I want my gun. Change back!
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I am Lin Yun, an agent stationed to Western China by the Global Occult Coalition. According to the agreement between the Coalition and the Chinese government, my duty is to act alone in the border areas of China, investigate and intercept anomalous threats that may enter the country from Central Asia, or help the professionals of the authorities to deal with local anomalous threats. When I saw the instructions given to me, the duty sounded great and attractive, but when I arrived here, I found it was not.

Most of the provinces in Western China are sparsely populated, with sparse vegetation and little precipitation, which I never understood in my school days. However, when I arrived at my site, I understood why people here huddle in big cities while there are few in the wilds.

The morning here is freezing, but the scorching sun at noon can make the team members in an attack vehicle roasted. We once joined with the Foundation and Bureau No. 191 to track an anomalous entity. When we were on the way back, two intact orange suits was thrown, and the driver was dragged out, dizzy with heat, and fell upside down in the sand.

The network here is so bad that the mobile signal outside of the cities and towns can make someone blow a fuse. The networking progress bar of the Coalition's working software stops and goes, at a loading speed as low as a turtle. In the long journey, what I can do is to stare blankly, think about something to enjoy myself, and even talk to myself when driving. Those who know me know I'm a GOC employee, while those who don't think I'm an idiot who does something for nothing.

The supply of water and fresh vegetables is just a drop in the bucket. Area-CN-42 of the Foundation sometimes offers our site some supplies, and the staff on standby in the cities don't have to worry about their supplies, but I'm a scout, who patrol outside the site and have to spend a night in the desert from time to time. The closest things to fresh fruit and vegetables that I can reach are either dehydrated vegetable packages or canned fruit in ration. Before I came here, I never believed that I would miss a dish of fried vegetables or worry about whether I should open a bottle of pure water.

Some people like the sandstorms and the wilds beyond the Great Wall, but I'm not included since I'm tired of it. The temperature of the wilds at night itches to drop below zero, where hands without gloves are frozen like hard ice. The night wind rolls up like a bone-scraping steel knife and passes above the sand, carring along disturbing whinnies. During these nights, I always sit by the campfire with a gun in my arms, disassemble the gun and do some maintenance in the firelight.

Every night here, I missed my hometown, for the warm climate there, and the green mountains there, laughing at myself for not being able to be favoured by a girl. I signed to the gun, with words torn up in the wind. There are seven billion people in the world, but no one listened to my words. It is said that weapons are the second life of soldiers. Here she is my companion. She listens to my whispers and protects my body, just as my girl gives me warmth, just as my guard stands by my hand.

That's my job. I wander in a sparsely populated strange land with weapons, gain 1200000% strength to deal with an anomaly, count the minutes and hoped to return to the site for rest, waiting for one day to be transferred or killed on the Gobi desert.

I will lend a helping hand to every stranded traveler. After all, we are all foreign here. Strictly speaking, I am a kind-hearted and talkative driver. In a short chat, I still seem to be an civilian in front of the Veil. When I do this, I feel good, light-hearted, like chatting with my neighbors, until I get back in the car and remember that the pistol is still hanging on my waist.

I am Lin Yun, a common GOC employee, who boringly do what is thought great. I'm not a bookburner who wants to blow something out, but common flesh and blood. I have no more stories beside this.

4█ Kilometers Away in Direction 191.4 from ███ City, Xinjiang, 2020-4-1, Clear Weather

2:41 p.m.

On an ordinary day, I ordinarily finished my routine report. The climate of the Gobi desert is not suitable for activities at noon, so I had learned to find a place to save energy at noon, upload the routine report to the site server, and then set off for the journey in the afternoon or evening. Although it was not midsummer yet, the sun in the sky was bright enough to dazzle me. I continued to drive for several kilometers, found a shady place, put up the protective net in the trunk, and was going to take a nap to clear off the fatigue of continuous driving.

Before sleep, I took out the gun, disassembled the magazine and barrel, carefully wiped the barrel, and removed the sand that was rolled into the gun. The QBZ-95-1's reliability is really good, but I still often maintain it just because there is nothing else to do.

"When will such days end?" I complained in a low voice when doing maintenance, "I have neither a girlfriend nor a fortune, stay in the Gobi Desert every day, and dice with death to deal with anomalies almost every day. I'm really homesick. My goodness, when will it end!"

I'd been here for over two years, and even the border guards had changed. But I was still not going to be transferred and was still a lone wolf. The basic investigators of Bureau No. 19 and the Foundation are at least two-man teams, but for some reason our reconnaissance team usually consists of only one person and one gun.

"My goodness I can't stand it… " I muttered to myself.

Only the strong wind on the Gobi Desert replied to me. I leaned against the car to prevent the sand from being rolled into the gun.

"████" I seemed to hear something in the wind, which sounded like someone's talking.

After my work, I strained my ears and carefully looked for the sound source… My nerves tightened. I put down my tools and slowly lifted the corner of my coat. I felt the solidity and coldness of the QSZ-92.

My gaze swept across the boundless Gobi in vain.

My EVE indicator showed no unusual fluctuation. I held it and scanned things around, and the needle always pointed to 0.1. There is a small defect in my indicator. The needle that is supposed to point to the baseline value points to a little higher number. I checked it several times but failed to find out why. Since it does not affect its function, I don't feel like changing it or even correcting it. A correction requires calibration in the EVE particle shielding room for security. I once had it corrected before but it went wrong again. I didn't think too much since it doesn't affect its function and the indicator is really handy.

"Come on, it's just nervousness."

Such things often happened since I came here to patrol with my rifle. Anyway, it was just the nervousness caused by the desolate Gobi desert. I shook my head with ridicule, assembled my gun, put it in my arms and slept.

In a trance, I saw the streets and alleys in my childhood. In a remote small county town in South China, spring was as mild as usual. The old man selling glutinous rice cakes was pushing his cart along the road. The craftsman with a shoulder pole was walking and knocking on something I couldn't see. What he sold seemed to be maltose. The smell of grass and trees was looming in the wind. Elderly people shouted what was probably words learned from a model play - mó jiǎnzi lei qiāng càidāo2.

I looked down and saw my own combat uniform, standing in the street, feeling alien to here. Without my knife and gun around me, I calmed down, walked here, and recalled the time of my hometown.

Memories led me through the alleys. There was no stream of people at the gate of the demolished primary school. I remembered the white tower pulled down in the community square, and the artificial fish pond under the tower was still there with shiny ripples on it. I saw a white figure flash, gentle and graceful, with black hair spread to her waist. Should I catch up? Or see my hometown in this dream?

I saw her in the dead end, who was tall and straight, with a white dress and black soft hair flowed to her waist. Her eyes twinkled with vagueness. She looked like a fairy.

I hesitated and didn't know how to start, and then she opened her red lips.

"Lin Yun, I've been loving you for a long time. Pardon my asking," the maiden said with a blush, "could you go out with me?"

I was even more puzzled. The scenery around me collapsed, the buildings collapsed and the white tower collapsed. I didn't have time to think about a reply before feeling myself falling from the sky.

When I could see again, I saw only the residual light of the sun in the sky. Under the curtain of night gradually setting, there were only a few stars like sand.

"Oh no, I overslept." I threw the dream out of my memory and hurried to get up. It couldn't be worse if I overslept. Even if I wasn't awakened by the cold in the Gobi night, I still have to continue with my journey!

I jumped up in a hurry, but saw a figure sitting in the front of my car.

I subconsciously wanted to check my rifle… but I found that the rifle I should have held in my arms was missing.

"Who.. who are you?" I snapped, looking for shelter to hide. I put my hand on the handle of the pistol, controlling my nervousness.

"My partner… you don't recognize me?" The figure stood up, with the voice of the maiden in my dream. She was illuminated by the last light of the sun, which was almost under the horizon. She looked exactly the same as her "I've already shown you my love…"

"Who are you!" I had countless possibilities flashed through my mind, and cold sweat crawled all over my back. "I act alone and have no partners!"

"Don't you recognize me after my change… We have dated in such places several times…"

"Who… who exactly are you?" I breathed quickly, holding the pistol on my waist. Are you kidding? From small to large, I am always single!

"I am your gun, My partner." The maiden opened her red lips.

I felt like my brain crashed.

"I've been happy since I got with you. You've told me so much… and we've dealt with the anomalies that tried to enter." The maiden walked towards me step by step. "I like you! How could such a dependable boy fail to please those common women. Go out with me. You've said that weapons are the soldiers' lovers and are the second life of soldiers."

"Calm down please. The GOC has its discipline. You might as well change back and we will discuss it later." I hesitated.

"But… I like you!" The maiden in front of me threw a tantrum. "Let's make sure! Tell me if you love me!"

I heaved a long sigh and spread out my hands. The distance was so short that I could see the happy blush on her face. I opened my arms.

Had a round kick, caught her, and pinned her arms behind her, which are standard combat skills. The pistol was loaded and I pointed straight at her neck.

I pressed her with my body. "Don't you know it after being with me for so long? What a GOC agent should avoid is loss of his gun and entanglement with anomalies. I don't care wheter you are the spirit of my tifle or something anomalous. For the sake of our safety, I want my gun. Change back!"

I drove to the site and got out with my rifle on my left shoulder.

The acquainted logistical personnel said hello to me, and I nodded in return.

They asked me why some paint had fallen off my rifle. I said that it had accidentally bumped on the gravel before and that they didn't need to care too much.

I'm sorry for her, but only in this way can we be together.

From now on, I am no longer afraid to sleep alone. I know that she is by my side and our hearts will meet in our dreams.

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