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Green Sparrow Foundation

Yesterday the Gods didn't make us losing.
Today nothing can stop us Growing.
Tomorrow the world won’t forget us saying Good morning.

The predecessor of the Green Sparrow Foundation, the "Green Eternal" environmental protection organization, was established in Western Europe in 1901. Its initial members were mainly radical supporters of environmentalism. Later, they learned about the existence of supernatural things through various channels, and the organization expanded rapidly.

Some of them are biogenetic engineers, some are soldiers, and some are good at investing in wealth accumulation.

It wasn't until the formation of the National Socialist German Workers' Party that they thought the opportunity had come. They tried to support the German Empire, to make the world limited by iron laws, to make all extravagance and waste disappear, so that every old person, sick person, poor person, and inferior person can be a sustainable self for the whole. sacrifice.

"Population must be controlled and resources must be restrained, so that the world can be sustainable."

Everything was as they had imagined, the smoke of the war seemed to be getting stronger and stronger, and finally broke out.

Their members bewitched the top of the Nazis, various concentration camps were established one after another, and ethnic groups such as genetically ill, homosexual, and congenitally handicapped also entered. Their dreams began to take off, but…

They failed, and they failed utterly.

"The rule-making power is no longer ours, today, tomorrow." That day, leader Lone delivered his last speech in office. "In the eyes of the government, we will not be a respected world organization, nor will we be an angel sent by God to the world in the eyes of the people, but we cannot give up. The throne of the forest has been ascended by tigers, so let us hide in the branches and leaves Between the shadows, become green sparrows, defending the opposite of light for mankind."

Lone and "Green Eternal" ended, but the Green Sparrow Foundation, came on.

After a series of reorganizations, the Green Sparrow Foundation said goodbye to the policy of the eternal green era, no longer relying on the government, and became self-reliant. They abandoned the scope of their past activities and came to Florida, the United States, to establish a new headquarters and start over.

The main purpose of the Green Sparrow Foundation is to control the population and make the world sustainable, so they strongly support euthanasia and retention of the death penalty, and their current main policy is to make people highly aggressive or difficult to be attacked. Detect, control biological anomalies, and use them to attack large cities or densely populated villages.

Although the Green Sparrow Foundation originated in the United States, the area attacked by the terrorist organization is mainly located in China, the world's most populous country in East Asia, which may be partly due to racial discrimination and its huge population.

Most of the Green Sparrow Foundation's resources and sites are located in East Asia, and its leadership, members of the "Nest Builders Council", almost all remain in the United States, directing all Green Sparrow Foundation operations across the Pacific Ocean. The Green Sparrow Foundation launched its first terrorist attack in 2014, and the savings they had spent decades preparing for finally exploded. However, not long ago, they also realized the price they must pay if they want to mix in this field.

Their first successfully bred adult bird lost control and caused a large number of casualties, which let them know that what they were playing with was a double-edged sword.

Before they sent their "cards" to the entire paranormal realm, they thought they were only hindered by the world's "leaders" - governments, the GOC established, but they soon discovered that the enemy was not alone.

They learned of the existence of the SCP Foundation and discovered more and more fellow organizations.

They are like terrorists abandoned by the international community, isolated in the center of these abnormal organizations, but their arrogance makes them ignore how dangerous their situation is, and some trump cards in their hands make them believe that they are invincible.

On 2016/12/15, Green Sparrow Foundation's most advanced and largest laboratory No. 4 was attacked by the SCP Foundation and fell. They swore that they would return double the damage to the Foundation, ** However, a bigger storm was brewing within them…**[[/size ]]

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