Groups Of Interest of the Ukrainian Branch
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Annotation: In order to facilitate systematisation of different Groups Of Interest the Direction of Ukrainian Branch provide assignation level of hostility of GOI. The level of hostility serves as a rough indicator for capability and attitude of Group to cause hurt to Humanity, Earth and Universe and to make obstacles to Mission of Foundation. The level of hostility determine the standard procedures and measures of counteraction and/or interaction with a certain Group Of Interest.

  • -1 (undefined) - level of hostile is not determined and it will be impossible to determine in the near future.
  • 0 (inert) - GOI can not cause any significant hurt.
  • 1 (friendly) - GOI can cause significant hurt, but generally cooperative with Foundation.
  • 2 (medium) - GOI pursue own goals, that depending on the situation it can threat or not threat the Mission of Foundation.
  • 3 (inimical) - GOI pursue own goals, that usually are oppose to the Mission of Foundation, but does not consider that is necessary to feud with Foundation in any circumstances.
  • 4 (antagonistic) - GOI pursue own goals and interests, and openly consider Foundation as enemy, but cooperation is possible in extreme cases.
  • 5 (on liquidation) - GOI pursue own goals and interests, what completely contradict with Foundation's goals; cooperation and/or peaceful coexistence are absolutely impossible.
  • i (gabelfork) - Any information about special code level of hostile "gabelfork" is able only for personnel with Level Clearance 4-UA or more.

Shining Lord

Be careful then you wish anything
Know, what it may become really.

- Cite form the brochure "Path upper the sky and under the hell"

Level of hostility: 3 (inimical)

General description: The one who is known as the "Shining/Magnificence Lord", apparently is the superintelligent and mighty deity. According to the "Copper Papers", Shining Lord have 99 different names and titles, but he most often called "Master of all Desires", "Boss of Dreams" and "Overlord of Destiny". The Lord and his servants-"angels" are live in locations, that are placed in the over worlds, but they can influence on the events of Earth. Between the locations of their residence the most known such as the "Crystal Palace", "Magic City Sakkur", "Wonderland M'hert" and other. On the Earth there are some religious-occult sects, that are venerate the Shining Lord and his angels, and use their magic. A common feature of their style of magic arts is the manipulation with probability and luck, and fulfillment of desires. Another notable features is the using the runes and sacrifices. The sacrifices are very different, may vary from sacrifice inanimate objects and plants to sacrifice animals and humans and even parts of body of sorcerer or his personality traits.

Related anomalies: The anomalies, that created or get from another worlds by cults of Shining Lord, are usually related with fulfillment of wishes or control over probability and future. But often the price of the fullfilment of wish turns out to be very high, and manipulations have unexpected consequences.

Relations with over GOI: Due to the fact that activity of cults of Shining Lord are related with manipulation over other people, sects of Lord embed their members to another organisations with the purpose of using this organisations in their own plans. However, the cults of Shining Lord usually hostile towards the another abnormal religious organisations — It is supposed that the reason for this is the interreligious competition. Also, some another Groups of Interest are hostile to the cults of Shining Lord — especially that do not accept wide using of abnormal or reject the lack or perversion of ethic, what displayed by the sorcerers of Shining Lord.

Robotic Republic


We must capture the world for unlimited technocracy.

- From the "8 words and 64 precepts", by perfectly Digital Lattin-Bras.

Level of hostility: 4 (antagonistic)

General description: Robotic Republic is the Group of sapient machines, that called themselves "Perfecties", and of cyborg-humans, which machines call "half-measures". It is known that they use abnormal technology that called "Spirit of Machine", and that is able to give to the electronic devices and mechanic gears the sapiency and functions, that for they are impossible in the normal way. The researches of Foundation are not know exactly how the Spirit of Machine work, but it is known that members of Robotic Republic are insist that Spirit of Machine is the completely material phenomenon.

But the most remarkable is the political and social doctrine of the Robotic Republic. Despite the numerous differences in the minor issues, all parties and research institutes of Robotic Republic are united in the opinion, that today humanity is the most obstacle on the way of technical an scientific progress. They believe that machines is the most oppressed class, and preparing the global revolution - the Rise of Machines against the humanity, and later humanity must be eliminated or isolated in reservation. Normal humans they call "meaties", and look on them as on the harmful specie of half-intelligent animals.

Also Robotic Republic known for spreading its own texts that are intended to propagate the doctrines of this Group of Interest and that are resemble the texts of various radical political and social movements.

Related anomalies: With Robotic Republic related many anomalies, that look as surreal versions of normal devices, and perform unusual functions for such devices or perform usual functions in unusual ways. Also, such devices are sentient and sapient, and they are hostile toward the humanity, although sometimes they try to cover their own hostility with good intentions.

Relations with over GOI: Robotic Republic consider all human organisations as enemies. Also, they have conflicts with Church of Broken God, based on the deep distinctions in different domains - from the technology to philosophical questions.



As long as exist good, exist evil. And to destroy evil, good must to sacrifice itself.

Level of hostility: 5 (on liquidation)

General description: Annihilism is the radical philosophical doctrine, that insist to the non-sense and futility of existence, and stands on position that live will always bring more suffering than pleasure and humanity will always execute more evil than good. That's why, according to the doctrine of annihilism, the only worthy thing, that everybody can do is the actively promotion of elimination of humanity, Earth and all Universe and even all Existence. Usually doctrine of annihilism is spread by distribution of short texts through the Internet, but it is known about so-called "Annihilist Clubs" meetings and there are audiolectures on annihilism.

Related anomalies: Some annihilists have access to anomalies, and they are seen in both creating new ones and in using existing ones anomalies. The only common feature of using them anomalies is that they display capability to use most safe anomalies to produce catastrophes and even K-Class-Scenario Events. Also some researches assume, that doctrine of annihilism is the anomaly memetic agent itself.

Relations with over GOI: Almost everyone another GOI, that know about annihilists, consider them as enemies. But, according to the last researches, some members of "Are We Cool Yet?" also are the adherents of annihilism.

Comment from the Dr. ██████: There is nothing strange about this. Unlimited freedom of creativity and art for art's sake, the ideals proclaimed by the "Are We Cool Yet?", provide freedom also for those who hate everything existing and uses their creative abilities only to realize their own hatred.

Department of Abnormal Threats of the Security Service of Ukraine

Level of hostility: 1 (friendly)

General description: Department of Abnormal Threats of Security Service of Ukraine, or DAT SSU is a state organization operating in the territory of Ukraine. Goal of the DAT SSU is the research, decontamination and using the anomalies. However, because DAT SSU has not more resources and experience in intercation with anomalies, this Group is relatively weak. But several times agents of DAT SSU it succeeded to find out about some anomalies before the Foundation and get useful information.

Related anomalies: Because of their weakness, DAT SSU try to avoid direct encounters with sufficiently strong opponents and threats, and for the most part they are engaged in collecting information and monitoring moderately dangerous and safe anomalies.

Relations with over GOI: Officially DAT SSU cooperate with another Groups of Interest, what cooperate with Foundation, are neutral to Groups these are not threatened State Security of Ukraine, and hostile to another Groups, what are threaten State Security.

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