Fun And Fancy Free
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Dreaming is the one rule to our club

Where trouble won’t trouble you, and your mind will rest at ease

Where animals fall in love, machines start making noise, magic anyone can believe in

Fun and Fancy Free……



""It was all just a dream!""



PinkElefantMan - Trumpeter - Stop law-evading peanuts

So, is Walt Disney dead after all? Or is he not?

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ZUOU and HI-TATHI - Honey thief - Balloon tours are good

This is my personal opinion, but I believe this question has a rather difficult answer. I’ve been observing him and his company’s work from the outside, and I’ve noticed a clear trend. Ah, and by his work I’m also counting his Oneiroi exclusives.

Originally, there were two Walt Disneys. One of them has vanished. That’s where your discomfort comes from; you’re looking at only one half of Walt Disney. Of course, Walt’s body isn’t there anymore.

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PinkElefantMan - Trumpeter - I’d rather skate and race

I see. What about Mickey Mouse? He was his partner, no? Where did he vanish to?

Could it be that he’s not even in films anymore? He’s a hero, no?

Upvote Reply +4 - 2013/09/25 06:48am


ZUOU and HI-TATHI - Honey thief - Shall I fill up your screen with them?

Mickey Mouse? He’s like an endangered species over here because the meaning of capitalist commercial advertising has disappeared. He’s barely an icon.

If we’re talking heroes, Marvel films are what's big now. I often get people using their fancy suits in my Collective. Today’s recommendation is Iron Man 3, although Blade’s also a good movie. Don’t think he’ll be in the Avengers though.

Upvote Reply +167 - 2013/09/25 06:55am

The seeds fallen through the floor’s cracks will surely bloom. The period between uncertainty and bloom is a painful one, indeed.

Disneyland Oneiroi, commonly known as DLO, is a collective consciousness generated from Walt Disney. It’s not organized as an universal urban structure, instead continuing to expand around its most famous landmark, its castle. The largest city has not been identified, as the population is dispersed across several areas.

Disneyland Oneiroi is an entertainment facility, with some of its residents comparing it to a fantasy production factory. Besides the attractions, the inside is cluttered with restaurants, accommodation facilities, rich nature, zoo and botanical gardens, employment agencies and places of work, losing its integrity. The relation between supply and demand has completely collapsed, Disneyland Oneiroi being established by overwhelming supply. Fantasies are chosen by its inhabitants, through their own free will. Walt Disney, the leader of the consciousness, often appears to make policy announcements.

Disneyland Oneiroi isLiberal-Undefined. There are three types of inhabitants in Disneyland Oneiroi. Characters are fantasied entities created by its inhabitants, with high mobility and the ability to alter their own physical appearance. However, they cannot act beyond their assigned behavior. The Cast are dwelling Oneiroi possessing abilities similar to Characters, and can alter their values through concept manipulation. Guest is a term used for temporary residents, who are granted the standard amount of power.

Disneyland Oneiroi is an aggressive Collective, and continues to expand. Inhabitants are given an open dream environment, encouraging oversupply to keep production going. Most of the fantasies that continue to be produced mutate into foundations within Disneyland Oneiroi, burying other areas. With enough repetition, old fantasies are buried underground, forming a solid foundation. All inhabitants are pleasure-seekers. While leaving a group does not require government approval, inhabitants do not wish to leave due to the pleasures granted. Combined with a foolhardy attitude, This thought of clinging to happiness is ridiculed as a Happy Ending ideology. This ideology also becomes a fixation with the apocalypse; currently, travel is restricted for owners of unstable thoughts.

Walt Disney began displaying authoritarian behavior following his ten-year anniversary of his physical body’s death. Walt Disney stopped using his Shadow name, and took the same name he had in the real world, taking it over to the dream world. His dream world activities are not well known, save for some of his creative work and Disneyland politics. Report circulate regarding the Oneiroi Collective contacting him, but no definite proof has been recovered.

Disneyland Oneiroi appeared at the same time as Walt Disney’s arrival, and has slowly been encroaching on the territory since the early days.


Disneyland Oneiroi

Castle Outskirts

Official Languages
High-pitched voice
Fast moving trains
Pen and ink

Ethnic Groups (2013):
58.2% Imaginary
20.3% Noncon
16.5% Corporeal
6.8% Transitory
Other, Recreational


Dictatorship under the Work’s Director

Time Economy:
1 Solar year = 24×3.154e+7 film unit years

Averting one’s eyes


Immigration Status:

Emigration Status:

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^^If they fall down, they stand back up. But if they successfully stand up, they’ll desperately try to erase they fell down in the first place. ^^

redȊst all eyes on us

I don’t know any of the necessary gestures of a monarch (
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Popularity of Disneyland Thunder Mountain’s cave-in (
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Disneyland construction cast members wanted (
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iRefuseHope Fire truck hunting squad | Aspiring actor
If you’re wondering who built it, it was the fantasy dude.

zapnapcap Southern polar bear | Reversi association representative
That’s not Oneiroi, that’s a fantasy character’s writing. They can do anything they want as long as they don’t go against their settings. But why the hell would a character be pulling this kind of recruitment?

OurFriends Military shop management | FP-45
Surprisingly, you can do anything you want as long as you set it up that way. Conversely, you can specify prohibitions to make certain things impossible to do. I’ve never created an imaginary entity, so I don’t know the details.

iRefuseHope Fire truck hunting squad | Aspiring actor
For real? Isn’t this bad for the OW guy? I hear they’ve been getting closer and closer lately. They’re gonna engulf him in no time.

OurFriends Military shop management | FP-45
Of course it’s bad. Too many people can’t see the people from DLO’s right in front of them. For starters, who rated DLO’s thinking as optimistic? Putting their thoughts together, they seem more calculating than any of the Collectives.

zapnapcap Southern polar bear | Reversi association representative
My friend was scared of Disneyland approaching, but I might advise them to just go in already. They do say Walt Disney provies the best kind of entertainment.

iRefuseHope Fire truck hunting squad | Aspiring actor
Ah, Noncons and Corporeals might not get it, but for an Oneiroi like me, it feels suspicious. The representatives drag their bodies around all the time, just like zombies.

OurFriends Military shop management | FP-45
Why would Walt Disney want to be Walt Disney? Dreams are about freedom, after all.

fantasy1928 Adventurer | Fantasy
It’s because they wish to continue dreaming.

iRefuseHope Fire truck hunting squad | Aspiring actor
Who the hell are you.

Was it necessary, to be repeatedly stabbed with needles for the sake of happiness?

World News

DLO’s expansion grows; Soon to reach Oneiroi West

Several Collectives already buried under fantasy. If OW is reached, OW will be pinned under Disneyland within days.

Disneyland Oneiroi’s expansion, which has been observed for a long time, has been advancing at an increased speed these past few weeks. Collectives that expand and collectives that act aggressively have been observed in the past, and DLO’s expansion has remained the same before, but has now progressed rapidly, gaining unparalleled momentum.

The area expansion originates from a fantasy production chain that obviously originates from DLO. Fantasied entities create more fantasies, causing inflation within DLO, its population expanding. The main cause for the fantasy production chain is not known.

OW governments have warned DLO, but Walt Disney hasn’t replied to any request from outside DLO since he sent the following Hoot:



Disneyland will never be complete.
It’ll continue to grow through fantasy.

  • REHOOTS 19,231,016
  • LIKES 19,661,215

A.S.2013,11:18, 12/05/901/D DLO

The Foundation Collective, established by volunteers with the purpose of investigating paranormal phenomena in the dream world, has started working on an operation to contain DLO.

Related Articles

FC releases information related to Disney phenomena
Submitted 3 days ago by FCfanclbe

For the sake of info gathering, the Foundation Collective has released information regarding the phenomena produced by Walt Disney and his works. Walt Disney and the Walt Disney Company have been targeted by several real-life paranormal phenomena, many of them connected to the dream world. In particular, FC has focused on Disneyland-related events, with events with a high amount of reports, such as “Disney’s frozen head” and “structure above Tokyo Disney Resort” being discussed among Oneiroi. Still, the “Florida predatory costume mascot event” is as of yet unrelated to…[READ MORE]

DLO, the underground “Inverse Disney”?
Submitted 28 days ago by L.R.Oswald

A rumor is spreading through redist. A different Disneyland exists under Disneyland Oneiroi. As you know, fantasies produced by DLO eventually become foundations for DLO. Imaginary entities whose futures are still being constructed continue to exist, but many slip underground and disappear, becoming receptacles for future fantasies. The rumor goes like that. “But would they fall silent and disappear just like that?” A futureless fantasy builds its own future underground, its personal space…[READ MORE]

DLO is the number one Collective to visit, but pure Oneiroi seem to distrust
Submitted 2 months ago by OneiroiTourism

The more people talk about eternity, the more they forget about their sufferingWorld News DLO draws near, arrival at OW estimated at: 144 hours

I’m scared because I don’t get what FC is doing, they’re scarier than Walt Disney
I know they’ve existed in the background before, so what made them suddenly come into the open?

Unpacking reproduced files……

Walt Disney’s frozen head and its abnormal activity phenomena (Display: foundation

The head of Disney’s founder, Walt Disney, was discovered under Disneyland in California. The event occurred in 1967, a year after his death, at around the time a paranormal phenomenon occurred inside the company. The phenomenon centers around the company receiving a call from the deceased Disney, entrusting them with the unfinished construction project of “Epcot”.

Disney’s head was frozen and stored. It’s believed to function as a communication device between the real world and the shadow remaining in the dream world. At times, an unidentified voice can be heard during communications, apologizing for delays caused by “souls with weak imagination” with a voice resembling “frozen bugs hitting glass”. The dream world has been searching for this person, but no entities have been confirmed to play the role of close associate around dream world Disney.

Continent and theme park floating above Tokyo Disney Resort (Display: foundation

“Tokyo DisneySky” exists approximately 12000m above Tokyo Disney Resort. Characters who’ve died in Disney films are active at the park, which is only visited by investigators. They appear covered in glittering dust, and disappear as if the magic’s dissipated once the park closes. Some die just like in their original work.

The only activity at night comes from a statue of Walt Disney with damaged fingertips. They’re surrounded by glittering dust, and they make their way towards the chimney inside the park’s castle. At the chimney’s end there’s a glass coffin storing Disney’s mother, who died of carbon monoxide poisoning. From that point on, observation becomes impossible, and what the statue does becomes unclear.

Disney employees dream of a pitch-black man punching the coffin. The dream sequence is always the same, and at the end the man disintegrates into glittering dust. While Walt slogans regarding the future, the man suffers and melts into sand. Furthermore, the dream has an opening act of “Steamboat Willie” without a leading role, narrated by a high-pitched Disney. FC personnel have attempted to access the dream, but have not been able to observe it.

+ Opening 43 files……

Too little info, how can you be an FC expert and not know what you don’t know?
After all, even if we spread out, not one Oneiroi would admit they’re a PoI
Obviously they’re not gonna come forward
There’s a feel that they wanna secretly contact Disney collaborators
The [unknown] guy who cuts into telephone calls
What are “Souls with weak imagination” anyhow?
The two cases above have to do with the Oneiroi Collective
Mean, they also have to do with Walt, so it’s no wonder it’s all cryptic
Funny way of putting it
Heard that the head has something like a telephone attached to it, but why not just use a telephone
And what makes you have “weak imagination”?
That Walt hadn’t been making movies lately, that sounds like weak imagination to me
Records weren’t taken cuz it was right after he died, but things have changed a lot compared to when he was alive

Wait, it’s time to do my job. I don’t want to be disturbedWorld News DLO approaches faster, arrival at OW estimated at: 119 hours

Mister Scarecrow

Foundation Collective Staff

437,974 Oneiroi like this

Mister Scarecrow shared a link.
Topeka 6, 13115

Foundation Collective maintains normalcy in the dream world.

Mister Scarecrow reports on the situation: Disneyland Oneiroi’s approach to Oneiroi West continues without a way to stop it — four operations have failed to establish significance so far.

Emergence of immediate countermeasures to fantasy production | Imaginary entities produce imaginary entities, population growth expands unchecked | Dreams come true, happy endings arrive…

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Melodytime Are FC people incompetent?
October 1 at 03:39pm · Like

GallopinGaucho Nothing is impossible with fantasies. You can fly through the sky, repel bullets, remove all exterior obstacles from the story. It’s our dream. And the dream cannot be denied.
October 1 at 03:45am · Like

Fantasia FC nor the government can be relied on. Someone do something about this.
October 1 at 03:47pm · Like

MakeMineMusic You didn’t expect this from the start, but you can manage all these anomalies. “And they lived happily ever after”. How many times do you think OW has been nearly destroyed?
October 1 at 03:55pm · Like

Even if you take it from me, I’ll find my way to theWorld News DLO approaches, arrival at OW estimated at: 103 hours


StudentBunny - Guest - Getting construction worker experience

Um, so how do I create a fantasy?

Upvote Reply +4 - 2013/10/02 05:18pm


ListenSongDance - Cast - Proficient advisor

Strongly imagine the shape of what you want to create. And then DLO will make your dream come true. A dream covered in glittering, powdered magic, just like in Cinderella. Oh, and this is no metaphor, it’s real. Dreams are expressed through magic.

Upvote Reply +103 - 2013/10/02 05:22pm


StudentBunny - Guest - Who?

I get that. I’m troubled because my previous fantasies have vanished. Do you know them? A cat character, a bearded wizard. Maybe they died?

Upvote Reply +13 - 2013/10/02 05:46pm


ListenSongDance - Cast - Proficient advisor

They’re fine. They weren’t chosen by DLO. They’ve lived somewhere else for as long as you remember them. They will never die. So dream your next fantasy.

Upvote Reply +346 - 2013/10/02 05:47pm


StudentBunny - Guest - Not a good educator

I see. So this is what “not being chosen” means. All right, just like seniors like you have suggested, I’ll create the next one. If you are this comforting and positive, I don’t see the point in sticking to this.

The one useful advice you gave me was to encourage me to “live somewhere else”. But you should change the way you say it. I think I could continue on until your words pull me out of heaven or something like that, but other people’s hearts are usually broken. Because “living somewhere else” tends to mean “not living here”.

Upvote Reply +37 - 2013/10/02 05:56pm


Mortimer - Fantasy - Comedic marionette

Today I saw an extremely sad movie. A man took a harp and brought it back home. Months pass, and an intruder enters the castle the man lives in. The man steals the harp and runs off. The man chases after him, but what do you think the intruder does?

They sever the vines supporting the man’s castle. The man falls to his death.

Upvote Reply +36 - 2013/10/02 06:37pm


EdgarEdgar - Cast - Having a good, peaceful sleep

Wait, wait. The man reaped what he sowed. It all started when the man took the harp, no?

You see, what the man did is called stealing. You can’t really complain that they died.

Upvote Reply +371 - 2013/10/02 06:43pm


Mortimer - Fantasy - Comedic marionette

But that doesn’t change the fact that he died. Isn’t it sad when people die?

Don’t you think so?

Upvote Reply +176 - 2013/10/02 06:57pm


EdgarEdgar - Cast - Having a good unreality

Ah, I guess but… You were watching a film. Fiction films are, well, fictional. So it’s only a fictional character, the one who died. The man isn’t actually dead. They’re alive somewhere else. You don’t need to be sad over it.

Upvote Reply +673 - 2013/10/02 07:12pm


Mortimer - Fantasy - Comedic marionette

But he certainly died in that imaginary world. He’ll continue to be dead in that world.

So in the end, is he dead? Or is he not?

Upvote Reply +546 - 2013/10/02 07:21pm

World News DLO approaches as mutations are predicted, arrival at OW estimated at: 77 hours

Alright, that’s enough. I should leave, shouldn’t I? I need to find another job……

World News

Giant walls emerge from DLO, surrounding OW

Isolates OW from the outside world. Has taken the appearance of a theme park.

Disneyland Oneiroi has continued to expand, but has changed shape when nearing contact with Oneiroi West. A wall capable of surrounding OW’s perimeter has emerged from DLO, making ingress and egress impossible. The walls were erected in about two hours, and many OW residents are currently trapped within.

OW governments and the Foundation Collective have been taking actions against DLO. Presently, no concrete solutions have been found, with the plan focusing on buying time to temporarily evacuate inhabitants. It’s been calculated that ascending and descending the wall would take a considerable amount of time, making the rescue of all inhabitants a hopeless situation.

The walls are imaginary entities, and like those from DLO, cannot be sabotaged or attacked. Xiupania and other military states have been started acting independently, but no solutions have been found yet.

Negotiations between all organizations continue, but Walt Disney has not presented any information besides the following Hoot. The purpose of DLO’s expansion remains unclear:



Flowers that bloom in adversity are the most beautiful.
  • REHOOTS 687,102,172
  • LIKES 745,992,089

A.S.2013,20:21, 12/05/901/D DLO

If OW fails to escape this situation, OW and a massive amount of its inhabitants will be buried under a land of entertainment. Some residents have accepted this, and have been seen voluntarily migrating into DLO.

Related Articles

Sudden proliferation of whistling of certain tunes
Submitted 1 hour ago by WorldEndTimes

Inside the walls surrounding OW, the whistling of a certain tune has become popular. The tune is used as the opening and ending of the 9th Disney long animated film “Fun and Fancy Free”, released in 1947, with the title originally appearing in the song lyrics. The inhabitants of DLO are believed to have spread and made the tune popular, with the contents of the song being about the joy and freedom of fantasy, with experts having analyzed the phenomenon to be linked to apocalyptic ideologies. In addition, “Fun and Fancy Free” has……[READ MORE]

Residents flood the wall’s perimeter, calling for help
Submitted 5 hours ago by LoveOneiroi

Long-established OW Derby Ticket dealer closes up shop, blaming certainty of “compression”
Submitted 8 hours ago by

The airplane’s keys, where did they go

World News DLO, arrival at OW estimated at: 52 hours

Don’t approach me. Get away!

Self Improvement and Inspiration

Wish Upon a Star - Gentleman cricket - "Happy and Free"


Slip into a fantasy, like heaven on clouds unbound
Fun and Fancy Free

Upvote Reply ·+ 4061 · Geppetto 4, 21:24pm


Here’s another popular Happy-Ending zombie


Luana Patten


Disneyland, what more could you possibly want?
My friend told me their place has become Disneyland, and I can’t tell if that’s good or bad anymore




Is that host really Walt Disney? Not a quote bot or something like that?


Make Mine Music


It always ends the same way, with everyone living happily ever after

World News DLO, arrival at OW estimated at: 27 hours

Ah, that’s how it is. But with modern cartoons, that type of gag would be too old-fashioned. Anyway, thank you.

Info leak
Foundation Collective
Walt Disney
In the real world there’s organizations that control the world behind the scenes

Extracting reprinted file…

███-2805 Interview log - 2013/0█/██

[Smartphone ringtone]

Agent Smith: We’ve been waiting for you.

███-2805: It’s been a while. Since the Florida predatory costume mascot event’s investigation, no? You want to talk to me about something again?

Agent Smith: That’s right, Walt. We’ve had conversations about the world of the Oneiroi before. I’ll get to the point: Are you hiding anything from us?

███-2805: What’s this about?

Agent Smith: Lately, the Disneyland inside the dream world has been expanding at an alarming rate. Last time we backed down because there was no need for investigating, but this time there’s no reason for backing down. It’s clear that the Disneyland inside the dream world is not unrelated to you. I want you to explain this relationship.

███-2805: Age has gotten to me. I’ve been entrusted with the company’s sales department now. Last time I gave a call, you flinched, remember?

Agent Smith: If you fail to comply, we’ll destroy your equipment. It’s that urgent of a situation, and you wouldn’t want that, right?

███-2805: I get it, I get it. Kids these days… Oh, but let me tell you one thing first. I’m not the one who controls the Disneyland of the dream world. If I had been able to build Epcot on the dream world, I would have done so from the beginning.

Agent Smith: Well then, what’s that then?

███-2805: Something that reminds you of Walt Disney. Talking about that, how long have I been dead?

Agent Smith: About 40 years.

███-2805: Forty years since my death, and yet is it dead? Is it dead, like the others claimed it would be?

Agent Smith: … No, it’s still standing.

███-2805: Isn’t that right? It has grown stronger. And Disney has expanded too. It has expanded. It’s like looking at a giant. The Disneyland built to escape society has somehow become society itself. I still advocate for Epcot because, as the proprietor, I still feel it’s necessary.

And you, have you achieved any of your dreams the past 40 years?

Agent Smith: … I… I don’t know.

███-2805: That again. Biut you’re right. Dreams exist whether they’re achieved or not. They can always be achieved, but to do so, they require a payment in suffering. There are those who stand by still. I call them people with weak souls who are unable to visualize their own futures. For when you think of the future, there’s no time for standing still.

I think Walt Disney would never stand still. The one who grants the magic shouldn’t be writhing in pain. That, I agree with. But he’s been overtaken. The masses wished for it more than I did. I also failed to choose the proper collaborators. It seems I’ve been used by parasites.

Agent Smith: Parasites?

███-2805: The one who speaks to me in dreams. The one who separated my soul with a weak imagination from me, and encased me in bronze. The bronze man, when given anguish, will produce happiness when put in a situation he must overcome. Brilliant fantasies gain the power to overturn the impossible for the sake of escaping pain. Power like making calls after one’s death.

I believe everyone should suffer, because those tears create happiness.

███-1118-JP Internal anomalous phenomena and dream-related situations heard from Disney staff - 2013/0█/██

As of 2013/0█/██, the “Walt Disney statue” monument found within ███-1118-JP has disappeared. The monument in question could not be found within any of the spaces of ███-1118-JP. Furthermore, the space that could be reached through the chimney of the “Forest Castle” monument no longer exists. The chimney has disappeared, and the proxy portal is currently closed.

███-1118-JP-A were reported to move thanks to the glitter powder produced by the “Forest Castle” chimney, and are still active now that the chimney has disappeared. When interviewing ███-1118-JP-A instances, many instances seemed to intentionally brush off feelings of anxiety towards the future and self-deprecating thoughts in a larger amount than compared to before the “Walt Disney statue” and the chimney’s disappearance.

The frequency with which Disney staff targeted for investigation experience dreams has increased. The dream’s contents have not changed, although the man identified in the dream is described more radically than before.

Disneyland Oneiroi underground structure investigation report - 2013/10/05

Camera Cluster: FC examiner’s camera cluster begins recording. We are on DLO’s underground structure now. This is the “Inverse Disney” that Oneiroi was talking about… It’s not as enjoyable as the one above.

Camera Cluster: Originally, rumors of an “Inverse Disney” were probably created by a vanishing imaginary entity escaping from the reality of its own “disappearance”. Seems the rumor was right. Or rather, it seems like we’ve made the rumor come true. Looks like the aboveground, but here jet coasters and merry-go-rounds are placed in a more orderly fashion.

Camera Cluster: However, not a single fantasy is using the attractions. The center of the structure is enshrined. Uh, yeah, an enshrinement. Sleeping inside a glass coffin. Looks like Snow White’s corpse.

Camera Cluster: Each coffin is connected to two pipes, with the pipes connected to a huge machine. Looks like it’s sending stuff and sucking up stuff too. The characters… They look like they’re in pain. I’ve been observing a bearded cat wearing a witch’s hat for about an hour, and they look like they’re having a terrible nightmare.

Camera Cluster: And I mentioned before that there’s facilities here… The layout here looks like the map layout of ███-1118-JP. If there’s a leak from the dream into reality, this place might be influencing ███-1118-JP, right?

Camera Cluster: Yes, I do. At least I get the impression this place has been “taken over”. The advance into reality might have been a deliberate business expansion, as the dead characters selected were Disney characters who could easily be imagined as ‘characters if they had a future’.

Camera cluster: Walt disney? No, he isn’t here. There’s a thick pipe extending from the machine into the sky, so this place being connected to the castle above is very likely. I’ll look into it for a bit longer.

Eh, what’s this
A real leak?
Crap, FC really screwed up
Didn’t know they were doing this much research
There’s research institutions like FC in the real world
Has FC communicated with them?
An Inverse Disney takeover?
Don’t pile up on the sudden unfolding when it’s a surprise it exists in the first place
I know that bearded magical cat in the middle
It’s a fantasy created by a guest who stepped into the park once
I don’t understand too well, but it’s sucking up energy from the ground
That’s why DLO’s been out of control
That’s why there was no point to the expansion: The goal was to attack everything and make people suffer
So who’s at fault for this?
Production Director Walt Disney

World News DLO, arrival at OW estimated at: 24 hours

Recent Popular News

1. Armed uprising by Cast members inside DLO
view 8,278,361

Former inhabitants influenced by DLO, now turned into Cast members, have begun acting against DLO policies. With subjugation of cast members who’ve produced fantasies, and raids on castle locations, it has differed heavily from previous formal pacifism.

Information has been circulating on the Oneiroi Web about Walt Disney being in control of the mechanism responsible for the disappearance of the imaginary entities, and has been using them as a driving force of some sort. This driving force can be generated on the condition of inflicted pain, which the imaginary entities can continue to take on forever. This information has been inferred from information leaked from the Foundation Collective, and no definite evidence has been obtained. Because of this, many cast members were angered by the possibility that their created fantasies were being utilized and in constant pain.

Walt Disney and the Foundation Collective have not responded to the series of riots. These circumstances, coupled with the constant development of armed imaginary entities has become a way for defeating Walt Disney and saving the imaginary entities.

Furthermore, DLO’s area corruption has not stopped, and its momentum has not decreased.

World News DLO, arrival at OW estimated at: 7 hours

Quoted from "How to move your pen through the sky". Author unknown, 19██

The history of contemporary painting is indeed superficial, with people only creating towns and entities that don’t exist in the last hundred years. Monsters coming from mythological accounts and folklore that have been pictured with the help of a brush were, for the people at the time, real entities. For this reason, if you’re drawing new fantasies, you should be proud of them. You’re at the forefront of art history.

We’ve all been young at some point. If you want to draw out fantasies, you shouldn’t consider valid techniques for it. We extract fantasies from the time where we were absorbing things the most. Face your childhood. Face what you saw in those cloudless skies. A moving stuffed toy, a fairy that shoots lasers, a romantic tragedy between a prince and a princess. Just start sketching. It’s your fantasy.

Not one person lacks imagination. The ability to think about the future, be it optimistic or pessimistic, is imagination. Do you want to turn fantasy into reality? Then let the future manifest your fantasies. Dreams and reality are connected. But it can also be considered this way: Dreams are already part of reality. The two are never arranged at disconnected times. At any moment, they may appear right in front of you. And then, voilà! The fantasy you’ve drawn comes to life, and begins to walk. This practice is much easier in the dream world.

However, it doesn’t depend on the person’s efforts of maintaining the fantasy. Even continuing to create requires facing oneself, exhausting one’s mind. It’s a dangerous act. Becoming possessed by your own imagination is the last thing you want. You could end up becoming a corpse. So give up this method of overcoming pain. All we can do is taste the pain, draw the obstacle with a pen on paper, and then cut it off. Record the screams that come out your mouth, and breathe them into your characters.

But as long as fantasies continue to be called, they will always have a physical body. If you don’t give it a body, it cannot exist. If you are free, free fantasies are created. Create with your screams that which holds no form.

Copyrighted and licensed by Oneiroi West’s Tourism Board##

How to move your pen through the sky
Beginner’s guide on handling fantasies!
“In this dream world it’s possible to use magic to bring fantasies to life, but it’s not popular. This is due to the magic use requiring extreme exhaustion of the self.”
“The first thing I learned was to throw the horseshoe and maneuver it back on the right path. The next thing I learnt was to do a whistle call of a ship traveling through a great river.”
“… The ducks always get in the way of the ensemble dancing in the storm… All that is clear is that a black goat can become a good substitute for the recorder and the marimba.”
“If you hit it, it’ll spread; if you pierce it, a hole will form, and water will leak out. There’s no formula to the physical laws of fantasies. If I must say, the deciding factor comes from knowing what kind of gag you can pull out your injuries.”
“He pushes me out of existence, departing from this life to [READ MORE]+

World News DLO, arrival at OW estimated at: 1 hour

World News

OW government recommends ceasing resistance against DLO

DLO’s march has not stopped. Transmission of “last wishes”.

The Oneiroi West government announces the cessation of resistance movement against Disneyland Oneiroi, a joint operation with the Foundation Collective. The military command unit announced a “sustainable time for OW”, which is the form in which all troops are withdrawn. At the same time it has recommended external independent reinforcement units to withdraw as well.

Since DLO began expanding its area towards OW, there’s been many changes. In the end, diverse groups showed opposition to the rashly-expanding DLO, with cast members that worked for DLO joining the resistance. Even now, voices in support of OW are heard from all over Oneiroi, but no effective measures have been suggested so far.

Following a series of announcements, OW’s moderation team sent the last following message:


OW Moderator Team

End of the story.
  • REHOOTS 601,972,137
  • LIKES 782,472,024

A.S.2013,23:00, 12/15/966/D OW

Still, the “sustainable time for OW” is estimated at…


504.3K HOOTS

487.8K HOOTS

117.4K HOOTS




LipDance - Monotone frenzy - Anyone out here?

I don’t want to be crushed by this fantasy. I don’t want to.

Upvote Reply +592 - 2013/10/06 23:25pm


Spinach-CAN - The lid remains open - Not used to clinging to

I’ve never believed in God.
But today I pray to this nothingness. They are nothingness too.

Upvote Reply +732 - 2013/10/06 23:26pm


EternalSK - Someone’s trusty partner - Frustrated

I don’t care who. Kick the shit outta him. Kick him and beat him like the villain he is.

Upvote Reply +810 - 2013/10/06 23:29pm

redȊst all eyes on us

Collapse of Oneiroi West (
Posted 35 minutes ago by Lack_of_Lime to far.redist<||

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iRefuseHope Fire truck hunting squad | Aspiring actor
See, I was right about that. DLO has made it worse.

zapnapcap Southern polar bear | Reversi association representative
I contacted my friend. “Please help me” is all they said.
I forget since I’m in the dream world, but this is a feeling akin to dying. I pray I’m able to do something about this.

OurFriends Military shop management | FP-45
I’ll pray for you too. I don’t want anyone who I know to lose contact with someone they know.

iRefuseHope Fire truck hunting squad | Aspiring actor
But what’s the point? Praying is useless. We’re not at a point where we can believe the’re a way out of this.

OurFriends Military shop management | FP-45
What then? Summon a Deus ex Machina? That’s not realistic.

iRefuseHope Fire truck hunting squad | Aspiring actor
Oneiroi don’t talk about reality.

zapnapcap Southern polar bear | Reversi association representative
That’s still fine though. Logic be damned, it would make me sincerely smile if there was a way for everyone to be saved, with no one dying.
This is a case that I’m no stranger to, so I’ll pray for the situation. Even if they don’t really exist.

Self Improvement and Inspiration

Wish Upon a Star - Gentleman cricket - "Happy and Free"


Pleasant days are coming this way, today is surely the day where everyone will be free
Fun and Fancy Free

Upvote Reply ·+ 3729 · Geppetto 4, 23:41pm


Help them, there is too much unreason
Don’t you dream of escaping from unreason?




Who said they could do something about this?
Do something about this




The one I want to be dealt with the most is Walt Disney himself




If this story has a hero, help my child who I love

World News DLO, arrival at OW estimated at my job is not being a billboard


PinkElefantMan - Trumpeter - On disturbed nights

I enjoyed this last film. Anything else you wanna know?

Upvote Reply +17 - 2013/10/06 11:52pm


ZUOU and HI-TATHI - Honey thief - On nights full of terror

That’s good to know. Ah, that’s right, today’s the day everything collapses.

What about Fun and Fancy Free?

Upvote Reply -13 - 2013/10/06 11:53am


PinkElefantMan - Trumpeter - Sure they’ll appear

Horrid, bad taste. But it’s not like I’ve ever heard what kind of film it is.

Upvote Reply +2 - 2013/10/06 11:54am


ZUOU and HI-TATHI - Honey thief - Sure they’ll crowd around you

Not a bad film. It’s an animated film for children, although there’s a live-action puppeteer during the interlude. The content’s enjoyable too. It’s composed of two short films, and when Mickey Mouse appears, it’s voiced by Walt Disney. I heard he stepped out from this film due to lung issues.

One of the shorts is about a bear called Bongo. It’s about a bear cub in a circus who leaves for the wilds to meet his lover. And the other one is… About something else.

Upvote Reply +4 - 2013/10/06 11:56pm


PinkElefantMan - Trumpeter - You’ll suffer, but don’t forget

And the other one is?…

Upvote Reply +1 - 2013/10/06 11:57pm


ZUOU and HI-TATHI - Honey thief - We cannot leave the memories, unless we’re summoned

Just remembered.

Mickey’s Jack and the Beanstalk.

Upvote Reply +9 - 2013/10/06 11:59pm

World News DLO, arrival at OW estimated at: 0 hours
Magic has melted away, it’s time to wake up from this dream

【News Flash】World News

Giant ivy pierces through Disneyland Oneiroi


Disneyland Oneiroi’s foundations have been penetrated by several massive ivy vines. The vines destroyed part of DLO, while pushing the rest far above Oneiroi West. Currently, the ruins of DLO are raining outside of OW. The walls surrounding OW have been taken down by DLO itself, and the threat to OW seems to have completely disappeared. This occurred right before DLO reached OW.

Information is still being confirmed, but it seems inhabitants can return to OW by following the vines. The ivy was believed to be an imaginary entity, and it’s guessed it’ll be cut into pieces and collapse in the following days. Furthermore, production of imaginary entities in DLO-occupied areas is no longer possible. However, some shadows with plenty of imagination power have been able to handle imaginary entities, the conditions for this still unclear.

Before this vine was generated, a black shadow was seen flying on the lower areas of DLO. From the way it repeatedly turned and rose, the rumor-loving Oneiroi gave this shadow the name “Plane Crazy”. “Plane Crazy” was also observed when DLO’s ruins began to fall, where it was seen accompanying a small falling humanoid shadow.

The investigation of this event will be carried out by the OW government in collaboration with the Foundation Collective…

The next one is…
Ah, doesn’t look like you’re looking for that.

Anyhow, I gotta send you on your way.
But first, a phone call.

Well then, my holiday is almost over. I must get back to my billboard work. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to play the part at an active and dramatic 120 minutes flim… You’ve only seen the ivy part? What a waste. I’ll tell you next time, in episode 2.

Until then, get some rest. Actually, the vessel this time is another bronze statue. I think you’ll like it though. Next time is not after you achieve everything; it’s before you even start the story. You don’t need to be strong. You won’t have to be tied to rules that say you must fulfill your dreams. I know you’re tired, so go sleep until you feel like drawing up a new story.

Oh, if you feel like starting a new job, just give me a call. Call everyone at the club, and let’s grab the pen again. Everybody, good morning! Today, October 7, 2013, a new monument has been unveiled at Tokyo DisneySea! It seems it’s time for it to collide into the ground. Listen well!


Some things are lost when you grow up. Try to look at the steam whistle and the sky with a refreshed mind. You might not be able to see Paradise up there, but you can see a faint fantasy. Next to Walt Disney, an old-design Mickey Mouse stands atop his work bag!

This fantasy… This me stands next to you. Well then, please take a look! Here’s the “Storytellers” statue!

Beanstalk that drops giants from an island in the sky

Can’t explain it well, but it all connects inside the old man’s head

Falls can be fun, even unmoving statues can be free, the white paper spreads everywhere it goes

Fun and Fancy Free…

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