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File Overview: The Foundation is not the only group with an interest and investment in the paranormal and metaphysical. There are many other groups in existence who possess, use, or attempt to create anomalous objects, either for their own personal gain or for the protection of mankind. Some are rival organizations, some are splinter groups of the Foundation, and some are trusted associates of the Foundation. In any case, it has been deemed necessary to create and distribute a brief on what agencies the Foundation knows about, and our stance towards them.

The Civilian


Overview: "The Civilian" is the name of several large civilian protest groups across Southeast Asia that have taken a strong stance against the presence of anomalies in their countries. Although they have occasionally used anomalous objects in secret, members of The Civilian generally seek to destroy anomalies or counteract their effects. This protest movement began in 1981, but has become more violent in recent years; it is believed that the core of the group is composed of individuals who have some resistance to anomalous effects and/or Foundation amnestic techniques. Membership is scattered across Southeast Asia; it is not know whether The Civilian has a headquarters or any centralized leadership.

The Civilian's current goals include expanding their membership and building their power base; acquiring anomalous objects and entities either peacefully or by theft; and the destruction of those anomalous objects that they cannot acquire—the unpredictability and poor planning of these actions often results in numerous casualties, both among their membership and among bystanders. The Civilian also operates an informal school that teaches its members to both contain and destroy anomalies. It is probable that The Civilian has support from some as-yet unknown outside group (possibly a defunct political party), which gives them access to trained personnel, finances, and information.

The Civilian has occasionally sent requests to the Foundation regarding the purchase of anomalous objects; these requests were refused. After this refusal, the Foundation became The Civilian's primary target, with a number of violent actions taken by protest groups against Foundation facilities. Although The Civilian's wide base of support makes the complete eradication of the group impossible, the threat posed by The Civilian to the Foundation is not high.

"The Civilian is like a nest of insects: if there are few of them, they are merely an annoyance, and if they are many we can simply fumigate their hives to cull their numbers. The real question is: how many of these hives are there?"

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The Millionaire, Mr. Royer


Overview: Mr. Royer is a mysterious individual who is a major financial backer of the Thai branch of the SCP Foundation. The Foundation has little information about his identity or motives. He is believed to be a British millionaire who lives much of the time in Thailand and the source of a number of anonymous donations to the Foundation. His actual place of residence is unknown, but he owns a number of properties in Thailand, including some of which have been connected to anomalous activity. The man himself has never been conclusively identified. His son and heir, Jason Royer, is currently an associate of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.; their relationship is likely strained.

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Association of Mutants


Overview: The Association of Mutants is a group composed of sapient anomalous entities, most of whom have escaped or evaded the Foundation and other groups with an interest in containing, destroying, or utilizing the paranormal. The main goal of the Association of Mutants is the creation of an independent community of anomalous individuals—the "Hidden City"—concealed somewhere in the jungles of Southeast Asia. This community is largely self-regulating; individuals or objects which cause problems for the community are banished from the "Hidden City". While the exact location of this community has not been determined, a number of anomalous entities claiming to have been cast out of the community have been captured and contained.

While the Association of Mutants has not directly clashed with the Foundation, any attempt to capture or contain members of the organization will be met with resistance.

The number of members and the danger posed by those individuals is currently unknown; however, it is likely that at some future point the Association of Mutants will pose a risk to the Foundation or to nearby civilian populations.

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The Association of Black Magic Power Users


Overview: The Association of Black Magic Power Users is a group composed of "Black Magicians" (also known as thaumaturges, or "Type Blues" by the Global Occult Coalition); members come from a number of countries, and have access to a wide variety of anomalous objects.

The Association of Black Magic Power Users was founded by ██████, the leader of a group of "Black Magicians" from Thailand. Originally, this group's activities and membership were limited to Southeast Asia; now, their membership and influence is global in scale. As a result of the Association's widespread influence, members have access to a wide variety of magical techniques and anomalous objects.

Members of the Association of Black Magic Power Users have approached the Foundation for the purpose of purchasing anomalous objects, especially those such as SCP-001-TH and SCP-666-TH that are especially interesting to the Association; in exchange, the Association offered to stop seeking revenge for Association members and anomalies killed or captured by the Foundation. The Foundation refused, and members of this group have continued to attack Foundation personnel and attempt to steal anomalous objects in Foundation containment.

Attacks on Foundation personnel by members of the Association of Black Magic Power Users often take the form of "cursed" items, especially food and beverages. Personnel who believe they may have received any items from members of the Association are to bring those items to the Foundation for examination of their anomalous effect. If any individuals who are suspected to be members of the Association are located, they are to be reported to the O5 Council immediately.

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The Aesthetic of Music Sound


Overview: The Aesthetic of Music Sound is a corporation known for producing musical anomalies. It was founded by Adalric Medelstein, an Austrian musician; Medelstein's granddaughter is married to the grandson of the founder of Knowing Publishing. After establishing his company in the Austrian market, Medelstein used his profits to expand globally, first into Thailand. The Aesthetic of Music Sound's headquarters or bases of operations, in Thailand or in other countries, have not been located. Medelstein has also founded a music school, the Music Foundation of Aesthetic, which teaches anomalous musical techniques and encourages students to use these techniques in public performances and competitions. Individuals associated with the Aesthetic of Music Sounds have demonstrated immunity to musical and auditory anomalies.

The exact number of anomalies in the possession of the Aesthetic of Music Sound is unknown. The only object created by the Aesthetic of Music Sound currently in Foundation possession is SCP-030-TH, recovered from the [REDACTED] concert.

The Aesthetic of Music Sound declared their opposition to the Foundation after the Foundation contained an anomaly they created; they generally act with hostility to any groups that seize anomalies over which they claim ownership. The Aesthetic of Music Sound occasionally attempts to reclaim anomalies in Foundation containment that they have created or previously owned. The Aesthetic of Music Sound generally allows individuals associated with Knowing Publishing to use their anomalies.

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Knowing Publishing


Overview: Very little is known about Knowing Publishing. It is presumably an anomalous publishing factory which creates and distributes both print and digital media. The Foundation knew the information from the relatives of the founder of the factory that the actual factory of Knowing Publishing is not located in this world but in the parallel world which is same as SCP-206-TH. It is called KP@PU-51. However, the relatives of the founder of the factory have their actual home and paper factory in Thailand and being non-anomaly.

No one knows that how the Publishing send anomalous objects into this world, but it is believed that it is possible to have the equipment which its ability is the same as SCP-206-TH and more effective than it. No one knows who publish the media. The media which are produced will have fake pseudonyms (and address), including names in the criticism pages of some books. They will produce the media as the customers’ order which are informed in the leaflets which are often found in the library or places where are for donating books by claiming that they are free. Media also will have more copies than the requested amount, and some of copies will be published or placed in the public by without people noticing.

According to found leaflet materials, they also produced the media at cost and their effects will be more effective than free materials.

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