The Hospital Hub
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At some point in time, perhaps the late 19th century, the early 21st century, or any other time you can think of, a group of Broken God missionaries traveled across the ocean to China to convince more people to join them in their great work of restoring their God. But as with all great endeavors, the restoration of a transcendent being to wholeness will inevitably come with a little hiccup …

The smith answers only to God, for his hands repair His body.

—Builder Robert Bumaro, Unknown Time

Amos, stop his bleeding now! I'll get the surgical instruments ready and keep him awake until he's anesthetized. Shock is no small matter!

—Missionary Josephus Miller, 193█ A.D.

May the Glory be upon you.

—Bishop Neva Miller, Priory of the Glory, 1941 A.D.

Mom, I'm going to battle.

—Private Rinsei Kato, Japanese Army, 1943 A.D.

A gentleman's word is his bond. Mr. [REDACTED] helped us to repay our country, while we only gave him a promise. I don't think that's excessive.

——SCP-CN-979-1, 20██ A.D.

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