Group of Interest of China

Group of Interest of China

File Overview:This page lists most of the Groups of Interest active in Mainland China. Different from other GOIs, these organizations are strongly tied to the region and do not communicate usually in other languages beyond Chinese. For these reasons, these organizations have been assigned to and are handled by the Foundation's Chinese branch.

"The Galactic Federation"

Overview: The Galactic Federation is an actively recruiting organization that combines characteristics of both religion and science fiction, and has its own own public website (www.████████████.███), where anyone can possibly access information regarding the organization. The organization has a cult-like reputation among the public, and the organization indeed does proselytize in a manner similar to average cults.

It is currently assumed that the members of Galactic Federation are to a certain extent capable of linking together through a hive-mind consciousness, and can unconsciously create a series of deceptive memetic anomalous objects.

The organization is apparently incapable of resisting against the measurements of either the Foundation or local government enforcement and are also unable to use their anomalous abilities effectively, although their anomalous artifacts sometimes lose control and cause incidents.

The organization's philosophy is determined to be a forced mixture of Buddhism and Space-Age Science Fiction, this seemingly absurd combination exhibits a creed that looks "ridiculous", yet the organization continues to produce new anomalous items under this surface.

According to primary sources provided by Chinese branch agents hidden within the Galactic Federation, the organization is divided into several highly competitive factions. This causes interference to the Foundation's operations since not only has it not weakened their threat, but it has increased difficulty for Foundation agents reach the organizations core structure.

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Kuiyang Sect

Overview: According to currently known intelligence, the Kuiyang Sect (岿阳派) has a complicated historical background and are extremely well-versed in knowledge of the supernatural. It is believed that they are a small organization with a number fixed to █ members.

Although they claim to be a branch of Taoism, and their members take on the appearance of Chinese Taoists, they do not exhibit any characteristics of a dogmatic religion but are instead notable for their complex understanding of Chinese Fengshui Geomancy and Alchemy as well as knowledge of ancient Chinese culture and ceremonial tea. Anomalous objects that are related to the Kuiyang Sect are usually anomalous areas, buildings/structures, literature and tools pertaining to Chinese alchemy. Some documents suggest that the organization may have been involved in multiple large historical events (not restricted to just those related to Chinese history).

Information that is left by members of the Kuiyang Sect are generally recognized to be reliable and even of great value. However, considering they are written in a lyrical form of Classical Chinese prose, Foundation personnel should report these messages to the Foundation's expert panel immediately for analyzing purposes. Interpretation without formal knowledge of how to read the messages is forbidden. Since members of the Kuiyang Sect are skilled at escaping and "occult invisibility", capturing their members without sufficient preparation is not recommended.

Current knowledge shows that their stronghold may have been was located in a concealed valley in Nujiang Mountain.

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St. Christina College


Overview: St. Christina College (C.C.) is a secondary school known to possess a large quantity of abnormal and supernatural objects. The organization was once registered in the Secondary School Profiles published by the Hong Kong Education Bureau, and seemed to admit students through standard application procedures and by several other avenues. According to the contents of the profile overview, St. Christina College was founded in Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong in 1952, and moved to a new school campus at Sha Tin District, Hong Kong in 1991. However, the Foundation has yet to find evidence of the existence of the organization's campus. Current information shows that their buildings are located in a extradimensional space.

The mission statement of C.C. is "Raise the most outstanding pillars of society through the most advanced resources", exemplified by their collection of large amounts of anomalous items through unknown methods, applied to their buildings, academic courses, and extracurricular activities. Certain data shows that while the organization's education content is largely similar to all known Secondary Education plans, courses also touch upon the creation and application of anomalous items. Most of the anomalous objects that are related to C.C. are teaching materials that were once pending to be transported to the organization, and the works released by their students such as SCP-CN-050 and SCP-CN-009.

The founder of St. Christina College is an unknown person of interest called "The Principal". Recovered documents shows that students and teachers of the organization adore him fanatically.

According to currently known intelligence, a formidable number of the students that graduated from C.C. have joined numerous Groups of Interest across the world, including the Foundation. The Foundation should keep an eye on Foundation personnel that graduated from the organization, and employ necessary surveillance measures in secret.

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Abnormality Institute


Overview: Abnormal Objects and Phenomenon Institute of China (中华异常事物与现象学会), or Abnormality Institute (异学会), was the largest Group of Interest in China before the intervention of the Foundation. Recovered literature from the Abnormality Institute shows that the organization was founded between the Jin and Tang dynasties by elite scholars under the command of rulers at the time and succeeded to numerous different leaders across the ages. However, according to writings recovered from ancient Qin and Han dynasty mausoleums, a similar organization seemed to also exist under the rule of Qin Shi Huang, before being replaced during the "Confucian Dominion" of the Han dynasty.

Similar to [DATA EXPUNGED], the Abnormality Institute kept a catalog which listed in detail all anomalous objects located in China in the form of a bamboo scroll. The scholars of the organization followed the descriptions that were shown on the scroll to contain the anomalous objects they discovered. Additionally, they also attempted to conduct research on the objects that they contained for application purposes. It has been confirmed that many important events in the history of China as well as folktales popular among certain Chinese ethnic groups have direct or indirect connections to the actions of the Abnormality Institute.

With the increasingly negative and even condemning attitude of the Manchu rulers of the Qing dynasty towards the Abnormality Institute, the recording of bamboo scrolls drastically decreased, and along with the negative effects from the research of the Abnormality Institute, the organization's rapid decline was inevitable. By the time the Foundation's Chinese branch was established and officially made contact with the Abnormality Institute, the entire organization was left with only a few members with neutralized bamboo scroll and a large quantity of related literature. Afterwards residual faculty of the Abnormality Institute were absorbed into the Foundation, the literature being archived for research purposes and the bamboo scroll [DATA EXPUNGED].

Due to its historical nature, the documents left behind by the Abnormality Institute are written mainly in Classical Chinese, these documents should explained by or read under the assistance of former Abnormality Institute members.

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"05 Council"

Overview: Very little information is known about the group or person of interest known as 05, it is only understood that the organization is overtly hostile towards the Foundation and will create or cause anomalous events en masse, most of them aimed at the Foundation.

The organization seems to be able to intrude and tamper with the database of the Foundation. In fact, the name "05Council" came from the messages left in all SCP articles that involve the organization. These messages are inscribed with "05-Latin-script letter", and imitate the commands of O5 personnel.

The others originally insisted on maintaining a sense of mystery to mimic the O5 council, but ultimately we agreed (under my persistence) that knowing our existence is necessary for the whole of the story. For now at least you may say we are your shadow/parallel/hallucination/prototype, but perhaps in the future we will be your terminator/final destination/gravedigger/eternal rival.

We all agree that the story should be reasonable yet thrilling. Please wait to see the plot thicken.
— 05-T, the "T" stands for "Truth"

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OB Media


Overview: OB Media is a GoI with anomalous properties. It performs as a media firm or a production agency to the public. Though there is no record of direct interaction with anyone involved with OB Media, it can be inferred from SCP items that OB Media is a gigantic corporation which looks for potential customers and peddles anomalous productions, but produce no anomalous item.

There might be potential property of "inter-universe" attached to OB Media. It seems that it has multiple decision makers whose perspectives on the role of the corporation are divided. This divergence leads to the fact that different names of OB Media are recorded, including OB Media, Observer Media and Ooooo Bright! Media etc. In order to normalize the description of the corporation in foundation, it would usually be described as OB Media.

Based on the extant information, the decision makers are composed of anomalous individuals from different universes. More attention should be paid to more detailed information involved.

It is clear that SCP items involved with OB Media often more or less has unknown hostility against human beings. Whether its reason is tactical failure or not stays unknown. However, it is sure that SCP items related with OB Media often intend to satirize entertainment and consumption.

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LETTERS Entertainment


Overview: The scope of business of LETTERS Entertainment covers various game platforms, such as PC games, console, arcade, PSP, mobile and broad games.

Though anomalous objects produced by the organization usually contain no maliciousness toward human beings, serious consequences can be caused due to the anomalous game-making ideas and properties of LETTERS Entertainment.

The anomalous objects of the organization could improve containment very efficiently in specific cases. Therefore the proposal of purchasing products of LETTERS Entertainment for MTF service has been submitted for consideration.

There are multiple game studios with partly different game ideas, despite these differences, the common trait of the products of LETTERS Entertainment is that they could affect the reality in some degree.

The currently recovered intelligences indicate that differents studios don't share a harmonious relation ship, and “vicious competitions” among the studios have been discovered.

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