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The Lusophone Foundation isn't the only organisation which has interests, and investments in the anomalous world that exists throughout lusophone territories. There are several other organisations that actively interact with, and in this world; these organisations are designated as Groups of Interest1.

No organisation exists in a vacuum, especially so in the lusophone anomalous world. These organisations know, and interact with one another; be it individually, or collectively in accordance with their particular, or collective interests, and objectives

Because of that, the lusophone anomalous world is dominated by a type of cold war waged between these organisations, primarily intended to maintain the current status quo of an environment that is beneficial for their continued existence. Moreover, both the Lusophone Foundation, and these other organisations are extraordinarily interested in maintaining this situation, especially in regard to combating the influence of foreign organisations.

The following list compiles the Lusophone Foundation's Groups of Interest with the highest notoriety; other than these, there are many other groups of interest native to lusophone territories but that are not as notorious. Moreover, there also are groups of interest from foreign territories which may also operate in lusophone territories.


It is recommended that authors avoid creating Groups of Interest that are just a remix of the Foundation (e.g. a GoI that contains anomalies to investigate them, and protect the world) or that just remix the idea of an already-existent Lusophone GoI (e.g. an agency that collects information on, and investigates the anomalous) in order to avoid redundant groups, and materials that "exist only in a vacuum" because they do not interact organically with the remaining organisations.

This is merely a **recommendation*; feel free to create your very own Group of Interest related to the main canon, or an alternate canon. The most important characteristic to keep in mind for a GoI is that the material and resources related to it must have quality, and also provide opportunities for it to be developed.

Moreover, we advise authors to avoid utilising GoI simply en passant ("in passing"); e.g. merely citing that a GoI is maybe-perhaps-definitely-somewhat involved in the creation of a certain anomalous object just so you can insert that GoI's name in there instead of properly utilising its materials, and resources in the content you are writing; always be mindful to fully utilise the resources of a GoI.

The majority of the current Groups of Interest, with the exception of their basal, and foundational characteristics, can enable authors with great opportunities to contribute to their development. Feel free to write without fear about each, and every one of them, and, especially, to talk about your concepts, and ideas with the most-prolific authors behind each GoI.



Founded at the beginning of the Brazilian military government in 1964, this organisation, although characterised as a "Superintendence", which would designate it as a department of the Brazilian armed forces, operated de facto as an institution directly connected to the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces under the President of the Republic, a military officer designated as the Superintendent-General, as well as the organised support from the heads of the branches of the armed forces, and the police forces.

Officially, the BSP was simply viewed as an unsuccessful government project that was associated with attempts at uncovering some sort of nonexistent "occult". However, the BSP actually operated in an extraordinarily efficient manner, utilising the wide range of government resources at its disposal in order to develop, and apply paratechnologies for the betterment of that national Brazilian industry as well as solutions for the protection of the Brazilian territory against anomalous threats.

The BSP possessed its own installations across the Brazilian territory, as well as divisions inserted in the structures of the branches of the Armed Forces, and other government organs. In terms of human resources, the BSP was staffed by a polymathic body of officers with knowledge in anomalous, and non-anomalous sciences. Moreover, even with its own resources, the BSP had the privilege of being able to request access to resources from other branches of the Armed Forces.

Its activity began in 1964, and it operated until 1992; during this period, it actively suppressed the activities of any other groups of interest in the Brazilian territory, and operated as the organisation which truly protected the Brazilian territory from anomalous threats. It was officially dissolved in 1992 after a hostile takeover by the Lusophone Foundation. Due to certain activities, it is presumed that there still are some alienated individuals trying to restore the BSP somehow.

Tag: brazilian-superintendence



Founded somewhen before the 10th Century, the Academia was a multidisciplinary collegiate university focused on studying, teaching, researching & developing knowledge classified as "preternatural sciences" thence.

It operated internationally, especially in Europe, and in territories that were dominated, or influenced by Portugal. Its operations were aligned with the interests of its benefactors, and patrons such as private individuals, private and governmental organisations, and, especially so, the Portuguese government.

Resources were received via donations from its benefactors. These donations were quite variable, and encompassed financial aid, preternatural objects (and people), real estate and other such properties, contracts, etc., all of which were applied to the benefit of the Academia. Such resources were normally provided with some type of interest on behalf of the donor such as a polite request for the Academia to focus on, or start some line of development, or research.

Because of its structure as a collegiate, the Academia possessed a great number of institutions throughout the world, such as the renowned Imperial Conservatory (later renamed Republican Academy) which operated during the Brazilian Empire; and, a great number of institutional and freelance collaborators such as students, docents, researchers, etc.

The Academia developed several polymathic bodies of students, and docents throughout the world, and became an authority in the development of anomalous sciences, and paratechnology for several fields, including the military industry.

It possessed its own armed force organised in the format of a Gendarmerie which was even capable of pushing back Napoleonic forces during the invasion of Portugal. However, external affairs were mostly supported by armed forces provided by private individuals, companies, or governments.

Its influence began to decay during the Second World War due to the destruction of the European economy, and the generalised sociopolitical chaos in Portugal and around the world which allowed several other GoI to expand, and occupy the Academia's once-realised functions. It operated until 1992, when it completely merged with the Foundation to form the Lusophone Foundation.

Tag: academia


Founded somewhen during the 20th Century, the Reliquary is a paramilitary organisation with international assets, especially localised in lusophone territories; its operations encompass the acquisition, development, and utilisation of paratechnology in order to expand its affluence, and influence through the aggregate value, and the possible usage of these technologies in the economic market, and international politics.

Its annals reference a sophisticated paratechnological artefact; a computational device named "The Heap" was founded by a group of 5 individuals in the rural area of São Paulo. These individuals formed the Reliquary's first administrative board henceforth known as "The Circle"; they organised, and determined the Reliquary's modus operandi. Later, they'd exploit the circumstances of the First, and Second World Wars in order to exponentially expand the Reliquary's international operations.

It is hypothesised that The Heap is the real force behind the existence of the Reliquary, and that its true objective is the coalition of a global syndicate under its direct control, creating a hegemony in which it is the only organisation in the world with access to the anomalous in the world to further its agenda.

Notably, the Reliquary's operations are normally dissimulated through ludonarrative terms, or references to elements present in games. Due to the sheer size of its operations, it is inferred that only The Circle truly knows the real extension of the Reliquary's activities. Moreover, due to its structure, it is presumed that each, and every action is deliberate, planned, and systemic.

The Reliquary is involved in almost every economic sector available, especially in finances, industry, real estate, and logistics through front organisations. These fronts are utilised to conduct businesses with an extremely large portfolio of clients, and suppliers ranging from criminal organisations, businesses, governments, and even other groups of interests with stakes in the anomalous world.

Its production, and distribution methods are extremely innovative, and generally possess great applications and solutions through the usage of paratechnology. Additionally, the Reliquary possesses an extensive system of operatives that are employed for private security, espionage, and to conduct assassinations.

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Founded somewhen during 1920, the Hunting Club is an associative cooperative guild comprised of affluent, and influential individuals that promote the sportive hunting of entities that comprise the anomalous biosphere.

The sportive component comprises several modalities, including trophy-hunting, photography, fishing (especially fishing), etc.; the rules for the sport are quite simple: 1. it is strictly prohibited to maintain any anomalous entity captive. Regardless of the Club's activities, the organisation is not belligerent, and it focuses strictly on appreciating hunting as a sportive practice.

The Club's culture revolves around a phenomenon designated as "The Hunt"; it is a type of ineffable experience which every member of the organisation experiences before becoming an associate. There are controversies about whether this phenomenon actually exists, however, it has been observed that veteran members of the Club are capable of ignoring certain anomalous effects even without the support of paratechnological implements.

Although the Club possesses access to paratechnology, the usage of such objects is actively discouraged amongst the members. Associates collectively prefer to utilise ordinary technology such as hunting rifles, dynamite, traps, and other non-anomalous tactics in order to achieve their goals.

The Club elects a member as the Guild Master, nicknamed "Duke" or "Duchess" (currently a Duchess) in consideration for their administrative, and hunting abilities. Additionally, the Club possesses an extensive logistics network (with equipment, and real estate) to support the activities of its members, which are usually scattered throughout the world.

Since 1992, the Club has entered a cooperation agreement with the Lusophone Foundation establishing certain directives for the operations of the Club in lusophone territories, and strategically enabling mutual operations.

Due to certain conflicts, the Club is hostile towards the Reliquary.

Tag: hunting-club



Founded somewhen, Anonymous Eyes is a private corporation focused on intelligence, and corporate, industrial and personal espionage specialised in the anomalous world; its services and products (calculated in accordance with the difficulty of acquisition of, and the confidentiality of a certain artefact of information) basically comprises the acquisition for, and the sale of an artefact of information for a contractor. These artefacts range from documents, to credentials, software, and even hardware. It currently utilises a multinational data processing company as its shell.

It possesses a simple set of objectives: accumulating an obscene amount of wealth; expanding its archives, and databases; and developing its portfolio of clients, which include corporate, criminal, and governmental organisations that are actively connected to the anomalous world. It is hypothesised that it keeps a private database used for blackmail, as well as special operations to guarantee its continued existence, and safety.

Although it operates directly in the anomalous world, Anonymous Eyes has affirmed that it does not possesses, nor utilises anomalous items or phenomena in its operations. There is no available data to corroborate, or disprove such allegations.

Tag: anonymous-eyes


Founded during the Anno Mil, the Military Order of the Tower, and Valour was initially a monastic military order dedicated to the protection of the Christian faith, and the protection of Portugal's territory, and sovereignty. It was structured following the acquisition of a set of foundational artefacts denominated "The Crux of Christ", and manuscripts detailing a phenomenon denominated "Valour".

In 1450, the Order was completely decentralised due to a series of political conflicts; its members joined several other organisations, and its resources were partitioned amongst individuals, and garrisons throughout the world.

In 1910, the Order was officially restored, and restructured as the "Most Antique and Noble Hermetic Order of the Tower and Valour, of the Scientific, Literary, and Artistic Merits" as an organisation similar to the Continental Masonry with the goal of benefitting, developing, and promoting the merits of science, commerce, and the qualities of literary and artistic works produced in the lusophone world.

Members of the Order come from several backgrounds: academics, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, military officers, politicians, etc., historically only possessing a few hundred members divided in a honorific hierarchical structure, favouring quality over quantity amongst its members.

Externally, the Order was merely a philanthropic organisation that administered schools, galleries, hospitals, temples, etc. through partnerships with private individuals, and private and governmental organisations.

In reality, the Order secretly operates in the anomalous world, promoting the acquisition of artefacts, relics, and any other anomalous objects with a religious character that may be of interest to the curatorship of its extensive collections, and garrisons. It also promotes special curriculums in order to further the knowledge of its members on "matters hermetical".

Contemporarily, the Order appears to be monotheistic, sublimated into worshipping an aspect of "Valour" which appears to designate both the thaumaturgical abilities it concedes, and a specific figure of institutional interest, and worship.

The Order, however, only reveals its secrets to the members who have ascended to its highest hierarchical degrees; only the highest-ranking members know the true nature of their thaumaturgical abilities. Common members simply treat their thaumaturgical skills as a manifestation of their faith, and the capability to generate, vulgarly, "miracles".

Currently, the Order is headed by a Grand Master, and 3 Paladins (nicknamed Halberd (F), Aegis (M), and Hammer (M)); Paladin is the highest hierarchical degree currently achievable; it is only granted to individuals who are completely cognisant of the Order's secrets, and are capable of manifesting Valour with exceptional skill.

Paladins are the only members who actively, and deliberately engage in combat on the field. Although other members may possess martial aptitude and skill, and are even capable of manifesting Valour, they elect to utilise their affluence, and influence in order to achieve their goals, resorting to violence only in exceptional circumstances.

Reports indicate the existence of a group without formal connections with the contemporary Order, calling itself "The Brothers from the Fields", that has not recognised the dissolution of the Order back in 1450, and has not recognised the renovation of the Order in 1920.

Tag: order-of-the-tower


Founded somewhen during the 18th Century, the organisation contemporarily known as the Technothaumaturges is in reality, formed by several polymathic groups, and individuals versed in the usage of several thaumaturgical schools of thought, and systems, united in mutual solidarity to collaborate in projects of collective interest.

Notably, the Technothaumaturges appear to be a product of both the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution. Their cultural, and social dynamics focus on the continuous development of technologies related to thaumaturgical, and scientific fields for the betterment of products, and processes aimed at providing solutions to socio-economic and industrial problems.

These technologies are distributed amongst its members, and internal organisations; occasionally these products, and services are commercialised in the anomalous world to other groups of interest.

An expressive number of resources are decentralised across individual, or collective ateliers/workshops across the world.

However, it is hypothesised that the technology created by the Technothaumaturges is, in reality, completely non-anomalous; thaumaturgy, and other such anomalous implements only appear to be used, when in reality, the processes, and products developed by the organisation, and its members, are just that advanced, and sophisticated, and therefore just look like magic.

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