UIU City Dossier: Hong Shing


Hong Shing is an autonomous city located in an alternate-phase space, physically overlapping Hong Gong Islands, Yueguang State; in terms of extraspatial location, Hong Shing is located between the main world and an alternate world referred to by the locals as the "Left Phase", possessing an anomalously developed magical civilization. Hong Shing can be accessed through various entrances located on the largest of the Hong Gong Islands, the main Hong Gong Island1. Following the proposal by former UIU Director Graham, the United State Government has directed the UIU to establish a branch in Hong Shing and in exchange for Hong Shing's autonomy enter representatives into the Hong Shing Council. Over time, A Mary King federal law will be applied to Hong Shing.

As an autonomous city, Hong Shing is not under the jurisdiction of the Prohibition of Magic Act.

The following are incidents that have been recorded by the UIU within Hong Shing:


As the anti-magic department of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the UIU had jurisdiction over all cases in which federal law was violated within Hong Shing up until 4234 AtG, following which our jurisdiction was limited to only citizens of the main world and Hong Shing-born residents living in the East and Central Districts2. As the amount of resources put into Hong Shing has been cut down drastically, UIU investigators active in Hong Shing have been encouraged to take on a more cautious attitude in their work; some less serious cases can be handed to the local authorities for investigation. In addition, when investigating criminal cases involving persons from other planes, investigators can consider working with the Hong Shing Department of the "Hong Kong Police Force" of the Left Phase.


Hong Shing came to the attention of the United State Law Enforcement when it was discovered by UIU investigators while tracking a branch of the magical terrorist group "Prometheus Group". The investigators immediately passed on the information to the FBI. The then-director of the FBI, Graham Colasour, immediately planned an operation to establish law and order in this exclave of the United State, which resulted in Hong Shing being made an autonomous city under the law of the United State Government; the FBI dispatched representatives to enter the Hong Shing Council and ordered the UIU to establish a branch in Hong Shing.

In the following years, with the activity of the UIU, law and order in Hong Shing was massively improved, leading to the entrance of various organizations from the main world, including the largest divine-ability education institute, Hang Tan College; this led to Hong Shing becoming the most famous city for divine energy research within A Mary King. The FBI also gradually took on a leading role in the Hong Shing Council.

In the 4220s, the FBI gained complete control over the leadership of the Hong Shing Council, after which Director Graham began attempts to slowly introduce enforcement of the Prohibition of Magic Act in Hong Shing. This attracted strong opposition from the residents of Hong Shing, especially those from the Left Phase. Director Graham used brutal means to address resistance. The conflicts between the FBI and Hong Shing residents came to a head in 4229 AtG when the FBI intervened in the "Two Schools' Rivalry" between the Left Phase's magical institute "St. Christina College" and the main world's divine-energy technology school "Hang Tan College".

Director Graham's introduction of oppressive laws into Hong Shing in order to enforce the Prohibiton of Magic Act led to the "Sky Wall Painter Riot" in 4234, in which a group of Sky Wall artists3 were arrested for violating the Prohibition of Magic Act by using magical techniques for artistic purposes, leading to large-scale protests and demonstrations. The FBI failed to appropriately address these demonstrations, causing a large-scale riot that took many lives and caused heavy damages. The Hong Shing branch of the UIU, which served as peacekeeping, lost many of its investigators and managers; its headquarters were destroyed in the riots. The incident lasted three months and only ended with the intervention of President Iolia Connar and the firing of Director Graham.

The next year, the Left Phase's official organization, the "Hong Shing Police Department", officially entered Hong Shing and held a series of discussions with the main world's FBI, leading to a consensus. Following this, the Hong Shing Council would be composed of representatives of Hong Shing locals, the Left Phase's Hong Shing Police Department, and the main world's FBI; local law enforcement would be carried out by both the UIU and the "Hong Shing Police District". It was only then that the situation in Hong Shing slowly returned to stability.

Hong Shing is now one of the main centers of paratechnology and magic in the main world. Its high degree of autonomy and status as a shared location between two worlds has led to the creation of many paratechnologies combining divine energy technology and magic, and encouraged many artists and technology companies to establish themselves in Hong Shing. In addition, St. Christina College and Hong Shing Hang Tan College, which represent the highest standards in magical and divine-energy-based technology respectively, have set up their campuses in Hong Shing and often work together, allowing Hong Shing to become the leading city for academics in the entire main world, providing an important source of precious talent for the FBI and many divine-energy-based technology companies.

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