Groups Of Interest (PL)


Unidentified group. All previous attempts to infiltrate have failed. Group interested in research of SCP objects and anomalies in general. The group is responsible for ██ and suspected of ████ hacker attacks on Foundation databases. The organisation carried out an attack on the containment of several Objects in ████████, probably with the goal of capturing SCP-PL-███ or, also contained there, SCP-███. During an attack all ██ members of WWW died, but only 16 were terminated by security personnel: the rest committed suicide during the attempt to capture them. The possibility of destroying the entire group during this attack was excluded. The current main priority is to capture all WWW members.

Home Wonders ltd.

An organisation dealing with creating anomalous, often dangerous, items of everyday use and distributing them to the public. The group usually creates objects which try to improve the life of their users but are often very unreliable or do not work properly. Its structure as well as its production methods is not known. It was first discovered in 2006 after the containment of SCP-PL-███-Z.

Currently, Foundation operations are focused on identifying their organisational structure and gathering all info possible. Because of Home Wonders' large market share, emphasis is put on containing their products and controlling contractors. Notable is the fact that HW is not a limited company, or company at all, as it is not registered anywhere. The source of their cost-covering revenue as well as their methods of hiring are currently unknown. There are no records of the group's assets or affair's outside Polish borders (all attempts at exports have been intercepted by the Foundation).

A.R.G.U.S Inc.

Acronym from Autonomic Recon Group with Undefined Specialization: an American company engaged in leasing/selling well-trained soldiers and heavy military equipment, training militias and producing potent psychotropic drugs and other stimulants. It works undercover as a private security company, mostly undertaking recon tasks and guerrilla operations, though there are also records of them involved in larger, more well-known conflicts. Their corporate history, along with their clients' personal data, remains unknown.

Argus have often fallen into conflict with governments due to the many civilian casualties attributed to them, including particularly brutal murders of civilians.

The company is able to procure highly dangerous, anomalous military equipment from an unknown source. Most often they them help gain the advantage in battle, though they also cripple their users. The objects are not produced by the company, and the exact number and level of danger of these objects remains unknown. Most of the objects acquired by the Foundation come from Area 13, a former facility located in ███████ (Poland).

The company is in continuous contact with unknown organisation called "Creators". They have since limited their activities after taking over the Polish research complex. These remain under constant Foundation surveillance due to their high potential danger.

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