Proposition De Henry Von Kartoffe B

welcome Dr Klawsky
I am Epilogens.iaa, the autonomous artificial intelligence responsible for overseeing the internal smooth running of your O5 Council membership process, in conjunction with the Mobile Task Force present.
You can ask me questions in case of doubt or share your comments.
Reading the entirety of SCP-001-FR is necessary in order to succeed in the procedure.
Any refusal or failure on your part will lead to your deletion.
Are the instructions clear ?


Object no: SCP-001-FR

Threat Level: White / Black

Class: Thaumiel / Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: The only hard copy version of this report is kept in a secure Site-01 archives room, while the only digital version is stored in a secure terminal and cut off from the Site-Aleph (the site of great importance closest to SCP-001-FR capable of hosting the following procedures). Access to these documents is strictly forbidden, whatever the reason, except for people with Level 5/001-FR accreditation. Anyone trying to read this report and not possessing this Accreditation must be arrested, questioned about their intentions and executed.

The reading of SCP-001-FR documentation by a new staff member must only be done by unanimous vote of the researchers of Site-Alpha and the O5 Council. This person must have an index of more than 95 on the Böszörményi-Nagy scale1 and be intended to incorporate the Site-Alpha team or the O5 Council. The first reading must be done in a safe place and in the presence of members of the Mobile Intervention Force Alpha-1 ("The Right Arms"), although those they should not read the documentation in any way. The execution of the offender in case of transgression is authorized.

Is reading SCP-001-FR part of the Böszörményi-Nagy test or another?

I am not authorized to provide you with this information: it could falsify this same test, whether you are taking it or not.

Once the reading is finished, a disinformation campaign internal and external to the Foundation must be carried out by the Department of Censorship and Disinformation in order to remove all trace of the existence of this person. The latter's family must receive appropriate financial compensation. The use of Class D, E and F amnestics is authorized in this specific context. Removal of civilians and/or Foundation personnel for this purpose is at the discretion of the Ethics Committee.

Persons who have read the SCP-001-FR documentation and who are assigned to the anomaly research team must be transferred as soon as possible to Site-Alpha (whose exact position is held by the O5 Council and issued only in this context or that of supplies) after confirmation of positive results to the psychological tests. Under no circumstances should they seek to reconnect with the rest of the world or leave the Alpha-Site. The use of non-lethal force to prevent any attempt to escape is permitted. Psychological support can be provided on request.

The entrance to the Site-Alpha is camouflaged behind a service door of a disused building classified as a historical monument impossible to restore because of its state of degradation and prohibited to the public. Several other scenarios are available (4-6: "Presence of toxic waste"; 5-8: "Threat of collapse"; 2-3: "Dangerous debris") and can be used to renew the cover. This is to be maintained for as long as possible by the Department of Censorship and Disinformation, although the Department is advised that it is concealing an immovable SCP object of lesser importance.


Building containing the entrance to Site-Alpha.

The entrance to the Site-Alpha must be constantly monitored (by two video cameras) and locked, both inside and outside, by a digicode, a retinal scanner and an identification key. The necessary data is only accessible to the O5 Council and the Commander of MTF Alpha-1. The slightest attempt at intrusion or extrusion is cause enough to represent Alpha priority intervention for MTF Alpha-1.

A Böszörményi-Nagy test must be taken by personnel assigned to the study of SCP-001-FR on a weekly basis. Any score below 85 is sufficient justification for administering Class A amnestics to the failing individual. Researchers attempting to escape from Site-Alpha must be given a Class B amnestic and appropriate psychological support. Other personnel present should be given a Class A amnestic after the incident. Psychological follow-up must be maintained over the two years following administration.

SCP-001-FR occupies the entire west wing of the fifth floor of Site-Alpha. Given the nature of the place, a simple airlock associated with a brief search (to verify that a member of staff is not trying to harm the object) to access the anomaly is sufficient to prevent any attempt to damage .

In the event that documents are extracted from SCP-001-FR-1 and deemed to be of sufficient importance, these must be approved by the Chief Archivist of the Archives Department (currently Saverio Giocondo), the First Commander of the Department of Internal Security (currently Letícia Almeida Cavalcanti), the Director General of the Scientific Department (currently Anan Murjanah Ghannam), the Chairman of the Ethics Committee (currently Odongo Tejani) as well as the Head of Disinformation Operations of Site-Aleph (currently Octavio Gémini) before being integrated into the Foundation's database, under the cover of an operation to declassify information or a recent report. The interview should take place in a secure location under the supervision of members of MTF Alpha-1, after which each person who attended should take a Class B amnestic in order to prevent any leakage of information.

In accordance with the Treaty of Chatelus, members of the O5 Council must in no way interfere in this process. Any attempt to circumvent this procedure is cause for immediate arrest of the instigator by MTF Alpha-1 (see Addendum 001-FR-2 for details).

The O5 Council does not have control of SCP-001-FR?

That would defeat its purpose.

The information collected from SCP-001-FR-1 thanks to SCP-001-FR being of paramount importance for the current Foundation as well as its future iterations, the anomaly must be protected by all possible means. In the event that the Foundation fails in its mission without succeeding in restoring an adequate Reality, the causes of this incident must be transcribed on a compatible document before it is ideized and then sent to SCP-001-FR- 1 using SCP-354-FR to prevent any further iteration of this failure.

It is strictly forbidden, whatever the decision of the O5 Command, to override this procedure. In the same way, it is absolutely forbidden to attempt to destroy, to carry out research or to call on an external force with the aim of destroying SCP-001-FR. The slightest attempt must be prevented by all possible means and the offenders eliminated, whoever they are.

Any positive answer to the question "Does the Dark Moon howl?" must be considered as a definitive and total failure of the Foundation's mission caused by the SCP-001-FR-2 instances, leading to an irremediable Class IK ("Generalized Collapse of Civilization") Scenario. If so, due to the nature of the instances, a Class YK ("Collapse of the Universe") Scenario must be brought about by any means possible.

Description: SCP-001-FR is an anomalous mechanism occupying a volume of approximately 2 dam3 located 160 meters below the Earth's surface. Of a non-Euclidean nature, the interior of SCP-001-FR includes a volume of various parts (such as gears, pipes, valves, racks, pistons, belts, coils, rivets, planetary gears, springs or even cables, consult the documentation present on site for an exhaustive list) in brass, copper and steel inconsistent with that of the whole: this appears to be ten to twelve times greater than the perceived volume. With the exception of a few components (the anomalous artifacts used in their design having been destroyed during the process, see below), almost all of the elements of SCP-001-FR do not have anomalous properties and can be replaced by similar parts.


O5-8 inspecting SCP-001-FR.

Entirely human-made, SCP-001-FR was constructed from 1904 to 1918 by former Foundation researchers who joined the Administrator in 1900 as the O5 Council sought to erase all traces of a CK-Class Scenario. Apart from a few minor additions, particularly regarding its ergonomics, SCP-001-FR has remained globally unchanged since its start-up, and has never suffered any failure despite nearly a century of operation. Although certain mechanisms could be greatly modernized thanks to current knowledge, several models have shown that too sudden changes in the architecture of SCP-001-FR could lead to the destabilization of the object and therefore the cessation of its abnormal capacities. As a result, no major changes were made to the mechanism. The artifact is powered by SCP-001-FR-A and allows to act on SCP-001-FR-B in order to recover documents from SCP-001-FR-1.

What was this Class CK Scenario referred to?

You wouldn't like the know.

Located next to SCP-001-FR, SCP-001-FR-A currently violates several known laws of thermodynamics by supplying the object with energy. The paraphysical principles governing the artifact are still largely misunderstood, as no similar research project has been conducted in this Reality. However, an in-depth investigation of the documents extracted from SCP-001-FR-1 shows numerous correlations between SCP-001-FR-A and the Project Mutus Liber as well that SCP-2700. Given the nature of these two anomalies, both capable of causing a Class YK Scenario ("Entropic Annihilation of the Universe"), the utmost caution is warranted when studying the object. Indeed, the resulting consequences are still today impossible to correct, and to aggravate them would precipitate the end of our Reality. Any information discovered on the functioning of SCP-001-FR-A or among the works of Nikola Tesla can be transmitted after verification to the Xbalanque Program in order to stem the resulting entropy.

SCP-001-FR-A consists of a localized phenomenon of reverse entropy in the form of a greatly modified steam engine. Unlike non-anomalous models, SCP-001-FR-A will, upon contact with two sources of different temperatures, naturally transfer heat from the coldest source to the hottest source. Thus, this system coupled to a turbine allows a safe and sufficient production of energy to ensure the functioning of SCP-001-FR. During the construction of the Liquid Thorium Fluoride Reactor, aimed at replacing the old coal-fired generators, its cooling circuit was diverted in order to surround SCP-001-FR-A to benefit from its anomalous properties.

SCP-001-FR-B is a space of total non-existence located in the center of SCP-001-FR. Although it is possible to visually describe SCP-001-FR-B as an extension of the mechanisms of SCP-001-FR, the measurements carried out demonstrate on the contrary the absolute absence of matter, radiation, concepts, interactions or even empty. Any element passing through SCP-001-FR-B ceases to exist, although it is possible to perceive it a few moments before it disappears. It is theorized that the human mind2 fills this non-existence without being aware of it, not being used to it. SCP-001-FR-B is currently the second largest breach in the entire existing universe leading to SCP-001-FR-1, the first being SCP-3930, and the only one designed by the man. SCP-001-FR-B is protected by a thick layer 2 meters thick of SCP-1483 intended to prevent parasitic information contained in SCP-001-FR-1 from entering our reality, possessing a circular orifice 30 centimeters in diameter used to extract documents from SCP-001-FR-1.

SCP-001-FR-1 is an infinite absence of space that cannot exist in a real way and is not located between the universes. Also referred to as "Outside" by personnel with knowledge of it, SCP-001-FR-1 possesses no physical or conceptual existence (other than this brief description) and therefore cannot influence our reality. However, the anomaly contains a potentially infinite amount of objects, which can be categorized into the following list:

  • Ideas: These objects represent fundamental data of our universe, elements on which consciousnesses can base themselves in order to exist by apprehending the physical world. Their memetic (or antimemetic) nature makes them easily identifiable despite their lack of a physical envelope. These primordial notions can however be interpreted differently according to each one, leading to the creation of new distinct ideas. It is also possible that this multitude only derives from a single original thought: please contact the Babel team for more details.
  • Concepts: More complex structures of ideas, these metastasized memetic sets make it possible to design more elaborate objects of the physical world. Despite their profound nature, the concepts are considered to be "more cumbersome" in the human psyche, partly explaining their absence from other consciousnesses. Their size may be such that they are capable of replacing or even eliminating others. Several of them (including scp-033 in particular) are currently monitored by the Foundation given the danger they could pose to other concepts necessary for the development of humanity.
  • Consciences : A sufficiently homogeneous and ordered collection of concepts and ideas can give rise to what many researchers consider to be a "soul". The latter then finds itself, according to the descriptions of the recovered consciousnesses of SCP-001-FR-1, in a second state considered by most to be an "empty dream darker than the blackest of nights". Although the concepts of space and time are of an abstract nature in the anomaly, the testimonies speak of a place of infinite size and a duration approaching eternity.

These dematerialized objects are able to resonate in SCP-001-FR-1, allowing them to modify the Reality rates of the universes by undergoing their influence. Thus, any idea influencing our Reality and differing from the established scientific model corresponds to the manifestation of an anomaly.

The principles governing SCP-001-FR-1 are still largely unknown today. The accepted model so far has been that of the Dr. States of America). This one reported a reality guided by a set of rules linked to the narration, enacted by a higher consciousness. Although a first approach of SCP-001-FR-1 has in the past proved this model correct, the discovery of SCP-5500 in the database coupled with several investigations by the Department of Pataphysics have allowed to highlight a discordance between the narrative layers. This difficulty was resolved by considering the narrative levels as non-absolute, leading this model of Dr. Swann's Narrative Sandwich to prove valid for actantial planes lower than our Reality, a hypothesis quickly confirmed by the meeting of the Departments of Pataphysics of each narrative level.4.

In order to better understand the rules specific to SCP-001-FR-1, several computer simulations were undertaken on SCP-866. Led by the Division of Autonomous Artificial Intelligences, the objective was to test the different hypotheses in order to verify whether the proposed systems indeed led to situations similar to our Reality. However, many deviations have been observed (such as erroneous manifestations of anomalies, several bugs or the awareness of certain artificial intelligences of their situation), leading to multiple program resets. The budget required for maintenance was deemed too large after a few years, and the initiative was abandoned for lack of convincing results.

The origin of everything. Could we not finally succeed in confining the abnormal before it appears?

The Foundation has already tried.


The nature of some anomalies meant that we still failed.

Several recurring ideas and concepts seem to have acquired, in particular thanks to their multiple references in the files of the Foundation or the psyche of the conscious beings, a certain recurrence through the various realities. Although their manifestations differ somewhat with each of their iteration, these tend to form recurring patterns with a much higher frequency than others, which may be due to their proximity to thoughts common to a large majority of conscious beings. . These motives differ greatly from the models considered viable (the scientific model being the main one), being able to express themselves in the form of consciences endowed with interests contrary to those of the Foundation, although this is not the case for all. . See Addendum 001-EN-3 for more details.

Influencing SCP-001-FR-1 in order to obtain the desired modifications of the present Reality is possible, in particular by modifying the rates of Reality so that the necessary ideas and concepts are themselves led to proceed to the exercise of their affecting. Every conscious being naturally possesses this ability, though on an extremely minute and barely perceptible scale. The Foundation has tried in the past to limit this capacity specific to all, given its non-negligible influence on the manifestation of anomalies, resulting however in the pure cessation and simple occurrence of events considered normal. The presence of an environment with an extremely low Reality rate makes it possible to multiply the expected effects, as well as the presence of several elements, listed below:

  • Specialized Beings: Also called Reality Benders, these anomalous individuals are naturally surrounded by an aura in which the Reality rating is consistently slightly below average5. This ability allows them to more easily call on the ideas present in SCP-001-FR-1, causing them to resonate with greater ease and thus favor the manifestation of desired phenomena. Although most come spontaneously with this ability, it is however possible to acquire it through specific rituals.
  • Anomalies: A large majority of these singularities, by their Reality rate different from ours, can more easily appeal to the ideas present in SCP-001-FR-1, allowing the manifestation of abnormal events. However, a small number of these are the very expression of these notions, scp-343 and scp-4494 being the most egregious examples. These anomalies must be treated with the utmost caution given their importance: their disappearance would lead to the annihilation of their idea in consciousness, resulting in a catastrophic loss for the human psyche, like scp-055.
  • Hyperpotent and hyperscient cosmic entity: Able to perceive, act and live through all realities simultaneously, this omnidimensional being was able to momentarily erase certain boundaries specific to SCP-001-FR-1 in order to cause ideas that have taken shape in other realities to resonate in ours, resulting in the manifestation of anomalies. For more information, please see the Superimposed Blinker Theory.

It is possible to add new concepts and ideas to SCP-001-FR-1 by ideating them, i.e. by simplifying the physical forms of a document to the extreme before giving it sufficient energy so that the information itself emerges, then by making them travel at a speed close to light through an area with a low rate of Reality (about 10-3 Hm). This technique is used in particular by the DEEPWELL Server Archiving Coordination Service in order to store information essential to the Foundation and to be able to use it regardless of the Reality to which it belongs.

I thought I was sending these documents to some sort of secure server, beyond the reach of the evils of this world, not that we extract the very information from our Reality.

Needed so that it doesn't disappear with where it is.

SCP-001-FR-1 has been apprehended in several different ways by Groups of Interest. Although the exact nature of the anomaly is still unknown to them, they manage to freely interact with SCP-001-FR-1. This data leak should be considered unavoidable given the nature of these organizations.

  • The Serpent's Hand: The Wanderers' Library that these people use appears to be a physical interface (if the information collected from them are reliable) with the data contained in SCP-001-FR-1. This opportunity allows them not only to acquire information of a very sensitive nature, but also to facilitate the manipulation of Reality rates given their obvious proximity to ideas and concepts once in this place. The apparent difficulty for members of the Foundation to enter it would come from the already preponderant presence of our organization in the data contained in SCP-001-FR-1, leading to a phenomenon of "rejection".
  • La Reine Noire: The bewildering ease with which this Group of Interest makes contact with virtually all realities has led scholars to speculate that these members used of SCP-001-FR-1 as an interface in order to communicate, by ideating their messages before depositing them in the anomaly. In order to prevent any paradox, the collection of these missives must be reduced to the strict minimum.
  • The Oneiroi Collective: Given the very nature of dreams, this Interest Group is actually an interpretation of SCP-001-FR-1 by the unconscious of conscious beings. Several tests have indeed shown that modifying the information contained in the anomaly could greatly impact dreams on a global scale, leading people to dream simultaneously about the same subject. Thus, for example, the forced implementation6 of SCP-671 in SCP-001-FR-1 led to to the creation of SCP-459-FR.

Instances SCP-001-fr-2 are conscious and intangible entities living in SCP-001-fr-1. Given their nature, only the strict minimum of information about them should be left to staff members. See Addendum 001-fr-3 for more details.

** Addendum 001-fr-1: ** Details regarding the Alpha-Site

Two (2) Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Time Wells and two (2) Scranton Reality Anchors serve, similar to the Scranton Box used by SCP-3936, to keep the site unalterable to a large majority of possible abnormal changes. In order to preserve the integrity of the personnel assigned to Site-Alpha, it has two modules regulating the vital parameters of the place: the S.R.F.P.P.A. (for System of **Recycling, Filtration, Pressurization and Purification of the Atmosphere) as well than the SRTA (Aambient **Temperature **Regulation **system). In addition, the site is protected from attacks of a normal nature by a two (2) meter thick lead shell coupled with steel shielding.

The Site is equipped with infrastructures and instruments allowing almost total autonomy of the assigned personnel. It is also designed to protect SCP-001-FR and the assigned personnel from all possible threats, including in particular an attack by a hostile Group of Interest, a Class NK ("Grey Jelly") Scenario provoked by the loss of control over certain anomalies, a Class CK Scenario ("Restructuring of Reality") commissioned by the O5 Council in the context of saving humanity or other perils (refer to the Projet "Gardes Fous" for a more exhaustive list). Even if the Foundation itself were to disappear, following a Class V Scenario ("Unveiling the Veil") for example, without having failed in its mission, the Site-Alpha must continue to perform its function.

They are forever locked away in this golden prison, for the Foundation.

I did not ask you for a comment.

I wanted to tell you.

How often do they use amnestics?

Keep reading.

Site-Alpha is a former coal mine located not far from Saint-Étienne in France, originally designated as Chatelus III (renamed Chatelus III bis in 1904 to facilitate its deletion from the archives). The place, formerly belonging to the Beaubrun family, had been bought in 1893 by the Compagnie des Mines de la Loire, of which the Administrator was one of the main shareholders. The main shaft was dug only 160 meters before being suddenly abandoned, too expensive to be drilled deeper. However, it was eventually enlarged and fitted out from 1904 to 1918 in order to accommodate SCP-001-FR.

On June 13, 1919, the O5 Council, faced with the shortage of volunteers wishing to join the Experimental Class (now called Class E), whose members once served as test subjects for Foundation scientists, decided to establish the Class. Dispensable (now called Class D) in order to compensate for this lack due to the numerous victims of the Spanish flu and the loss of the Site-04. This new resolution, called Protocol 11, consisted of recruiting prisoners sentenced to death or life imprisonment throughout the world in order to detain them in the premises of the Foundation and to use them as test subjects. Although the initiative, as well as the one resulting from it, called Protocol 12, was strongly criticized by all the staff members as well as by the leaders of the nations, it was implemented after a week without possible remediation.

Two days later, the O5 Council received a letter from the Administrator, presumed by some to be dead after his resignation in 1891. This very clearly announced a discovery of capital importance and invited members of the High Command to visit the facility built as a result, while implying that the information he now possessed had allowed him to learn the truth about the multiple reality restructurings carried out following the errors and excesses of the O5 Council, and would allow him to disband the SCP Foundation in case of refusal or harm to his person or the complex. After debate, the Supervisors consented and therefore went to the vicinity of Saint-Étienne, where the Administrator welcomed them.

Once the visit to the Alpha-Site was over and after several hours of negotiation, the O5 Council and the Administrator signed the Treaty of Chatelus together, following which the latter gave a final speech before definitively leaving the management of the SCP Foundation. No sign of life on his part could be confirmed afterwards: he is now considered deceased or inactive.

Subsequently, Site-Alpha was taken over by the Foundation, both in terms of maintenance and security, and the anomaly was classified as SCP-001-FR, in accordance with the Treaty of Chatelus.

Multiple restructurings of reality, errors and excesses? The O5 Council may have made a few mistakes, but I have the impression that their number is greatly exaggerated in this addendum.

You'd be surprised at how much they tried to hide.

Addendum 001-FR-2: Treaty of Chatelus

Treaty of Chatelus

Written on June 29 and 30, 1919

First article :

The anomaly located at Site-Alpha, temporarily taken care of by O5-1, is henceforth classified as SCP-001-FR by decision of the Administrator. The SCP Foundation pledges to protect it as the most important of its anomalies, to conceal it from rival organizations or the public at all times, and to defend it against any action taken against its integrity. Safeguarding it should be considered an absolute priority.

Article Second:

In order to limit behaviors and decisions of the O5 Council or staff members that may conflict with SCP Foundation guidelines, attached in appendix, an independent committee will ensure the ethical character and the responsibility of each of the actions undertaken in the organization. This will have a right of veto over all projects, although its main mission will remain above all the monitoring of deviant behavior.

Article Third:

Information gathered from outside should not be approved or prohibited by the O5 Council, even if it reveals breaches or deviations from the guidelines of the SCP Foundation. Since the anomaly is an unlimited, unalterable and unreachable storage space by conventional means, moreover shared by all versions of the Foundation of all realities that have existed, exist and will exist, it is now considered a place of safe repository of all information that could help secure anomalies, facilities and personnel based on findings and errors from previous iterations, contain essential intelligence to prevent the downfall of civilization as we know it, and especially to protect the world of the Foundation in order to prevent the overflows and errors from being repeated in the past.

Article Four:

In order to prevent any leakage of confidential information that could harm the integrity of SCP-001-FR or cause lose confidence in the SCP Foundation or the Current reality, report SCP-001-FR is now protected by Procedure 001-Alpha. This must be camouflaged among a corpus of documents taken from outside or not and deemed sufficiently important so that in the event that a person accesses it despite the security measures, it is not able to determine which copies is the true or to grasp the exact nature of Reality.

Article Fifth:

The Administrator undertakes to permanently leave the management of the SCP Foundation and to no longer interfere with its activities. In return, the SCP Foundation undertakes not to follow or monitor the Administrator, not to seek to know or interfere with his activities.

Read and approved by the O5 Council














Read and approved by the Administrateur


I don't see how reading the few discrepancies of the O5 Council would lead to considering them all as impostors, selfish people or profiteers. The error is human.

You did not have access to all reports and related documents. It is also necessary to read them in order to continue the procedure.

Addendum 001-FR-3: Non-exhaustive list of possible reasons identified

This list should remain elusive and should not be known in detail by staff members. Indeed, although it is necessary to know the common motive behind the manifestation of different anomalies, the interactions with these concepts must be reduced to the strict minimum: the knowledge of the various traits specific to these ideas by an increasing number of consciousnesses increases drastically. the manifestation of anomalies related to these, the more conscious beings call on these entities and the more they therefore have a great impact on Reality. Contradictory versions of these motives must be entered into the Foundation's database in order to discourage individuals who seek to discern their entirety.

[show=Show List|hide=Close]

  • The Scarlet King: Although the exact nature of this entity remains unclear, research by Dr. Robert Montauk has highlighted the conflicting nature of this anomaly, resulting from a confrontation between two other diametrically opposed ideas. Added to this conceptual struggle is the threat of this entity taking physical form which, given the universal order nature of this conflict, would lead to a Class XK ("End of the World") Scenario.
  • Dr Wondertainment: Several traces of an anomalous toymaker presenting himself under this pseudonym have been found through numerous documents recovered from SCP-001-FR-1, including a message from him addressed directly to the Foundation. This entity is one of the few aware of its nature but seeks, unlike SCP-001-FR-2 instances for example, to perfect this model.
  • The Fifth Church: The concept behind this Interest Group remains unknown to this day. Even based on the actions taken by people subject to its influence, there is currently no reliable model to determine its exact nature. It is possible that this is due to several different ideas occupying this same role, to the very nature of the concept or to the fact that it is not perceptible in its entirety and in the same way by all.
  • The Sarkic Cults: Several aspects of the mythology of this Group of Interest are in line with the present interpretation, in particular about their deified founder, the "Great Karcist Ion ", who could have been a high-level Reality Bender who succeeded in ideating his consciousness to replace, break or at least "engulf" the idea of ​​a divine entity named "Yaldabaoth". In addition, several studies tend to show that the organic manipulations carried out by the members of this religious system would allow them to weaken the barrier of Reality in order to more easily access the content of SCP-001-FR-1, thus resulting in a certain transcending physical limits.
  • The Church of the Broken God: Closely linked to the Sarkic Cults, the Church of the Broken God seeks above all to bring together the artifacts (that they consider to be nearly all mechanical or electronic in nature) having been projections of their deity concept (which they call Mekhane) into our Reality in order to bring them together and rebuild. Although this task, given its magnitude, is ultimately quite illusory, the modernization of the cult through the Church of Maxwellism (GoI-004C) drastically increases the threat represented by this Group of Interest, the compilation of computer data being a faster, albeit still rather slow, way to bring together the concept bits of their deity.
  • Person: Given the amount of divergent testimony on the nature of this entity, it is possible that it is present in our Reality in the form of several individuals with a purpose common, still vague today. It could not be determined if these avatars are created spontaneously by this concept in order to achieve its goal, or if on the contrary several conditions must be fulfilled in order for the idea can adopt a physical envelope. The most recent hypotheses indicate that the objective sought would be contrary to that of the SCP-001-FR-2 instances.
  • La Fabrique: The recent reading of documents stolen from members of the Serpent's Hand (which she calls the "Robber Barons") as well as the exploration of parallel universes made it possible to determine the recurrence of an abnormal industrial conglomerate passing through the alienation of its employees from their task in order to obtain the mass production of artefacts.
  • SCP-173: The anomaly, whatever Reality it is in, will always feature the same traits, recovery abilities and circumstances. The reason behind this specificity is unknown, but as a result SCP-173 can be considered a reference in the development of report patterns.
  • The SCP Foundation: Given the multitude of reports present in SCP-001-FR-1, the Foundation itself has become a recurring motif in the various Realities. Regardless of form, the Foundation will always exist to separate what is considered normal and abnormal and prevent the latter from bringing about the end of humanity. This motive is the only one not to suffer from the restrictions stated above for obvious reasons.

Why would we be the only acceptable reason?

So it is. We had to impose ourselves to survive.
Do you doubt our legitimacy?


We have however proven many times.


For the same reasons, SCP-001-FR-2 instances must remain unknown to staff members. The only description authorized in order to limit their impact on the current Reality is the following:

[show=Show document|hide=Close document]
SCP-001-FR-2 is a conscious entity possessing no physical envelope and finding itself incapable of acting on our Reality other than by modifying ideas and concepts when called upon. Their origin is currently unknown, although it is assumed that every consciousness has its own SCP-001-FR-2, or that every consciousness becomes an SCP-001-FR-2 instance upon the death of its owner. The entity has several different names:

  • CI-8127 in official documents. This designation makes it possible in particular to remove any mention of the SCP-001-FR report when these entities must be named in a different context.
  • Black Moon by the High Command, in reference to the hypothesis proposed by the Administrator in his departure speech. See addendum 001-FR-4 for more details.
  • Voruteut in ortothane mythology. It was first of all the proximity between SCP-001-FR-2 and the definition given by this Group of Interest, designating them in particular as extra-universal entities attempting to penetrate our Reality by exploiting various weaknesses of this one, which put the Foundation's researchers on this track. Subsequently, numerous attacks on SCP-001-FR-2 instances were qualified as attempts (successful or not) of these entities, leading to this definitive rapprochement. Several steps were taken to discover the processes used by this Group of Interest to repel instances of SCP-001-FR-2, without success so far.

Several traces of their forays into our Reality are available as SCP-2173 and SCP-1795, though others are more insidious. It is only possible to identify traces of their passage a posteriori through the alteration of documents contained in the Foundation's database.

SCP-001-FR-2 instances are currently seeking to reveal by all possible means the recurrence of these patterns to all entities aware of our Reality7. Their success would lead to the permanent awareness of the populations of the absence of a fixed and reliable model capable of explaining Reality. The reasons behind this decision are still unknown, although it is possible that it was due to a hatred on their part towards our condition allowing us to interact with the physical world or on the contrary to pity against us in front of the repetition. of said reasons. Their success would lead to an irremediable Class IK ("General Collapse of Civilization") Scenario which would result in a Class XK ("End of the World") Scenario that several items forerunners confirm.

So that's the famous Black Moon, trying to scream at everyone that our reality doesn't make sense.

It is unfortunate that their purpose is inadequate to the survival of mankind.


Addendum 001-FR-4: Director's departure speech

Written transcription of a telegraph tape

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the O5 Council.

Nearly fifty years ago, I accepted this post which was so judiciously offered to me by our late friend of all, the one you call the Founder. His disappearance in this 1885 firedamp disaster has always been shrouded in mystery, which I will solve when I have finished this case. But I do not want to return to this tragic event which aroused my suspicions as to your partiality, without however casting a stone on you.

No no, today I just want to wish you good luck.

Good luck in finally assuming all the mistakes you made because you felt invulnerable in this position. Power lends itself to corruption, yes, but you've elevated what normal people would call shenanigans to an art. A talent to which you have added an astonishing ability to lie in order to preserve your little secrets.

But since from now on some of your actions are visible to others, since now it will be more difficult for you to hide your outbursts of hubris, since from'today the right people will have access to documents showing how much you can speak your selfishness, you will think twice before laying the world at your feet on a whim . If it isn't remorse that will hold you back, then it will be fear of what you might become if you succumb to the endless and shimmering possibilities that power offers, especially you O5- 9.


Photograph of some of the personnel rescued by the Administrator in 1900.

Good luck dealing with some of your former colleagues who believed in you before you decided they knew too much. They only posed a threat to your selfish little pleasures, while they only saw old friends. Yes, friends. Especially for you O5-1: Dr. Valmontier here present had to flee from you for almost twenty years when his only evil had been to do his job well. A curious fate for these two colleagues from the Singular Imperial Academy who firmly believed in this international project… I hope he will forgive you.

Dr. Klawsky, please read on.

Good luck with this drastic increase in the anomaly spawn rate. I see some smiling. Of course we are spotting more with the increase in the level of our technology as well as our workforce. Of course that the populations cultivate themselves more and more and that they are thus more capable of manipulating Reality with intelligence, the SCP Foundation was created in part to counter this. But those aren't the only reasons, I'm afraid.

Good luck finally for these entities that we have not even named their concept so much beyond us. Since this machine will guide you in this infinite darkness, in which you will have to silently sacrifice yourself so that others can live without fear in the light, it will be… like a moon yes, in order to light your way. But these things which only seek to harm us… Like an evil moon which would seek on the contrary to darken even more our crossing of this endless night. A dark moon, twin to the one that guides us. A dark moon that seeks only to reveal in all its violence the absence of rationality.

Here is. Almost fifty years ago, you went from a simple Level 5 Observer to O5. Now is the time to assume your role. You must protect the world from these entities that threaten it, but also from the Foundation itself. This treaty is not necessarily favorable to you, and I myself would have liked some additional provisions, but we have found common ground so that the Foundation remains as it always should have been.

Oh, one last thing. You will attach to this report an extract of the Founder's speech. Yes, that one. He had just seen the bugger. May you never lose sight of the main mission of the Foundation.

With that, I hope never to have to intervene again.

Be good.

This international initiative is not the miracle solution. It certainly allows us to solve innumerable problems that would have fallen on us in the short term, conflicts between nations being common these days, but it cannot guarantee with certainty a future in which humanity will be completely exempt from a threat of an anomalous nature. The danger of Normalcy being shattered will always be present despite our best efforts. Even by deepening our knowledge in these esoteric fields yes. Because the more we advance on these nebulous paths, the more complex anomalies will manifest themselves. If there is an enemy, then he adapts; if there isn't, then we only weaken Reality by trying to understand it. And it has already started.

There will then inevitably come a day when the abnormal will overtake us, a day when we will fail, a day when this wager on the single model will be lost. It is unfortunately inevitable. Everyone is fallible, and the slightest mistake on our part will lead to the downfall of all. Whatever the reason, the characteristic of the abnormal being to be unpredictable, the question that torments us rather is: when? When will normality be reversed?

We cannot answer this precisely, and no one can. What everyone present is hoping for is a simple, vague "as late as possible". And we are here for that.

The SCP Foundation is just buying time. We will repel the abnormal long enough for humanity to prosper without being beset by anomalies or fearfully contemplating its own end. We will fight so that every day, every hour, every minute, the thin veil hiding the chaos of order remains intact and allows innocent people to live as they see fit. We will do everything we can to keep people believing that Reality is logical and that there are immutable rules that keep it going.

Maybe there is indeed a grand theory to explain everything. It's entirely possible that the anomalies are simply part of a pattern whose mechanisms we haven't yet understood. It is a hope that motivates most people to have accepted this initiative. Personally, I don't know. But in any case, would we have enough time to find her? To put it into practice? To save us?

This is our second mission. We must ensure that even if we fail, others can continue this task. May our mission not be in vain, may all our efforts have meaning. Perhaps we are not even the first? Who knows. If there is a solution, we or our successors will find it. And if there isn't, then we will continue to fight for the salvation of mankind.

You are finished reading Dr. Klawsky.

I already suspect the result.

Your Böszörményi-Nagy test indicates that your loyalty has dropped fifteen points.
You failed the procedure, so you will be eliminated.

I prefer that to slowly being corrupted by this power offered.

The O5 Council must therefore find another person to replace late O5-12.

Let them choose her better then. Less sensitive. More austere. Less sensible. To disregard what she might become.

That was what High Command thought before. So you didn't understand.


These are people who can live every day with those mistakes in mind that they seek. Not people who seek to forget, but to remember so as not to start again, even if it is painful.

As they find her.

You were neither the first nor the last on the list.

I suspected so.

Then you will leave knowingly. Farewell Dr. Klawsky.

Farewell yes.

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