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Antares Society for the Renewal of the Human Spirit


Overview: Group of Interest discovered by the Hispanic branch of the Foundation, the Antares Society is an organization of similar characteristics to Masonry dedicated to esotericism and the study of the occult. Founded in 1953 by Claudine Oparin, this secret society believes in the existence of the "Great Masters", intelligences or entities alien to this physical plane that seek to "guide" humanity to a new "Golden Age", described as a world where war, poverty, prejudices of all kinds will disappear and full equality between men will be achieved. The AS considers certain SCPs to be means of contact with these "greater intelligences", such as SCP-ES-011 and SCP-ES-051. The AS seeks to acquire these SCPs through various methods, either monetary (buying them), or using more aggressive means, such as theft, kidnapping or extortion.

Its members come from all social strata, professions, and nationalities, but they have in common a certain level of education, interest in mysticism and a clear disagreement with the current world situation.

The Antares Society maintains good relations with the Chaos Insurgency and with Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd., trading various SCPs among them, has tense relations with the Church of the Broken God, and an openly aggressive stance towards the Foundation. (refer to Incident AS-L65235). There is no knowledge of the nature of their interactions with other GoI.

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