Photography Day
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Notice on the Message Board

This message board was set up by the formal Foundation researcher Logan. Any instance image of 001's guide effect can be send here. Please make sure the image is clear. Researches have proven that the guide effect will not cause any anticipative hazzard in 24 hours, and this board is also saved for timekeeping. It will be shut down in 24 hours.

P.S. Research materials are not needed on the board. They are meaningless and ruins the artistic flavour of this page. If you insist on doing so, please send it to the email address of Site-5. Please cherish the beauty of this moment, all.

Commander Anand posts:


Guide effect vertificated. 23:57

Anand: I hope you don't get too pessimistic about this everyone. Research in Site-5 has not ended. No one knows the results yet.

Infas:But flowers have come into blossom, haven't they?

Logan posts:


Shot on the path towards the nearest site. Find me at Site-32. 21:35

Ari posts:


A casual shot. Doesn't seem real. 20:51

D-0846 posts:


Shot at the exit of Site-5. I actually don't very much want to leave. 19:05

Ari: You can wander round in the city. Take some food; come back before dawn. It's OK. You don't need the code name now.

D-0846: Thanks. I will.

Tiriss posts:


Shot above the city streets. 16:51

Anand: Coverage is getting larger.

Tiriss: Yes. I've submitted the data.

Lily posts:


The light. So beautiful. 13:35

SilverIce: I gotta upvote this.

Domain: This is neat.

Tanhony posts:


Shot on top of the World Trade Centre. I didn't accompany them I don't wanna die… 10:03

Clef posts:


Nice angle. 7:17

Bright posts:


What lame shooting skills you all got. 5:48

Bright: Find me at Site-1. Beeeeest party ever here.

Etinjat: Hard to believe founding members of the Foundation should be this negative.

DouglasLiu: We didn't abandon Hope. Hope abandoned us.

Gears posts:


I'm on the way to Site-5. Anyone remaining there? 3:28

Jackie J Li posts:


I'm horrified… 1:15

Scantron: If you can see this and haven't decided to die, come to Site-19 immediately.


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