GoI-1995-DE "Das Wunderkabinett"

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"I can grant wishes. But not all wishes should come true."

- Ms Mirabilis

Group #: GoI-1995-DE "Das Wunderkabinett"
Members: Is currently estimated to be approx. 6
Resources: approximately 15,000 Euro per year; anomalous capabilities; anomalous vehicles; spatial anomaly
Status: Active
Description: This organization consists of a small group of anomalous individuals who own a business with which they sell anomalies. The group, which operates under the name "Das Wunderkabinett"1, has existed since 01.05.2000 at the earliest. The products seem to be inspired by fairy tales or other legends. Activities were documented in Europe, mostly in German-speaking countries. Increasingly, reports are coming from other branch offices that the group is also occasionally active outside the aforementioned area. The SCP Foundation has attempted to get members or at least information by raiding the only known shop, which turned out to be impossible every time, because the shop was no longer traceable. It also proved impossible to get to members of the group via workshops, as there were no clues as to where these workshops were located. This is assumed to be caused by a pretermemetic effect2, which would explain why only customers and selected individuals have access.
Persons of peculiar interest:
PoI-1995-DE Ms Mirabilis, who is currently believed to be the leader based on circumstantial evidence, first came into contact with the SCP Foundation through the discovery of SCP-124-DE-1 in 1995. Her goals are unclear at the moment. She has made contact to the SCP Foundation directly and indirectly on several occasions by writing or even calling to give her opinion on specific topics. She speaks openly about other groups of interest and is often times not averse to cooperate with them.
Additional individuals: During several incidents, a further five (5) individuals with anomalous capabilities or nature were identified as employees of the group of interest. There is currently too little information as to whether they could pose a potential threat. However, it appears that the group has knowledge of the structure of several other GoIs. This is assumed to be because some employees have been identified as former members of these groups.
Closing Addenum:
Until further notice, GoI-1995-DE will be downgraded to threat level Carmen-2 and its pursuit is currently no longer top priority. Every contact with people who identify themselves as members of this group is to be logged immediately. If possible, the individuals are to be detained or the detected object secured so that the MTF 20-Rena has sufficient time to intervene.
— O4-8
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