploration and prediction of the time of appearance of a spacetime-bending SCP. It is adapted for particularly sensitive anomalies3. 1;2;3;4;5
FTCm - Model Series C Can to some degree suppress a space-time-bending property/capability of a single anomaly and is implanted into it. 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9

Safety Notes:

274px-ISO_7010_W012.svg.png DANGER FROM ELECTRICAL VOLTAGE: The standard version of the FTC can build up strong voltages during operation! Do not reach into the device during operation! In case of damage to the device, return it to the maintenance department, do not try to repair the device yourself!
274px-ISO_7010_W001.svg.png DANGER BY INSTABILITY: The device is currently in the testing phase and the use of this is only allowed to qualified personnel! Unauthorized commissioning will result in disciplinary action!

A standard model consists of a case-like housing, several data carriers, antennas, circuit boards, modules and chips.

Case: The case is made of stainless aluminum and has pads inside to cushion a fall. There are holes in the case for the antennas. The housing can be folded and has a handle for easy transport. During assembly, the internal components are placed in the housing with screws, and the antennas are placed in the holes provided for them and retracted. The housing can be locked from the outside with a lock.

Internal component: The internal components consist of data carriers, boards, modules and chips. During assembly, these are placed in the housing and made immobile. The individual components were developed by the German branch of the Foundation and are produced in Germany. For more information, see the assembly instructions.

The mobile model consists of a board with modules and a main chip.

Board: The board is equipped with small modules that maintain the functionality of the device.

Main chip: The main chip contains all the necessary functions for the operation of the device.

If a model is damaged, it must be returned immediately to the maintenance department. Under no circumstances should unauthorized persons attempt to repair the unit.

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