Groups of Interest of the Lusophone Foundation


The Foundation is not the only organisation in the world with interest, and investments in the paranormal, and the metaphysical. There are several other groups that possess, use, and develop paratechnologia for myriad reasons.

The following archives document some of the most prominent Groups of Interest that act especially in Lusophone territories.

The Brazilian Superintendence of the Paranormal

~ BSP ~

Status: Deactivated.

Description: The Brazilian Superintendence of the Paranormal is a military intelligence governmental institution related to the study of anomalies in the Brazilian territory. Founded during the Brazilian Military Government, and annexed to the Lusophone Foundation in 1992.

The Superintendence remained as a relevant secret of state during that period, acting as the main institution associated with the anomalous in detriment of the Foundation, interrupting major operations of the organisation until the end of the regime.

Type: Scientific-Militar. Technocratic.

Organisation: Similar to the Foundation. A General Administrative Director commands Facility Directors that in turn command Department Directors; a Commander commands the military forces, following an ordinary military structure.

Attitude towards the Foundation: The BSP was a concurrent endorsed by the Brazilian government to compete directly with the Foundation.



The Scientific Academy of the Anomalous

~ SAA ~

Status: Deactivated.

Description: The Scientific Academy of the Anomalous is a scientific-research institution associated with the anomalous scenario in territories governed by Portugal; formerly known as the Royal Portuguese Institution for the Paranormal, it was restructured during the Estado Novo government of Salazar for the development of paratechnology.

Additionally, the installations served as educational centres to train new researchers in schools of thought associated with the knowledge of the anomalous like polytechnical institutions.

It was merged with the Brazilian subsidiary of the Foundation in 1992, forming the Lusophone Foundation.

Type: Scientific-Educational. Technocratic.

Organisation: Similar to the Foundation. An Administrative Director commands Rectors, that in turn, command Department Heads.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Neutral. It wasn't a concurrent to the Foundation.



The Technothaumaturges

~ TTM ~

Status: Active.

Description: The Technothaumaturges are a society of individuals that utilize thaumaturgy in conjunction with technological implements associated with the schools of engineering for the creation of paratechnology. The technology developed is private, and destined only towards the members of the group of interest.

There is evidence that The Technothaumaturges have existed since the First Industrial Revolution.

Type: Scientific-Industrial. Technocratic.

Organisation: A superintendent Council that chooses an Operational Director to manage the activities of the organisation, that in turn, indicates Operational Managers for specific tasks.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Amicable. The Technothaumaturges have worked with the Foundation in the past.



The Order of the Tower and Valour

~ TOTV ~

Status: Active.

Description: The Order of the Tower and Valour is an agnostic military organisation that searches to amass a garrison of relics associated with religious cultures of non-anomalous, and anomalous theologies.

The internal functioning is based on a system known as the Code of Three Virtues: Respect, Tenacity, and Compassion. The members of this organisation possess lesser thaumaturgical abilities related to the use of an anomalous substance known by them as "Valour".

Type: Military. Meritocratic.

Organisation: A Grand-Master, and a Chancellor elected by a Council of Comendadores; these powers supervise the operations of the organisation.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Neutral. It possessed connections to the Royal Portuguese Academy of the Paranormal — precursor of the SAA — but these relations have been discontinued after the coalition of the Lusophone Foundation.



The Reliquary

~ TR ~

Status: Active.

Description: The Reliquary is a paramilitar organisation that collects anomalous objects with intent to utilise these anomalies to expand the global economic influence of their members through the aggregated value of these objects, and its possible employment. It is theorised that this group is associated with the organised crime.

Type: Indetermined; associations involve plutocracy, and meritocracy.

Organisation: Unkown.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Hostile.



The Hunting Club of Fauna and Flora

~ HCFF ~

Status: Active.

Description: The Hunting Club of Fauna and Flora is an eponymous association comprised by affluent and influent individuals that search entertainment through the sportive hunt of biological anomalous objects that present peculiar and/or periculous abilities.

Members of this organisation possess access to paratechnological weaponry but do not constitute high-level military power.

This organisation is hostile towards The Reliquary.

Type: Indetermined.

Organisation: Association similar to a Guild, with a Huntmaster elected by Associates. Meritocracy.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Neutral. The Foundation has worked with the HCFF in the past. Despite the ideological differences, the HCFF has never interrupted or exhibited hostility towards official operations of the Lusophone Foundation.



Anonymous Eyes, Ltd

~ AE ~

Status: Active.

Description: Anonymous Eyes is a private and secret espionage company that specializes in collecting information directly related to anomalies. Its only goals are the acquisition and selling of data to its contractors, such as reports, documents, credentials, softwares, blueprints of buildings, among other things. This company only cares about its profit, and the price for its services is calculated by the difficulty of acquiring the information and its confidentiality.

Despite what it does, AE does not acquire, hold or utilize anomalous items or phenomenoms in its operations. There is not enough data to project an exact number, but we know that AE holds a considerable quantity of clients all over the world, be them groups, churches, organisations and big corporations.

Type: Mercenary.

Organisation: It uses a system almost identical to that of a conventional limited company.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Mainly impartial, although hostile due to the nature of its works.



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