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File Overview: SCP objects have not been completely contained in any portion of the world. Clearly, the Foundation has to put a higher emphasis on dealing with those groups that have shown knowledge or possession of the anomalous, rather than with others that do not.
Personnel with additional information about these or other groups is to report them immediately, as to formulate an effective plan to deal with them.

Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory (JOICL)


Overview: Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory has been mentioned in several cases involving anomalous creatures, including a wide range of life forms, such as animals, plants and objects which behave like creatures.

As almost all of the creatures manifest anomalous properties or additional functions which cannot be achieved in nature or explained with ordinary modern science, the Lab does not seem to be restricted by general ethics. It is thought to be a research facility or a group of researchers possessing some kind of technology, but its actual situation has not been grasped yet.

Initially it was thought that there was no direct distribution or sale of the anomalies that the Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory created, but in rare cases the organization has been confirmed to sell their creations as commercial products such as SCP-483-JP or SCP-1919-JP. However, its organizational purpose remains unknown.

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Tou-Hei Heavy Industries


Overview: Tou-Hei Heavy Industries is considered to be a group involved in manufacture of artifacts whose mechanism can not be explained by modern science. To date, many related materials have been collected by the Foundation, but the detailed organizational structure and purpose thereof have not yet been clarified. Many Foundation researchers speculate that Tou-Hei Heavy Industries' activities are mainly conducted in Japan.

Since this group's collected materials suggest that they actively provide anomalous technology to non-members of their own group, this group has to be dealt with as soon as possible.

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Shūshū-In (Collecting Agency)


Overview: Shūshū-In was a Japanese organization that collected the anomalous items known as SCP objects to the Foundation. They had used non-scientific methods utilizing the augury, magic and religion, mainly Shintō1 and Shugendō2. Some of their procedures were valuable and have been taken over as Special Containment Procedures by the Foundation.

After the Foundation strengthened its influence in Japan, most of the members were absorbed by the Foundation and other GOIs, but radicals within Shūshū-In still retain collected objects, and have hidden them away in hopes of restoring the organisation.

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Saiga Factions


Overview: Saiga Factions are organizations consisting of POI called Rokumi Saiga (犀賀六巳) and his followers.

Rokumi Saiga refers to himself as a scientist majoring in space-time physics and is an unidentified person who seems to have conducted his activities in multiple parallel universes. The purpose of the activity is believed to be to save the target universes and human beings belonging to them.

Mr. Saiga seems to hide many abnormal items brought from various parallel universes, but searching for them has yielded scarce results. Mr. Saiga has probably gained knowledge about the Foundations and other groups related to abnormal objects in the process of going back and forth in the parallel universes and pays close attention to hiding himself from each organization.

Mr. Saiga has a certain number of human followers in several parallel universes. The followers are referred to as "Saiga Factions" and basically friendly to humanity. However, their "human beings" refer to human beings of all universes including the parallel universes, so often "Saiga Factions" activities seriously damage the present universes to which the Foundation belongs. Since "Saiga Factions" do not stick to the present universes, they will act without hesitation to save more mankinds and universes even if they anticipate the damage to the present universes. For this reason, the Foundation has designated "Saiga Factions" as Groups of Interest.

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Overview: "Doctor" is an individual or a group that imitates the activities of other Groups of Interest.

A lot of objects imitating Group of Interest, "Doctor Wondertainment" have been confirmed, and there are examples that imitate "The Factory" and "Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory". Most of the objects created by "Doctor" cause harm to users. Although the reason for his activity is unknown, despite the consequences of his actions, it is suggested that he is motivated by the need to have fun.

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Imperial Japanese Army Special Medical Force (a.k.a. "Unit Negative Numbers")

Overview: Imperial Japanese Army Special Medical Force was an Imperial Japanese Army unit, which researched the occult and technology, founded in 1937 under the cooperation of the Army and Shūshū-In. As a common name, it was given the codename "Unit Negative Numbers".

The unit was composed of three divisions, "Tsuchigumo", "Jofuku" and "Tatara", which conducted researches mainly on magic, life science and mechanical engineering respectively. The purpose of the organization is to research and produce weapons by a combination of magic and science, including "Project Tokijiku" aiming to create immortal soldiers. Those weapons were not mass produced, however some were used in the actual war.

In 1945, the organization was dismantled and most of its technology was collected by the Foundation after the end of the World War II.

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Salesperson Miyoko

Overview: Salesperson Miyoko3 is an individual or a group that sells and offers beauty-related products or services with anomalous characteristics. Most of the products sold have common points such as “for women" and "pink-colored package", but something not in the category of beauty and goods for men have also been confirmed. Most of the products have the effect of solving the users' troubles, but cause serious damage to them in terms of side effects.

Salesperson Miyoko's selling method covers a wide range including advertisement in department stores and door-to-door sales. Although the appearance at the time of sale is a suit clothing, there are several different reports on their physical characteristics. Records show that Salesperson Miyoko indicated belonging to an organization called "Iwanaga Beauty Association".

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Drunkness Street

Overview: Drunkness Street, probably a big residential district, is a place located in parallel universe or extra-dimension. The Foundation have found and contained several anomalies thought to be from Drunkness Street. In addition, there are several bidirectionally passing transit dimension connected with our world and Drunkness Street discovered. These are all discovered in Kyoto Prefecture but not exclusively existing there.

While a part of groups of interest have been collecting knowledge about Drunkness Street, the Foundation holds little information regarding Drunkness Street. In most of the transit dimension reside sapient entities, according to which the existential concept is "Drunkenness, Oblivion, Stagnation". These keywords can be found spread in the data gained with investigation. Although residents in the transit dimension do not agree with the concept, they currently do not show the tendency to be proactively against it or to move to either Drunkness Street or our world.

So far, the Foundation and Drunkness Street are not in conflict with each other. It is even unknown whether Drunkness Street has perceived the Foundation in the first place. To prevent unpredictable event, the Foundation has established a hands-off system, basically prohibiting access toward Drunkness Street. However, several agents or D-class had invaded into Drunkness Street without permission or before the hands-off system was not well-established, and the cases which managed to come back were very few.

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Japanese Anomalous Groups Peace and Amity Treaty Organization


Overview: Japanese Anomalous Groups Peace and Amity Treaty Organization (JAGPATO) is a group of interest formed on a legal basis provided by the treaty with the same title made by the Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition with Japan Government. The Foundation, as one of the major organizations holding the membership, exert great influence on this group of interest.

Although it began as a supervisor to keep Japan government institutions intensifying arbitrary operations in check, its current role seems to carry an growing range of responsibility. Nowadays, it mainly mediates between member groups when conflicts occur, peacefully deal with clashes between each organization. Sometimes it assists member groups to collaborate, having contributed to the formation of a large-scale allied forces.

That said, it has been pointed out that it is possible for JAGPATO to be related with anomalies out of the Foundation's control or to leak information to the government. The Foundation will build cooperation relationship as a member group while the investigation is ongoing.

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