Honour Of Die
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I turned down the collar of the STRIKER flame-retardant suit to cover it, patted the soot on the tweed windbreaker, and then threw the cigarette butt under my feet to crush it. There was no one in the security booth in front of him, and the sidewalks on both sides swayed under the dim street lights, as if the fingers and arms of a dead man were waving, exuding a decaying sweet smell.

Li Hui lived in a dilapidated apartment with not many people living there. I found Li Hui's room according to the house number on the note. The door was unlocked, and there was a gentle light shining through the gap between the flashing voice-activated lights.

The door was opened, the windows were closed, and the room smelled of nausea mixed with various gases. The door was like a garbage dump, with dead bodies strewn all over the delivery bags. Li Hui was leaning on the sofa, wearing a Know brand sun hat on his head. The TV in front of me is a snowflake screen, and the rustling white noise is unbearable.

I walked around Xuntian's shoe cabinet and walked into the living room. There were KFC bags on the table, and the half-eaten finger-licking chicken and golden crispy chicken were wrapped in a greasy doily. At least two days have passed since Crazy Thursday today…it could be nine days, I looked at Li Hui, he was grinning at me, but it was more like crying.

"I'm dead," he repeated. "I am already dead."

As a matter of fact, there are jelly-like blood clots everywhere on the wall, and even if you don't do a blood spatter analysis, you can see the splashed and projected blood at a glance. It’s not that I’m good at forensics, because Li Hui is holding an HK P30 combat defense model in his right hand, and there’s a black bullet hole in his temple on his right. The drops formed the stains on his pajamas, the black ones were blood, the white ones were brains. I bent down to observe, 9mm caliber, naturally, if it is .40S&W, Li Hui's skull fragments can fly to the desk.

Other than that, everything works fine.

The white noise in the background of the TV was getting louder, like some kind of whisper, hidden at first under the rustling, but now it was clear and strong.

"How did you die?" I paced to the desk. A person who commits suicide may not leave a suicide note or anything else. Usually those who decide to commit suicide arrange their own affairs, but there are also suicides like the businessman Georg Bendermann in Kafka's "The Sentence". Without warning, they decided to commit suicide tonight just as they decided to masturbate tonight, and the methods were more drastic: jumping bridges, hanging themselves, turning on gas stoves, and opening heads with pistols, just like the satisfaction of ejaculation.

"I lost my coma, so I should be awake forever. What I saw… made me mentally devastated. The kingdom of God fell from the sky… I saw God…became us." Li Hui babbled crazy words, and black blood clots sprang from him. Spit out of the mouth, mixed with teeth.

The whispers became louder, and I couldn't help but hold my head.

"I no longer exist, and Isaac of the burnt offering is singing hymns." Li Hui began to laugh, blood flowed from his hollow mouth, and his mouth glistened. He kept laughing and never stopped. "Why is this?"

"You have been abnormalized." I felt my mouth astringent. "You are no longer yourself."

Li Hui's head exploded, and the viscous black liquid was thrown onto the wall at a wide angle, creating a strange beauty. The yellow-black teeth open and close, and the vocal cord muscles are sandwiched under them.

"Listen, you're going to die."

The murmur of conspiracy in the dark background disappeared, and I hurriedly took a step back to distance myself from the man in front of me, almost stepping on an empty Coke paper cup. Just like in the game, there are three men guarding the scene standing abruptly from the living room to the door, with unfriendly expressions on their faces.

"Agent of the Foundation's internal security department, which station are you from?"

I stared at him for a while before I realized that he was self-reported. This guy was at least 1.8 meters tall, wearing a dark blue striped suit and loafers. To be honest, tom ford's suit is too self-cultivating, which is not conducive to strenuous exercise, such as dancing with guns and sticks.

"A.C" I raised my hand to show that I was not hostile. "Hospice and Health Care Sector."

The man looked back at his colleague, but didn't get the answer he wanted, because it was completely made up by me.

"It seems that you have to go with us." The man signaled his colleagues to come forward with handcuffs or restraint belts. As he leaned in, I slammed my knee into his lower abdomen. The hard shell knee pad hit him, and he ducked down. It is very resistant to beatings, and most people are not prepared to suffer this blow, and they will lie on the ground and drool.

He looked up at me, eyes full of doubt. "Why?"

"Oh, my mother told me not to go with strangers casually." I opened my palm and slapped him on the throat, then picked up a dusty book on the table, which seemed to be called "The Death of Pygmalion". Thick, no problem hitting people with the spine.

The man's head was smashed into the LCD screen by "Death of Pygmalion", black cracks mixed with horizontal and vertical bright lines flashed rapidly. I dodged sideways to avoid the other person's flustered forehand punch, and a UTX70 switchblade protruded from the sleeve of my right hand, and I slashed across my armpit and inserted it obliquely into his throat, and black viscous blood spurted out.

The two closest people had already fallen to the ground, and I suddenly felt numbness in my right shoulder blade, and the pain climbed up my arm to my fingertips, and it went numb immediately. I lay down following the kinetic energy, and had to use my left hand to pull out the Colt python from the right armpit holster and shoot back when I couldn't get the M45A1 right leg holster.

There is no accuracy in holding a revolver with one hand, but at this distance, even a soft bullet gun with a muzzle velocity of 20 to 2 meters from Chenghai 3C Arsenal can penetrate 900mm rolled homogeneous steel. The person who went forward to expand the shooting angle spit out black blood and fell down like a wooden stake. It seemed that the two .357mags had opened his eyes to his internal organs.

I used the revolver to hold the head of the tough guy in front of me. This guy's head crashed from the TV into the second dimension without even humming. "What is the purpose of your coming here?"

The tough guy opened his mouth and laughed, the same smile as Li Hui, showing his gleaming teeth.

"I'm the internal security…" His throat cracked, and quartz-like crystals gradually spread on the surface of the skin to form crystal clusters. "I am the will of God, to walk on earth as in His kingdom."

I picked up his head and crashed into the TV again. Inside was the endless darkness at the bottom of the abyss, and the broken screen was the only light. "Say hello to Madoka Higuchi for me."

Pulling the hammer, I fired the remaining rounds into the tough guy's hard head. Black drops of blood fell into the black abyss, diffracting white light.

Li Hui stopped smiling, moved his dry lips, and an inaudible voice echoed in my ears: "Listen, you are going to die."

Then, I woke up.

The dead surrounded me, and their blood was actually red.

"Li Hui committed suicide before becoming anomalous." I used the AGV helmet to modify the external flashlight to illuminate the evidence bag, which contained a ring with the Foundation logo and Li Hui's name engraved on it. "The internal security department has come over."

"You killed them?" LG screamed. "Damn it! My crew took you guys in… I took a lot of risk to take you in! The foundation is no better than before! If they know that the defectors hidden by the crew have killed three agents, they will strip me and use it The salt water whip beat me to death!"

There was a rustling sound from the opposite side, and after a while, Hervey answered the phone.

"Don't worry, Error is whipping LG with salt water, he won't deport us. How are you feeling? Attack again?"

"No, you know that I have lost my right to faint and will remain sober forever." I lied so well that my face didn't change and my heart beat.

"You are still yourself is the best news I have heard so far." Hervey said lightly. "Wu Jiu is dead."

"Who's dead?"

"Wu Jiu."

I felt choked up in my voice, but my eyes were not moist at all. "He's never going to finish his containment log, even if he's long since done with that post stuff."

Hervey said, "Me too, A.C. But the old days are over, and we are not the same. We are just some stubborn dirt that has not been cleaned up, and we should find a way to survive."

"Hervey, I still miss them. About duty, about honor, about…"

"Do you still remember what is written in Section 27, Chapter 8 of the "Anomalous Operations Manual?"

"If encountering complex electromagnetic environment interference or anomalous effects and other situations that make it impossible to contact superiors, all Foundation personnel should immediately rebuild the command system based on the original unit with military ranks, and actively create all favorable conditions and actively unite all forces that can be united Organize self-rescue and mutual rescue. In any case, you should keep your mission in mind, maintain your loyalty, ensure your purity, stick to your duties, and never sit still…Under any circumstances, you must not give up hope, control the situation, contain anomalies, and protect human beings.”

"do you understand?"

"Understood." The inline four-cylinder engine of the Suzuki GSX-S 750 was idling, and the tires rubbed against the asphalt road, making a beast-like whistle. "Never give up hope under any circumstances."

"Is there really any hope for us?"

I stared deep into the darkness, and for a long time I stood, wondering, and terrified, and then I woke up.

I saw the red starry sky, meteors mixed with flames pouring down from the sky, the burning Site-CN-03 sinking and floating in the blood-red ocean, spraying magma and sulfur into the sky, and then falling. The ground is covered with footprints, extending to the sea and disappearing.

With the stars that have lost their brilliance as the background board, the slender figure of God floats in the sky. The church below was surrounded by slanted crosses. Countless people were crucified on the rusty barbs of the cross. Their stomachs were ripped open, their intestines were ripped out and twisted around their necks, and the stained glass windows were covered with coagulated blood. Olivia, Borg, Mo Mianze, Song Yichen, Lingke Tengzi… and Li Hui.

"The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and a voice from heaven said, 'The kingdoms of the world will become the kingdom of the Lord, and he will reign forever.'" God stretched out his hand toward me and declared in a majestic voice.

"you fart"

I shot at him and the bullet shattered the curtain. The body floated up from the dream, cold sweat evaporated on the skin. I was kneeling on the ground with a puddle of vomit in front of me, and I tried to squeeze out the saliva in my mouth to wash away the remaining smell.

"Are you still yourself?" Someone asked me, it was Mu Jiuyin.

"Yes, I am A.C."

"What if you weren't yourself anymore?"

"Then I will finish the road I should walk, please give me an honorable death."

Death is neither honorable nor dignified, it is ugly. No matter how noble a person may be, the way they die will not be changed by righteousness in any way.

It took me a little while to get used to the darkness, it seemed very cramped here. A man wearing a clown mask stood in front of me: "The Foundation won't let it go, they will take revenge for their time."

"I'm sorry for getting out of hand, LG."

"Now it's not about apologizing. An apology won't stop the Foundation from coming in and turning the crew into a part of a certain "Foundation Universe History." LG was very annoyed. "According to the rules, this account should be counted on your heads."

"Whether it's related to us or not, the current Foundation will spare no effort to physically eradicate you."

"That's why you should listen when I say you should run, your beliefs are as ridiculous as Don Quixote's, Chaos Insurgency."

"Pay attention to your words, no matter the past, present or future, we still stick to our responsibilities." Mu Jiuyin responded. His voice was full of anger, and I heard the sound of the holster button on his waist being unlocked. "Stop putting that disgusting name on display."

I grab his right arm. "Wait." As a scholar and a doctor, he shouldn't have experienced this war, or killing.

He stared at me, tears rolled down his cheeks, and the memory of choosing someone to eat made him lose his mind: "Give me the puncture needle! The cartilage of Revolution has been crushed!" Mu Jiuyin struggled, and I grabbed Hold his hand. LG took a step back, and the smoke came out from the long neck of the bong in his hand, like gunpowder smoke. "Don't fucking stand there! Yuki's still alive! It's just an open pneumothorax…'"

Some actors of the crew are watching this side. Although they are not good at fighting, they are not powerless.

"The lackeys of the Ethics Committee will pay for the blood debt!"

"Yes, they will, and I believe that for your enemies, 'You shall give them good news with painful punishment'." I said, "Mu Jiuyin, stop thinking about the past. Look at me, look at me I."

He looked at me, then let go of his hand from the holster. "I'm having a seizure again?"

I nod.

"I believe that morality is a set of eternal laws that regulate how we live a good life." Mu Jiuyin lowered his head.

LG waved his hand, and the assembled cast members dispersed like birds and beasts: "You have violated the rules between us and the foundation, and you will have to pay the corresponding price."

"What do you need me to do?"

He shivered and took a puff of his cigarette, satisfied with my way. "Actors without a script are like Italy without Tifa. There is a forgotten script, lost in a forgotten place, and it takes a group of forgotten people to retrieve it. Before you, Hervey has taken some people there, and it is still No news."

"I promise."

"Your promises are as meaningless as your glory. I only care about the script. Get it back and give it to me. Don't talk about anything else."

The "Iron Crown" next-generation spaceship hovered over the East China Sea. Thunder and lightning tore through the dark clouds and illuminated its smooth hull.

'Hu Ben' sat in front of the holographic wall, quietly watching the torrential rain pouring into the world, and the neon lights of the city in the distance became blurred.

It came from the GOC, and under the instruction of the Secretary-General, it personally descended to Earth to perform the recovery mission. Otherwise, this warship that can fight across planets would have an immeasurable impact on Earth society.

Huben picked up his helmet and rubbed his fingers against the pattern sprayed on the side. It was a red dragon with a candle in its mouth.

"Attack team number: 2245, personal number 41145143. The task is confirmed. There is a strong reality distortion phenomenon in this place. The member of the attack team 'Red Dragon Candle' is ready to carry out the purge. Any attempt to summon the highest divinity through the ascension ceremony is approved. Shoot to kill. The curtain wall disappeared, the hatch opened, and raindrops and air screamed in. "Site-CN-03 has been abandoned, and the assessment report believes that there are still different factions of Foundation forces roaming in the area, and they all use deadly force to fight. They are no longer the organization that advertised control, containment and protection. "

When Huben put on the helmet, the HUD on the retina was activated and connected to the various subsystems of the armor. He stood up and put on his horizontal knife and pistol. Then he walked towards the open hatch, his cloak rattling. The mist rolled over the sea, and the cover facilities on the island were shrouded in hazy and gloomy mist.

Huben narrowed his eyes slightly. "Do you know what our captain said to me when I performed the first airborne operation?"


"Legs spread apart, ready to reincarnate." He whispered, stepping backwards into the darkness of nothingness.

The world will fall, something is burning, the smoke obscures my vision, the sulfur irritates my nostrils, and the touch of fine stone powder warms my feet. Corpses roasted in hellish fire, piercing screams for help, crackling crackling.

The chimera assault like a tide still failed to break through our line of defense. The huge fleet of Lady III UAVs and Sheshir fighter jets swept across the sky, rushing into the enemy line like a knight.

Where we can't see, the Artillery of the Foundation Armed Forces still keeps on relentlessly shelling. Rockets and cannonballs rained down on the god's mountain-like body. What a melody, my heart beat.

The Siberian wasteland is bitterly cold, and my hot breath has begun to blur my visor. AanaMalsageco stands on the weapon station, the 12.7×99 NATO rounds tear apart the monsters in front of him with his silent rage. Ninth, a professional technical sergeant, stepped on the accelerator, the pedal screamed like a broken pedal, and the tachometer soared to the red line area of ​​326. The assault vehicle sprinted forward like it had been kicked in the ass by Uncle Tom's boot. The central control played "Koi は Sun ~CIRCUS!~" from "Girl☆Opera Revue Starlight Bonus Songs" at the top of its lungs, and the relaxed and joyful love song burst out with supersonic waves like crushing core and death core.

In "Uho きっと阳光,近づけば火えてしまう," we shoot in all directions, bulletproof glass smeared with chimera plasma. The formation of drones belonging to the mobile station aerospace fortress "Ranger" passed by at low altitude, and several fire clouds exploded in the center of the chimera cluster. The high-temperature shock waves and flames generated spread to the surroundings like water, and countless chimeras were blown up. Before the high temperature covered by the firepower dissipated, the chimeras behind swarmed in and flooded the vacancy. A piece of hypertrophic shell bounced out of the hood in front of the car, and then there was an explosion above our heads, and our internal organs shook and swelled.

"Fuck, I think I've been shot." Aana Malsageco recoiled from the weapons station.

"Where?" Error hit him in the face with the flashlight.

"Skull." The blood was dripping down Aana's face, and half of his forehead was stuck with a small bone spur.

See picked up his rear zipper and dragged him to the back of the car. "Mu Mu" climbed over the box and climbed into the weapon station to continue firing. Mu Jiuyin immediately wrapped him three times inside and outside three times with medical gel and bandages.

"I think it's okay." Aana said in a muffled voice. "Give me a cigarette."

Everyone laughed, and the order from the communicator interrupted the singing of the stage girls of Shengxiang Music Academy: "Attention all units, the 'Alicorn' space fleet has completed calibration and is preparing for launch. For the sake of mankind ! We will not step back! Fight it right here!"

An indescribably loud sound echoed in the sky. I looked up and saw twelve purple lasers called "Twilight Sparkle's Friendship Magic" burn the clouds and pierce the sky, darkening even the day. The lasers irradiated twelve ravines on the divine giant structure in unison. The waving flesh and tentacles convulsed violently, and a dark red mist enveloped the area for several miles—it was the steam produced by the gushing blood being evaporated by high temperature.

Battleships emerged from the clouds, and more lights shone from the edges of their hulls. In the next instant, one after another tungsten alloy shells crossed the plateau and bombarded the creeping mountains. The rising mushroom cloud submerged His huge body again. After a brief silence, the divinity collapsed slowly and accelerated in an unstoppable embarrassment. Like a fan waving into the gray-red smoke, it disintegrates as the mountains collapse. The impact of the body's final impact on the ground shook the battlefield, sending hail and fire mingled with blood to the ground. Flesh and blood smacked against the front window, and Ninth turned on the wipers to spread the flesh more evenly.

"Attention all, Divinity has stopped the Hume Reaction. For the Foundation! Go on the offensive!"

"For the Foundation!"

I ran forward and shouted, my voice echoed in the empty corridor, shaking the dust off the emergency lights.

The footsteps changed from fast to slow, and finally stopped in front of the ruins of dilapidated buildings. The collapsed roof fell to the ground, and there were scattered fragments of masonry everywhere. The damp corners have become moldy and black, and weeds are growing wantonly in the gaps.

The thick steel plates protruding from both sides of the wall have large rust stains left. With the help of the bright moonlight coming in from outside the cave, one can vaguely see the metal gears stuck to the bottom of the steel plate due to corrosion. There is a standard indented circular arrow on the surface of the steel gate. Although the paint surface has long been mottled, it is still possible to distinguish the horizontal arrangement of "control, containment, protection" and a string of English.

The soles of the rubber boots made a slight friction sound when they stepped on the sand and stones. I rubbed the sign lightly, and finally realized that the previous glory has been buried like this site. The past is gone, we are just rotting. The filter's breathing became heavier, and the Forgotten Land was suffocating.

Until I smell the smoke, it's not a hallucination. The gunpowder powder sprayed from the muzzle is like rain, and every cell in the body is screaming, ready to tear any enemy that appears in front of it.

"Hervey?" I asked tentatively.

"You're late." There was a response in the darkness, followed by the sound of metal guns hitting the ground.

I ran forward and found the speaker leaning against the wall of the corridor, his broken triangular helmet flickering at high frequency. It was Aana Malsageco who asked, "A.C?"

I knelt beside him, the emergency lights flickering on and off, and something moist, dark red and slippery glowed faintly on Aana's fingers covering her stomach.

"Ha, fuck you, did you bring cigarettes?"

I lit a cigarette and put it in his mouth only to realize that he was blind. There was a cut across the face, and the bone was deep.

"Who did it? What other brothers came with you? Where's Hervey?"

"Sarkic," he said. "They were also looking for scripts, and we fought them after we encountered them. They followed Hervey into the passageway of the set."

"Error died and was blown up right in front of me, I couldn't even find a bigger piece." Aana laughed, looking extremely painful.

"Aana, don't sleep, I'll take you home right away." I grabbed him by the collar and tried to keep him awake.

"A.C, we have suffered enough, my last battle is over." Aana's complexion was gloomy, she took a deep breath of the cigarette, and exhaled tremblingly. "Stop them."

"Where is the access? Where is the script?" If it weren't for the wound on his face, I really want to force him to pass by.

The cigarette butt fell into the pool of blood as it shook, hissed and went out. I realized it was over and Aana was home.

Notes on Novel Influenza Viruses at China Branch Sites

With the spread of AD-A in Site-CN-Mobile, the foundation's epidemic prevention and control department now declares that the AD-A virus is the third stage of limited human-to-human transmission. The R-Naught value of AD-A still does not exceed 1.
To ensure the safety of yourself and others, please report any symptoms such as physical discomfort to the epidemic prevention and control department in time, follow regular hand washing, wear a mask, and maintain social distance.
Phase 1 AD-A vaccine has entered clinical trials. The epidemic prevention department believes that in the late stage of infection, patients may have symptoms such as reality distortion or abnormality, but because of their low infectivity and long incubation period, they can be effectively suppressed in the early stages of symptoms.

Hidden Object Notice

Recently, the task force lost a black-covered script when recovering the abnormal items of the crew. The cover of the script has no words and no abnormal effects. Please return those who picked it up to the second-level researcher Liu Kaizong, the specific contact address is qk'vakswywhsv'

Site Missing Notice

The human entity with the ID 114514 and the name Liu Kaizong has been verified as a member of the crew of the same organization, and not an official employee of Site-CN-03. The entity is currently still roaming the low-threat anomalous item research area, asking site staff where the script-type anomalous items are kept. If you come across this entity, please do not speak to it, and contact the internal security team immediately.

Site Wanted

Site-CN-03 Director Olivia, Memetics Department Dr. Borg, Research Department Dr. Mo Mianze, Engineering Research Assistant Song Yichen, Alchemy Department researcher Suzuko Takako, etc. are all suspected of leaking secrets and defecting , accepting bribes, handling abnormalities without permission, etc., the internal security agents will immediately arrest them, and please cooperate with the site staff.
— Internal Security Department


There is an unauthorized shooting on site. The shooter is internal security [not registered]. Please stop immediately, put your head in your hands, and the emergency response team will go to your place to apprehend.

warning update

The Mobile Task Force "Left Hand of the Law" has arrived at Site-CN-03, all employees of the site have given up armed resistance, unlocked the safety lock of the refuge room, and handed over control of the site's defense system. Follow the instructions of the internal security department to assemble, and we will ensure the personal safety of all employees.

This message informs all sites of China Branch

Site-CN-03 has suffered a containment breach and cannot be suppressed, the task force has activated the self-destruct protocol. Relevant evidence obtained by the Ethics Committee shows that some spies from hostile organizations have been mixed into some sites. The internal security department will conduct a thorough investigation on this. Employees at all sites are requested not to panic and cooperate with relevant investigations.

Moss covered most of the walls in layers along the corners, and a line of water trickling down the collapsed ceiling formed a stagnant pit in the floor.

This used to be the main control room of the Site-CN-03 joint database. Most of the server cabinets stored here have been turned into dust of history, and only the remnants of electromagnetic ghosts wander here eternally and unconsciously.

"There was a small-scale exchange of fire in the ruins, most likely those who escaped the internal cleansing of the Foundation." Huben filtered these electromagnetic messages and continued to report. "The other side is unknown, I'm going to the scene—"

Huben moved quickly in the corridor following the breath of gunpowder particles and metal powder, and finally stopped at the ruins of the hall that had been turned into a morgue. No one gathered, and death filled the hall. The rusty smell of blood mixed with the smell of gunpowder smoke. The ceramic floor glistened with slippery entrails.

As a GOC reality bender, Huben has a keen sense of the same taste, faint and weird.

"There are more than ten reality benders," he said, "some from Aldaboth, others wild."

"AD-A?" Command took a moment to look up the information. "The escaped Foundation members coincided with the early days of the epidemic, and they do have reality-bending abilities. We should also make changes to their firefighting rules."

Huben nodded to himself: "If they are polluted, they will get lost in nothingness."

"Giving them death is the best kind of mercy."

He knelt down and rummaged through them. The corpses of the Sarkic sect members were even more fragmented, but there was still a strong aura of divinity left.

"Command, this seems to be a former Sarkic sect, the comparison of the data has no results, is it the target—"

A disturbing sense of abnormality climbed up Tiger's back, he turned around, the curtain of reality collapsed, and the outline of a theater loomed in it.

Before Huben could pull out his straight knife, the huge mouth full of barbed fangs in the pocket space devoured him.

The entrance of the curtain is filled with layers of light blue light radiated by Cherenkov. Hundreds of stars shining like pearls hang upside down in the fleeting sky. They once rose and then quickly fell. The radiance dissolves in the unfathomable abyss of eternal darkness, and countless deeper chaos and nothingness revolve in the abyss.

Once again I heard the cold wind from the Siberian Plateau whistling in my ears, and once again I smelled the salty smell of blood. The sense of weightlessness made the consciousness blurred and confused, and I walked along the only passage like sleepwalking, the gods sang on both sides, and the graveyard of the whole universe was singing, until I walked gently into that good night.

I floated up from the stars, keeping my hands on the ground so as not to fall on the vomit in front of me. I swallowed to get the remaining burning from my throat out of my mouth, and stood up.

As far as the eye can see, there are collapsed shelves and rising flames, and thick smoke blows in the face. I held my breath, covered my face with my arms and bent down to get in. The shiny broken glass on the ground came from the collapsed bookshelf. The two plays, A Tale of Fire and The Moth of the Sun, blazed ablaze and played out their final chapters in this way.

LG sat sideways on the classic wooden chair and turned his head, smelling burnt due to the high temperature. I rushed forward, trying to grab him by the collar and drag him out, but his clothes and skin and chair had melted like butter. I had no choice but to hold his limp body close to my shoulders, and he laughed in a strangely joyful voice. Fingers gripping my back with excitement, that doesn't seem like the strength of a dying person.

The fire spread along the walls and ceiling, devouring everything greedily, distorting the light, making it look like the curtain call of a magnificent stage play from a distance. I kicked open the side door and rushed out, the crew members who always love to join in the fun did not gather. Maybe all of them died.

I leaned the LG against the wall and he was bright red all over his body from inhaling a lot of carbon monoxide, his thighs and arms were oozing blood, it was the wound where the skin was ripped off from the pulling, but these skin traumas are not worth mentioning , because his time is running out.

"You're going to die," I asked bluntly. "Have you got the script? Where is my brother?"

His eyes widened and he moved closer, so close that I could even see the goose-clawed soot folds at the corners of his eyes and the only remaining eyelashes on his eyelids. LG grinned, but couldn't say anything except to spit charcoal on my face.

"Elaborate, hurry up."

His chest was heaving violently, and some kind of urgency forced him to hold me tightly, and whispered in my ear: "If there is a gun in the play, it needs to fire bullets in a certain scene."

Then he let out a long sigh of relief and collapsed backward, collapsing like a popped balloon.

LG should not have died, his life has never died since the theater of Dionysus was built. Unless there's a play where the script calls for his death, like a gun, a bullet, a dead man.

Standing up, I looked down at LG's body. As I said, death is neither honorable nor dignified.

What Huben could see was not tenderness, but fire.

His visor glowed with fire, his vision blurred with shattered lenses. The helmet kept beeping alarms, but Huben had no idea which system was damaged.

Thick crimson smoke filled the ruins, and there were still people beside him. The smoke and high-heat distorted sight made it difficult for him to recognize who was who. Some exiled members of the Foundation who had become anomalous, according to the normal rules of engagement, he should have arrested these people immediately, but under the threat of Sarkic priests, it didn't matter.

"We have to keep running, this place can't hold up. "It was a Foundation member named Hervey who was speaking, and he was obviously the current leader of these people.

Everyone looked up and saw that the top of the theater could withstand the turbulent currents and storms in the gaps between different narrative universes, but now it is like straw being bent by some kind of gravity, making a 'creaking' sound.

"Is everyone here?" Another person named Mu Mu asked, his body was as strong as a small orange mecha.

"Everyone is here." Ninth said in an affirmative tone. "We have to leave now, or the tombstone here will say, 'Your favorite circus clowns and bums are buried here.'"

As if to confirm the correctness of Ninth's words, the beams curled into twists began to make an overwhelmed squeezing sound. Wooden boards, chandeliers, cables, and curtains began to rain down, and the deafening explosion caused waves of fire like a furnace to erupt from various gaps.

"There's also the not-so-lovable and cruel GOC Brother Red Knife." Mu Mu added.

Huben didn't refuse, nodded to him, and stepped forward, followed by the rest. They explored in hell in a tortuous way, and the corridors that should have been directly connected to the transmission channel were completely blocked by fire walls or debris, forcing them to turn back the same way or cut off the wall that was sunken inward due to pressure to find another way out.

Huben turned through a long and narrow corridor, wiped away the hot oil and mist dripping from the eyepiece, and found that the end was the exit of the passageway, but unfortunately, he also realized that the reason for the siren in the helmet was not just high temperature and burning .

The "undead" also appear at the end. Each creature is two meters tall, the shape of the skull is more straight than that of humans, and the jawbone below the cheekbones is replaced by two symmetrical grooves. The bones extending from the vertebral process adhered to the muscle fibers and merged together on the surface. Unknown mutations in internal organs and cartilage were exposed. Swollen joints protruded from the depressions on both sides of the skull, and flesh and blood wriggled between the gaps in the skeleton. A pair of large eyes without scleras stared indifferently at the corridor, and the mouth opened vertically moved and recited prayers.

Twisted, horrible, profane. That was the first adjective that Huben thought of, and the members of the Foundation behind him all linked to the description of the Sarkic Cult in the previous documents: the storage of meat and bones by the Sarkic Cultists may be like people playing with potted plants. Or more like the code written by programmers who stayed up all night, using human beings as the mother, adding various unnatural organs and muscle nerves, and then throwing it into the primitive soup and mixing it with countless messy gene sequences from unknown creatures, In the end, a creature that should not be born in a natural environment at all, and it can also perform efficient running and killing.

The flames around them spread rapidly along the ground, and the reality distortion force visible to the naked eye made a ignited explosion. The crew and actors who arrived here earlier died in a terrible state. Some melted like paraffin, while others were frozen into ice. Some people twisted in the opposite direction like a wrung wet towel, and the broken bone stubble pierced the skin and exposed it.

"Ahh, Here's Johnny!" Hervey shrugged, backing around the corner. "It looks like this is the last way."

"Ever since I escaped from the Foundation, I have been preparing for this day to come. Unfortunately, I have been waiting for too long."

"I've already died in the Foundation." Dusk replied: "Or in other words, I died with the Foundation. Every day I wake up, I imagine that this should be the last time I see the sun. For me, tomorrow will never come."

Ninth pressed the magazine into the weapon, "I also want to live a long life, surrounded by grandchildren, and tell them that I have a life full of responsibility and honor. Of course, there are also a bunch of lingering fools."

Huben shook his head: "I have never considered my own death, neither before, nor in the present, nor in the future."

"Earth, water, fire, and wind, lead me to pardon, reshape the four elements, and recreate the five elements." Mu Jiuyin chanted words in conjunction with the movements, and the reality-distorting power was concretized as an element by his side.

"It's an honor to meet you." Hervey spoke faster, and he saw the shadow of the undead reflected by the flames approaching. "I want you to know that fighting with you in the final moments is something I am most proud of."

"It's also my honor." See replied, even in the face of death, he cherishes words like gold. "Happy hunting."

Dusk seemed to shrug, then leaned forward, pressed the hand wrapped in medical gel to the dust cover of the machine gun and pulled the trigger. The bullets that continued to spew from the muzzle almost formed a line of fire that brought flames and death. The undead at the head of the row was immediately shot, sparks were sprayed from the chest, and the bone plate fragments formed by the ribs were flying around.

Gunshots rang out like thunder, and the flash of the explosion lit up the hall. Two high-explosive grenades shot into their formation slightly, and the metal storm formed by the electromagnetic needle bullets shredded the enemies in front of them.

The undead immediately started to fight back, no skill but emotion, several bone bullets hit Mu Mu, the impact made him stagger back a few steps, he struggled to stabilize, and then hit back even more violently. More bullets hit his arm, exploding bone fragments pierced deep into his jaw and chest, and blood overflowed Dusk's mouth.

"Go!" Mu Mu was choked by the blood pouring down just as he opened his mouth, his jaw was blown away by the explosion, exposing his bleeding gums.

Huben held the long knife horizontally in front of his body to block Mu Jiuyin's slashing from the bone blade, and then lowered the handle of the knife, cutting off the hip bone of the monster in front of him, and the filthy internal organs flowed everywhere.

An undead man stabbed at Mu Jiuyin with a spear-like arm, and before the blow pierced his chest, it had already started to burn. Flames gushed out from the seven orifices, burning every internal organ. The enemy ran past it, and whoever stretched out his hand pushed it, and it immediately began to crack.

See put the muzzle of the gun against the head of the undead and fired, the needle bullets accelerated by the electromagnetic force directly penetrated the enemy's head, blood mixed with bone fragments and wet brain sprayed from the fine needle holes in the skull.

See turned and shot at the other undead, but a bullet also plowed through his skull, leaving a deep bone-deep furrow on his forehead. See's movements were suddenly sluggish, his body stood upright and fixed in place, still maintaining the shooting posture.

But See's heart had stopped beating, his finger was still on the trigger, and the muzzle of the gun bounced around with the unsuppressed recoil, smashing the undead who killed him until the magazine was empty.

The violent suppression of firepower also ended, and the belt of the machine gun was empty. Mu Mu's chest was also riddled with holes, her muscular body swayed like rags, and finally fell back on the ground, half-sitting because of the support of the bullet box on her back, like an emperor leaning on the throne.

Losing fire suppression, the undead immediately swarmed up like carrion vultures, engulfing Mu Jiuyin almost instantly. He let out an inhuman howl as enemies stabbed, hacked and hammered around him. The blue-white flames rising from Mu Jiuyin's body surged and engulfed everyone like a rising tide, cutting off half of the corridor.

The powder rose in the strong wind, half-melted diamond blocks fell to the ground, and the undead surrounding Mu Jiuyin turned into white statues. As described in the nineteenth chapter of "Genesis": At that time, the Lord sent sulfur and fire from the Lord of heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah; What grows is destroyed. Lot's wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt.

The remaining undead turned to Ninth, standing in front of him like a steel tower. The latter raised his rifle and pulled the trigger, his weapon clicking back into the air, and like himself, the gun had served its last purpose.

"You're the only one left, your brother has shamelessly abandoned you." One of the undead said, and Ninth noticed that their bony armor was cracked and blackened with smoke. Few things make the most elite individual units of the Sarkic Cult so miserable, and this makes the Ninth feel a little proud.

"The undead are known as the sharpest spears and the strongest shields, but they are not worthy of the name. As the spears, you finally let us break through the blockade." Ninth spat with the last of his strength. "And so are you as shields."

The undead looked at each other, if they could still make expressions.

Ninth laughed: "I thought you all remembered that time in Russia, when the Foundation armed forces shot your gods into a sieve in full view of your loyal servants, and there was no corpse bigger than my hand. "

"It would be unwise to provoke us in this situation." The undead raised their weapons. "Say a last word, beg us for mercy or beg for mercy."

"First of all, I am a normal human being with parents and a happy childhood. Second, I have lived a life full of honor and fulfilled my responsibilities perfectly. Finally, I still have a group of worthy people on the road to death. Entrusted brother." Ninth rubbed his chest and said, "Do you have it? Orphan, your mother died today, maybe it was yesterday, I don't know."

He raised the grenade hidden in his chest, putting an end to his somewhat regrettable life.

"Oh hell, your mother's death is actually an adjective for you."

Explosions continued all around me, and fragments of bricks and tiles flew in all directions. Every gasp filled my chest with burning sensation. I broke through the heat wave and came to a wider hall.

This hall is a theater, the spotlights are shaking, the crimson seats have been mostly damaged, the stone sculpture in the shape of a griffin fell from the top and shattered, and the VIP seats on the second floor are burning. Something more terrifying and disturbing has taken over here. Torches burn in decorative candelabra with the skulls of some recently deceased. It exudes a disgusting smell mixed with burnt smell and strange fragrance. On the stage of the theater, some kind of formation painted with blood is flooding, the candles are dripping with red wax, violently beating on fire
flame. That was supposed to be the crew's escape route, and now it's clear that something has slipped from the womb into the vagina of the world.

I saw Hervey lying motionless on the ground, blood smearing his face, a Sarkic priest laying on top of him and beating him with claws and shield. Another warrior was still barely supporting himself. He was wearing thick white armor, but his movements were not restricted by the armor. I know the armor, only the most elite strike teams in the GOC wear them, and have fought alongside them in quite a few of the most apocalyptic operations I've seen.

Of course, it's the same this time, with the sword in hand, eager to drink blood.

Needless to say, I raised the pistol and emptied the magazine, knocked off the head of the undead man on Hevey and the head of the person next to him, then threw the gun and drew the sword out of its sheath. his baby.

The leather scabbard was burned to pieces by the fire, but fortunately, when the first undead rushed over was split open by the high-frequency vibration particles and exploded to pieces, it proved that its blade was still extremely sharp.

I still don't realize the implications of successfully wielding a sword with reality-bending abilities. The dream still pulls my consciousness, the hideous enemies in front of me overlap with the Chaos Insurgency, the Mechanic Priest, the Serpent's Hand, and various human or non-human images.

The GOC soldiers were already struggling to fight back against the horrific mutant monster that held him down, ribs exposed like upside-down blades, horns protruding from flesh, eyes fixed on him as if for its prey Angry for still being stubborn.

A solid blunt blow reacted on my arm with the crisp sound of bone breaking. I held back the severe pain and pinched the protruding joints of the neck and chin of the undead who dared to step forward, lifted it up, and turned it with my wrist , Its neck also began to bend unnaturally, and the 'crack' sound of the broken spine could be heard clearly. Casually smashing it into the burning ruins, I continued to charge with the sword in one hand, stabbing straight through the chest of the undead standing in front of me, piercing the sternum. The sword body was stuck in its broken spine, and the high-frequency vibration kept tearing out bone and flesh pieces, so I had to step on its corpse and pull out the sword.

Now, the monster turned, and I saw nothing but madness and rage in the gaze of its many eyeballs. I've seen quite a few otherworldly beings descend through the rift, but in those days we still had the massive war machines of the Foundation Armed Forces as our trump card. But now that a demigod is about to complete its evolution, its only obstacles are two dying people half buried in the ground.

Humanity can no longer live in fear. Nothing can protect humans, we must protect ourselves. While others live in the sun, we must fight them in the shadows and keep them from the public eye so others can live in a sane, ordinary world.

I serve the Foundation, I serve humanity, it doesn't make a difference because of my change of status. This was true in the past, and it is true now.

Throwing the GOC soldiers aside like rag dolls, the monster tried to rise from the rubble to fight, but failed. It seems that compared to him, killing me can produce more formal pleasure.

You're going to crack the toughest bone you've ever been born, I thought, and charged.

It slammed into it, throwing me flying before the sword could reach it. The bones crackled, two hundred and six bones protesting against the exhausting work.

I got up in a state of embarrassment, with a thud in my head, staring at my eyes, and I could barely see the monster approaching. I raised my sword to parry its claws with such force that my shoulder was dislocated. The pain far beyond the physical pain began to torment me: the massacre scene at Site-CN-03, the white coat and the splashed blood complement each other, the terrified faces of the dead who are not peaceful, and the gunshots, the endless gunshots.

I was crushed to the ground by the monster again, the pain in my body had long been numb, and an unexpected tranquility enveloped me.

The sky was clear, and flocks of seabirds flew over my head, casting a golden silhouette on the distant port.

Stationmaster Olivia stood in a white dress at the berthing port, her long golden hair shining like a waterfall in the sun. I have never seen such a beautiful sight.

Li Hui and Gu Youyi rode a small electric donkey across the coastal road at a high speed of thirty-five per hour, and Moser applied sunscreen on Ling Ke's back. The poor virgin was played and applauded by women. I turned my head, Nether was applying sunscreen to Carlos's back, oh, poor virgin, being played by a man in applause.

Liangyue and Muxia were arguing not far away, and they could vaguely hear "You are not Yugi Muto, your ocg builder brought your mother Dyson ball", "Where is the holy grail of my big ace? Have you seen my pot?"

Mo Mianze patted my shoulder and handed me a martini: "Guess what I'm going to say?"

I stared at his side face: "Um, aren't you gay?"

"I wanted to call you an idiot as usual." Mo Mianze raised his hand and spilled the wine in his glass on the beach. "But…after drinking this cup, let's go on the road, you still have to protect all human beings."

The responsibility of protecting all mankind is too great for me to shoulder alone.

"But it is our duty to take on the heavy responsibility that others cannot take on."

To stand where one's comrades fall, to carry on while others cry in despair.

If encountering complex electromagnetic environment interference and other situations that make it impossible to contact the superior, all Foundation personnel should immediately rebuild the command system based on the original unit based on military rank, and actively create all favorable conditions, actively unite all forces that can be united, organize self-rescue, mutual save. In any case, the mission should be kept in mind, the loyalty should be maintained, the purity should be guaranteed, and the duty should be kept in mind. never sit still , will never betray mankind…

Control the situation, contain anomalies, and protect humans.

My perception is consumed by blood and fire. I tried to stand up, but I was exhausted. How easy it is to lie down and die like this, but unfortunately, if the mission is not completed, even the god of death will not let you go.

I yelled and opened my eyes, quite a bit of a fifth-grade elementary school brawl and blackened demeanor. Then I realized that there was a big hole in my chest, and the strong wind sent my lungs through the hall like a blower.

But the monster is not here, Hervey is holding on to the eyeballs on its side, and his scorched skin is peeling off in pieces due to the high heat, just like the coals burning in the furnace. One leg was missing, the kneecap remained in the other, and the half-stretched intestines were stuffed back and tied with a simple knot. But it doesn't matter, I saw Hervey snarled and bit the monster's eyeball with his mouth, tearing off the surrounding skin and hair. At this moment, he was more like a beast than a beast, and I could even feel the fear emanating from the monster.


I realized it was the GOC who was talking, and he was staggering towards the monster, his long knife held behind his back, dragging sparks across the ground.

The script was lying not far from me, the black skin glowing slightly soaked in blood. For this thing, everyone is buried here.


He repeated it again, this time I heard it clearly, and I was ready to take it, but the place where the left hand was originally was empty, and the tear of the acromion and humeral head was clearly visible.

I know I'm dying, not from my physical wounds but from the feeling, like a doctor sitting at a table kindly asking you to have some unfinished wish fulfilled as soon as possible.

I turned over and knelt tremblingly, but luckily my right hand was still there. I picked up the book and put it on my lap, clamping it between my thigh and stomach. Then open the book.

Ah, so that's it, I gradually understand everything LG said.

If there's a gun in the play, it's necessary for it to fire the bullet in a certain scene.

The monster shook and howled, Hervey was torn to pieces with its front claws, and it rushed towards me. It seems that it is ready to end this mutual killing.

I saw that Hervey's small forearm was still on the monster's compound eyes, which was probably the largest piece of him left.

I raised the gun and pulled the trigger.

A bullet pierced the monster's head, and his mind was wide open. It trembled and endured great pain. At this moment, I swung the big sword with all my strength, jumped up high, and slashed down fiercely until the big sword got stuck in the middle of its head.

I fell earlier than it did, and was unable to get up again. Some internal organs seemed to be thrown off by the vigorous exercise just now.

Then I fell down, could no longer support my body, and coughed up a mouthful of sticky blood. The GOC fighter stood up from behind it and swung a long knife, splitting the ugly head in two.

"Is it dead?" I asked, gasping weakly.

He looked at me and I felt his gaze. Finally, he nodded.

"Tiger Ben."


"You all escaped the purge? I thought you were all dead."

"Yes, it's almost there now."

"What you and your brothers have done is admirable. I have rarely seen a human being shine like you." That's when I noticed he was a reality bender. "GOC has positioned here, and the space combat team will support it immediately, keep breathing now…"

"You don't understand that my problem is not just the injury." I raised my left hand, the wound was growing rapidly, and the pink and tender granulation was intertwined, no matter how you looked at it, it didn't look like an ordinary arm.

"Insignificant abnormal pollution, if it weren't for it, I would have died long ago."

"I understand, AD-A. Abnormal Alzheimer's disease, the infected person will have an uncontrollable level-4 distortion ability and multiple mental diseases in the later stage, and there is no late-stage cure case."

"Then for the sake of fighting side by side, do me a favor."

"……I see."

I feel the warm winter sun again. I began to hear the cheers that erupted with the death of the flesh god. I jumped out of the car, Hervey, Ninth and See were celebrating beside me, Mu Jiuyin raised the camera to take a picture, Aana was carried out of the car by Error and Mu Mu in a position that was far from comfortable. He wanted to laugh, but he cried out because of the wound on his forehead.

Reality began to get farther and farther away from me. I felt the sea breeze and saw Olivia's blond hair fluttering in the wind. My tongue faithfully reflected the spiciness mixed with the sweetness of the martini. Li Hui buckled the Know brand sun hat inside on my head. Everyone is laughing, laughing from the heart.

I heard the clinking of the broken armor hanging on Tiger Ben's body when he came over, and the buzzing of the blade when he raised his own knife because of the infusion of reality distortion ability.

Tears of joy rolled down my face at the sight of their smiles.

Huben picked up the tattered script from the ground, and a hole was dug inside. From here, A.C took out the gun hidden in it and gave the monster a fatal blow.

Huben has heard about a special firearm that fires reality-stabilized bullets. This firearm was shelved by the GOC because of its high-dose radiation damage to ordinary people and reality benders at the same time.

There is a line of pen writing under the hole

"All tragedies end with death"

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