Archived Lecture Log - S-CN133-220801-EXEC002
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Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to the weekly lecture of Site-CN-133. I am the speaker, Xiao Fei.

Feel free to take your seats. If you need a mineral water, please pick up one in the box at the door.

Peppermints are put on the right side of the podium and roasted sausages on the left side. Feel free to take them if necessary.

Coffee and tea makers are on the right side of the lecture hall, providing free coffee and boiling water for everyone. Remember not to pour too much hot water to avoid scalding yourself or others.

The advanced hybrid thaumaturgic defense system used in this lecture hall has completely surpassed the old-fashioned magic circles and reality anchors. To ensure the quality of the defense system, please make sure not to touch any of the red buttons on the wall.

In addition, smoking is prohibited throughout this lecture, so please do not smoke in the room or by the windows, as this will trigger the smoke alarms in the room and affect the normal process of the lecture.

Restrooms will be closed for the duration of this lecture.

The content of my lecture today has been distributed to all of you. Please take it and bring it back to read.

Please take your luggage with you so that you do not leave your personal belongings at the venue.

That is all for today's lecture. Thank you for coming, and see you next time.

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