Supplemental Information: French GOC Division
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To Mr. President of the French Republic
Élysée Palace
On 2002/02/██

Dear Mr. President,

I am deeply sorry to learn of your refusal to speak to the forces of the French National Gendastrerie in favour of the Global Occult Coalition.

The Coalition takes into account and makes it a point of honour to respect the sovereignty and independence of every one of its member States. However, withholding information regarding the crash of ████████████████████ in ███████████, █████, jeopardises the very principles of collaboration upon which the Coalition has been built, and which allow for worldwide protection and cover against the multiplication of parathreats.

The Gendastrerie's uncooperative attitude towards our ambassadors during recent weeks is a serious obstruction that is harmful both to your interests and ours. I would therefore like to reiterate my hope that you will revise your position on ████████████████████.

No matter your decision, we will of course continue to defend France and its citizens against all odds. Be assured that your help and advice are always welcomed and will be given the necessary attention.

However, it is my duty to remind you that, facing the challenges of the new millennium, the Global Occult Coalition will only be able to fulfil its Fivefold Mission by using every means at its disposal. Any defection could cause Humanity at large to pay a heavy price.

To not join us now is to be on the wrong side already.


Best regards,

Assistant Director of Field Operations,
Undersecretary delegate,
United Nations Global Occult Coalition

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