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Groups of Interest-ZH

File Overview: The groups listed in the following, in contrast to other Groups of Interest, mostly communicates exclusively in Traditional Chinese. In addition, their presence and activities are reported mainly in ethnic Chinese society. The Foundation ZH branch is therefore specifically assigned task dealing with them.

Fan-guang (繁廣) Chemical

Overview: Fan-guang Chemical has sold a variety of raw materials related with petrochemical industry and chemical addictive. Selling points of the material are the higher effectiveness or lower cost, but other features of the material tend to pose threat to the users. The areas of influence are restricted to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Malaysia, where Traditional Chinese is employed. Initial investigation indicates that the cooperation utilizes anomalous objects to produce and sell the items that are similar to certain raw materials. Item descriptions solely concluded that materials sold by the cooperation themselves are, compared to like products on the market, more efficient and the customers could gain the same results or atypical increase in the yield with less material consumption to lower the cost.

The cooperation only provides material at the amount that merely viable to single production in each order, and it cuts off communication with each processor after the transaction completed. Attempts to gather carnet and documents about the material transportation and freight are failed, and so is the attempts to capture salesmen of the cooperation. Interrogation of warehouseman of each processor confirmed that they had received memory manipulation. It is suggested that the cooperation is using the market to examine properties of its raw materials, while the real goal remains under investigation.

There is a consistent feature in specifications sent by the cooperation to vendors. All contents in the documents are written in Traditional Chinese, including even numerals and technical terms.

Recovering the items produced by Fan-guang Chemical are often faced with lack of direct evidence or failure of pseudo-judicial means, resulting in monopolistic purchase becoming the common measure. When the item goes into retail market, buying everything on the shelves with cash is even a usual practice, leading the finance of ZH branch into regular deficit.

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Mu Yi (木易) Private Library And Museum


Overview: Mu Yi is a private library and museum set up in 1994. Its collections are mainly anomalous antiques and books. It does not open to the outside world. Each time of visit or checking books requires appointment.

It was discovered by the Foundation during ██ event in 1978, and there has been relationship between the two organizations since then. With the Foundation's assistance, Mu Yi Private Library And Museum has set up a branch in Hong Kong. In return, Mu Yi Private Library And Museum purchases and gathers anomalous collection to, in favor of the Foundation, block the items from being transferred everywhere. In addition, the group currently cooperates with the Foundation's Department of Archaeology in research study on the history and excavation relating to anomalies.

Currently, The Contract of Manuscript summarized that the group should be supervised by MTF-"Usher to the Court"1 -8 (Guard of Museum). The group are allowed to keep Safe class anomalies they had owned, and the Foundation is allowed to conduct experiments on its collections if the application is made two or three months in advance. The Contrast of Manuscript may be adjusted anytime as a response to any gray area or based on the Foundation's new policy.

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The 8th Department of National Security Bureau, R. O. C.


Overview: Not until recently has existence of this extraordinarily insidious organization been confirmed. It is considered a former governmental organization once annihilated by the Global Occult Coalition and MI666 during the Cold War.

It is believed that the organization occupies anomalous areas in parallel universes and different dimensions (Nexus) for private commercial purpose, developing an unnegligible scale through colonization of Nexuses and enslavement of a large number of native inhabitants there.

The military force of the organization is considered to be highly threatening. In addition to actively tracing the GOC agents as assassination targets, it is also believed to be associated with other groups of interest, including the Serpent's Hand and Ambrose Restaurant, and to recruit substantial reality benders and thaumaturgists into its ranks to the enhance combat effectiveness.

It is extremely hostile to the Global Occult Coalition (GOC).

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The Laundry Department


Overview: The Camellia Laundry, Phantasm Orchid (hereafter called the Camellia) has signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Foundation. It franchises the Foundation with anomalous washing technology and materials, and the Foundation ZH branch utilizes it not only to meet the increasing and complicated needs of soiled clothes processing but to provide private laundry service as an extra monetization method. The Foundation ZH branch applies the Camellia's laundry barcode tag system and the database in data integration. In addition, there are recruitment of personnel involved in the laundry service, and related task forces has been established.

The Camellia is mainly a subcontractor delivering the service of "Clean, Restoration, Maintenance". As long as a customer views a subject as "clothes or accessories", the Camellia will try its best to provide the service as mentioned above.

It is known that the Camellia is in partnership with other groups of interest, and there are service outlets of the Camellia in several anomalous regions. However, its scope of business is mainly focused on laundry service in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau; the rest of the world is covered by other branch companies. The headquarter of the Camellia, the Phantasm Orchid Group runs laundry industry. There are intelligence suggesting that the predecessor of the Phantasm Orchid Group is associations of laundry industry across the world. To date, there are no conclusive information about the internal aspect of the Phantasm Orchid Group.

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Zero Team, Royal Hong Kong Police

Overview: Zero Team, Royal Hong Kong Police, formerly known as Zero Team, Colonial Police Force, was founded in 1934. It was directly under the command of MI666 (Royal Occult Service), and mainly responsible for handling anomalous events in British Hong Kong, being a major security force in some anomalous areas in Hong Kong.

The group had each of its members to receive prototype memory consolidation agent injections and was allowed to use paratechnology and/or anomalous humanoid entities to perform tasks in order to crack down on local anomalous criminal more effectively. At the same time, it was responsible for information screening and blockade on anomalous events in British Hong Kong.

As the sovereignty over Hong Kong was transferred to the People's Republic of China, Zero Team was officially reorganized on Jul 1st,1997. Most of the anomalies that it possessed were taken over by the GOC and MI666.

The reorganized Zero Team was renamed "Cha Ling Police Station". It is currently in charge of security in New Cha Ling, an anomalous constituency in Hong Kong. It also assists in solving a part of daily life problems of the inhabitants while it continues to contain some low-threat-level anomalies acquired during British colonial period and confidential documents of its predecessor.

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Tsar's Seers


Overview: Tsar's Seers (Царская провидца), or simply called the Seers, was established in 1480 and had the name and mission changed several times over the six hundred years. Currently, the group's major mission is to collect the anomalies originated in Russia or should belong to Tsar's treasure.

Historically, the group was disbanded in 1920 and the members started to act secretly within a variety of organizations. Most of the members can be called, with the modern term, Type Blue, and their ability are ranked into different levels. Individual of the Seers are harmless under most conditions. They even make great contribution to groups where they have inserted themselves. The exception is that they view GRU Division "P" as the major enemy.

The Seers are seeking the above mentioned objects. It is possible for them to conduct research on or even utilize these objects. They even create anomalous items themselves. They believe that everything created are somehow useful. It is generally a group not to be neglected as over half of the members are Type Blues.

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Bell Thrower


Overview: Bell Thrower is an anomalous organization mainly operating in 47th parallel universe. Bell Thrower are mainly constituted of a humanoid species which is called "Honored Human" and their mission is to ensure the human rights and living space of Honored Human.

The organization is highly differentiated. Among them is Bell Throwing Hands Consortium familiar with developing and producing anomalous products. The Consortium earn profits and rare materials for the total development. Generally, their products have clear purpose and good stability, and might be allowed to be transferred to or from the Foundation Sites.

As the conflict burst will possibly bring about severe aftermath such as SK Class : Dominance Shift Scenario, the Foundation treat Bell Thrower agents friendly according to protocols while remain cautious.

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Cobweb International


Overview: Cobweb International is a paranormal private military company founded in 1995, Macau. The business was started by a former Serpent's Hand and a retired GOC personnel, Ms. Valentina de Oliveira Martins. The company undertake various safeguard contracts and get prosper in the following twenty years. It receives contracts from Arab world, America and Three Portland.

Cobweb International, as a primary military company (PMC), usually do not directly participate in attack or defense in a battle. Its jobs mainly include local safeguard, safeguard for motorcade or fleet as well as some paranormal military training service, and rarely rescue important individuals. It often cooperates with various NGO such as Manna Charitable Foundation. As the company employs a lot of anomalous human, it grows up to a paranormal force which the Foundation is to be careful of. Despite the fact of being PMC, they also accept request from non-war areas, serving as an safeguard company then.

Cobweb International seems not to care about the veil being remained or not. It do not spare any anomalies that it can control and will utilize them in missions. It also actively recruits various paranormal employees. Such attitude makes the relationship between it and the Foundation as well as the GOC highly strained. However, it does not mean that it will never cooperate with the above mentioned two organizations.

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