How the Foundation Does Body Check For a Reality Bender

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“Next item…Hume readings.” Dr. Zheng glanced over the body check list of PoI-61A98, turned around and told me, “Agent, go get the Kant counter in the cabinet.”

Different from the portable counter for fieldwork, a Kant counter for body check has to have a higher accuracy, therefore the probe tube is larger. Noticing that I'm looking at it, Dr. Zheng added, “The two indexes for a reality bender's Hume level, you still remember them?”

“Personal Hume readings and surrounding Hume readings,” I answered without hesitation. The content is one of the assessment focuses for the agent training, and I've memorized it well. “Their internal Hume readings are higher compared to normal humans, while the reality surrounding them become weaker than usual due to their effects.”

Dr. Zheng nodded in approval. He took the counter I gave him, and said to PoI-61A98 who was waiting aside, “You, young man, go stand there facing the wall. Do not try to resist.”

PoI-61A98 stood against the wall and dare not breathe. I looked at Dr. Zheng in suspicion.

“What you looking at? Internal Hume readings, how did you think it's measured?”

“Emmm…” I asked silently, “isn't it the oral cavity?”

“Ah, we used to do that.” Dr. Zheng said, reaching for a bottle of medical lubricant on the table. “The effective detection length was too short. Also, the Hume readings for the brain of reality benders are especially higher than other organs, so the readings measured at the oral cavity will be higher than actual for about 5 to 10, not accurate enough. Come here young man, take off your pants.”


PoI-61A98 turned around to look at us; he and I stared into each other's eyes for a moment. He didn't move, and cold sweat started to seep through his forehead.

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