Honest Trailers - The German SCP Foundation
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Warning: The following trailer is rated H for Honest!

From the language, that is mostly known and hated for its long-ass words and confusing grammar rules, comes a branch of a web original…

…that for some reason still has not a single cinematic movie. WHY?

The German SCP Foundation


Visit a Website, that actually does the same shit as the original contentwise, but probably thanks to german and swiss efficiency, and whatever the austrians have, they do a way better job at sorting out the lame stuff.

Here, you find amazing articles like: the one about Harry Potters Schoolbook, the one about the robot lady with the Transformer powers that wears victorian warderobe for no good reason and the one that is literally shit. Or is it? All while wondering what the germans must have used to get high enough to come up with this stuff. German beer must be one hell of a drug…

Browse the site while realizing that these guys made better job at portraying the doings of the Foundation in a believable and more realistic fashion then in the original…

…while simultanously managing it to make it equally as boring in hindsight. Seriously, how is something cool supposed to happen if you lock up this awesome tank underground? It has a freakin RAIL gun, for heavens sake!

Get accustomed to the wide variety of GoI of the german branch! Like:


The SKP, a scientific institution of the… Nazis, what a surprise, that, somehow, does portray them as more unsettling as any other attempt in the SCP-verse. Think about it.


The Fourth Reich, a group of Nazis (again) without any budget to get themselves a logo with a height of 250 pixels, hellbent on making the National Socialism great again. Because that worked well last time, am I right?


Section XXV, a secret part of the Stasi, creating anomalies to "aide" its country and using the most lazily made logo ever.
Socialists now? What a change!


Hogwar- AHEM… The Mage Academy, a secret organization of magicians, existing since ancient times, that for some reasons never made publically known how to do magic in the past thousand years and now has to hide from the Foundation.

While helping it.

And also sabotaging it?



The Caecos- Caecous Camelina- Caecus Cramneliana- ugh… Caecus Carneliana-Collective (phew), basically PETA for anomalous entities, with a fixiation on the Tree of Sephiroth for cryptic reasons.


The IMBW, a collective of researchers trying to improve the humans…

Really? We have no jabs for that one?


And Raptor Tec. Industries, a weapon manufacturer whose weapons wouldn’t look out of place in Overwatch or Warhammer 40K.

And if you think this branch can’t offer any more, feast your eyes on it’s canons!


Wait, didn’t we have that one- Oh…

The SKP canon, basically the SCP Foundation run by Nazis in a Wolfenstein setting. Wasn’t that just a GoI?


The Machina canon, basically the SCP Foundation run by robots in a Nier: Automata setting. Minus the blindfolds and robo thighs… aww…


And the SAPPHIRE canon, where the Foundation is still run by itself in a Metro 2033 setting. With airships? THIS IS AWESOME!


amongst others

HAL 9000 on weed

Left 4 Dead rejects

The license to kill

Captain Planet

The invisibility cloak from Harry Potter

Space Marines

Happy Feet

Thor after the events of Endgame

The lunch of Michael Bays pyrotechnicians


Real Life SPORE

Written by people like:

Dr. Gromando

Art Supply

Austrian George Takei


Psycho Mantis

The German/Austrian/Swiss SCP Foundation


You know, for germanophones not having any humor, those guys have a lot of Js…


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