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Yesterday, 23:07

Right, about SCP-CN-546's anomalous properties, I have quite a flashy hypothesis. I'll send you the details.

The last few days, Ninth walked past the place that contained SCP-CN-546-1
Through the window, he saw a crowd gathered, laughing.
In their laughter, he heard loneliness and melancholy, a feeling that could only be felt by those with empathy.
"Ah… Must be my imagination."

Yesterday 23:09

How do I say it?

I must first propose a new concept — anticulture.
This concept is actually quite simple. Anticulture is to culture what antimemes are to memes. That is, anticulture is culture, tradition, that seals itself off from the outside world. What's different between anticulture and antimemes is that even though anticulture seals itself off, it can still be transmitted.'

Of course, you must be very curious how it's transmitted if it seals itself off…

But I gotta take a piss lol, brb

"Desktop Teachers' Day brew tea reliable fish milk?"
Ninth stood outside, listening to them speak.
"Dumbass! Pachytriton not!"
"Consultation fee group chat breaks the void."
And then two of them started fighting, with another one of them seemingly mediating.
Ninth saw the guard walk into the room and subdue the two who were fighting.
"That's enough, it's just a bunch of crazy people fighting. What's there to listen to?" another guard said, shooing Ninth away.

As Ninth was leaving, he heard one of the SCP-CN-546-1 shout something he could understand:

"Chaos Insurgency! Pachytriton not Chaos Insurgency!"

Yesterday 23:13

Let me guess, SCP-CN-546?

I knew you'd be able to guess how it transmits. You're exactly right.

But sadly, relevant research has been prohibited… I can only guess that they wrote down a document with antimemetic properties, so that those who were interested could join their group.

But now, their work has been contained… So their environment has become smaller and smaller, to the point that it might soon be neutralized.

Ninth returned to his dormitory.

He was the only one out of all the Foundation interns this year who had been assigned to this place.
He had heard that the Foundation was internally discussing whether to make their existence public (of course, the details of the SCPs themselves wouldn't be public), so that they could gain support from the public — like funds and talent.
Ninth though that this was a fucking stupid idea.

He turned on his computer and opened his favorite video sharing site.

昨天 23:16

Hm, now that I think about it, ███ ██████████ is updating soon. Remember to take a look.

Oh, that, I've already bookmarked it

Lately some fake fans have been pissing everyone off, they've been provoking some of our fans too

That can't be, right?

I really want to just get rid of them entirely.

But you can't say that, your popularity can only grow if you have people talking about you.

Screw it, the █████ forum, ██████ boards, the comments on the videos, they're all filled with this dumb shit lately. I can't stand not to chase these trolls out.

All an█me fans1 are brothers.2


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