Groups of Interest of the Lusophone branch
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The Foundation is not the only organisation in the world with interest and investments in the paranormal and the metaphysical. There are several other groups that possess, use, and develop paratechnology, for myriad reasons.

The following records document some of the most prominent Groups of Interest that act primarily in Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) regions.

The Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal

~ BSP ~

Original Name: A Superintendência Brasileira do Paranormal (SBP)

Status: Deactivated since 1992.

Description: The Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal was a governmental military and intelligence agency founded by the Brazilian Military Government, that was extinct in 1992 during a catastrophic incident; its actives and passives transferred to the Lusophone Foundation after decades of veiled conflict between both organisations.

During the period in which the military government was still active in Brazil, the Superintendence acted in the country as the main institution associated with the interactive macro in the scenario of the anomalous in detriment of the Foundation (and other groups of interest) through political and military manoeuvres that hegemonised its presence in the territory.

The Superintendence studied, contained, destroyed, developed, and produced anomalies, greatly emphasizing the development of technology in Brazil, especially that of the military industry. Its administration subjected to the control of the Ministry of Defense, the President of the Republic, and the high echelons of the Brazilian military.

The Superintendence is a state-secret, therefore, only a small number of organisations and individuals possesses proof of its existence — some without even knowing what exactly the Superintendence was or did.

Type: Military; Scientific; Technocratic.

Organisation: A Superintendent appointed by the President and the Ministry of Defense managed the administrative operations of the organisation, defining department directors for the administration of sciences. Those directors coordinated groups of scientists in projects and research.

Groups possessed a project leader which reported directly to the department directors. The researches and projects were commissioned by relevant governmental/military figures or, in specific cases, requested by the scientists themselves.

A Commander appointed by the high echelon of the military forces was responsible for the management of military assets and the organisation of operations; the military structure of the Brazilian army and its elementarities were maintained and coordinated actively.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Hostile.

Tag: brazilian-superintendence

The Scientific Academy of the Anomalous

~ SAA ~

Original Name: A Academia Científica do Anômalo (ACA)

Status: Deactivated since 1992.

Description: The Scientific Academy of the Anomalous was an independent academical organisation that conducted scientific research associated with the paranormal in territories governed by, or targeted by the interest of Portugal.

The Academy has existed for centuries, succeeding two different Portuguese organisations related to the anomalous (one related to the Portuguese Crown, and the other related to Salazar's Estado Novo), and the University of Évora. The Academy has been restructured several times across the years, modernising itself to better fit the current epoch.

The Academy is an academic institution with multiple disciplines that comprise both the anomalous and the ordinary, in two different macros, functioning as a university in both contexts, and developing technology and knowledge for either.

In 1992 it merged with the Lusophone Foundation.

Type: Scientific; Academic; Technocratic.

Organisation: A Directorial Council organised the operations, appointing a Rector to preside and administrate the university. Professors were appointed as department directors, organising its research teams and functionaries.

The hierarchical organisation and its general functionalities mirror that of an ordinary academy.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Friendly.

Tag: scientific-academy

The Technothaumaturges

~ TT ~

Original Name: Os Tecnotaumaturgos (OTM)

Status: Active.

Description: The Technothaumaturges are a society comprised of individuals that utilise thaumaturgy in conjunct with other technological implements associated with modalities of engineering and other sciences in order to create paratechnology.

The created technology is, oftentimes, not available to the general public, being destined for inside use only.

There are indications that this organisation have existed since the First Industrial Revolution.

Type: Cientific; Industrial; Thaumaturgic; Technocratic.

Organisation: A superintendent council appoints an operational director to administrate operations and other activities, who is also responsible for appointing specific managers to lead and organise those.

Nevertheless, members may choose to work autonomously.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Friendly. The Technothaumaturges have worked with the Foundation in the past.

Tag: technothaumaturges

The Order of the Tower and Valour

~ TOTV ~

Original Name: A Ordem da Torre e do Valor (AOTV)

Status: Active.

Description: The Order of the Tower and Valour is an academic and military organization that seeks to amass a garrison of relics related to religious cults and culture, from both natural theologies and anomalous ones.

Its political, social, and cultural structure is deeply ingrained in the historical roots of the Portuguese Templar Orders.

An idiosyncratic element in this organisation is the Code of the Three Virtues: Respect, Tenacity, and Compassion, that is intrinsically associated with their lifestyle and their thaumaturgical abilities related to the use of the anomalous substance denominated "Valour".

The members of this organisation vary: academics, military, philanthropists, politics, and many others. The quality each member brings to the table is more prized than anything else.

Type: Military; academic; religious.

Organisation: A Grand-Master and a Chancellor are elected by a Council of Comendadores; these powers supervise and manage the organisation's operations. Members are promoted in degrees and ranks, defining their hierarchical powers and functions.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Neutral.

Tag: the-order

The Reliquary

~ TR ~

Original Name: O Relicário (OR)

Status: Active.

Description: The Reliquary is a paramilitary organisation that collects anomalous objects in order to utilise them to expand the political and economic influence of its members, either through the objects's aggregated value or by their possible uses. Involved with highly-organised international crime.

Type: Indetermined.

Organisation: Unknown.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Hostile.

Tag: the-reliquary

The Hunting Club of the Fauna and the Flora


Original Name: O Clube de Caça da Fauna e Flora (CCFF)

Status: Active.

Description The Hunting Club of the Fauna and the Flora is an association of affluent and influent individuals that seek entertainment through the sportive hunting of biological anomalous objects possessing peculiar or periculous abilities.

Members of this association have access to military paratechnology but do not have the numbers nor highly-destructive assets.

Declared enemies of The Reliquary.

Type: Indetermined.

Organisation: Association similar to a Guild, with an elected Huntmaster and Associates. Meritocratic.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Neutral. The Foundation and the HCFF have worked together in the past. Despite ideological differences, the HCFF has never interrupted or been hostile to the official operations of the Lusophone Foundation.

Tag: hunting-club

Original Name: Olhos Anônimos Ltda (OA)

Status: Active.

Description: Anonymous Eyes is a private and secret espionage company that specializes in collecting information directly related to anomalies. Its only goals are the acquisition and selling of data to its contractors, such as reports, documents, credentials, softwares, blueprints of buildings, among other things. This company only cares about its profit, and the price for its services is calculated by the difficulty of acquiring the information and its confidentiality.

Despite what it does, AE does not acquire, hold or utilize anomalous items or phenomena in its operations. There is not enough data to project an exact number, but we know that AE holds a considerable quantity of clients all over the world, be them groups, churches, organisations and big corporations.

Type: Mercenary.

Organisation: It uses a system almost identical to that of a conventional limited company.

Attitude towards the Foundation: Mainly impartial, although hostile due to the nature of its works.

Tag: anonymous-eyes

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