How to Play in the Sandbox
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Hello, new architects.
Welcome to the Super Castle Producing Foundation.
As a senior architect, I will give you advice on how to build castles.

As you can know from our name, we build castles.
We make all kinds of castles - pointy castles, weird castles, funny castles, or castles that doesn't seem like it even exists - and put them on display.
And others will evaluate your castle, and sometimes they will give you advice on those castles.
Is your castle impressive? Congratulations. Well-rated castles stay there to be seen for generations.
Is your castle barely a castle but a small, clumsy pile of sticks and stone? Hmm… I'd have to call the demolition team a bit later.

Your castle will not always get good ratings. A perfect castle cannot exist.
There is always a flaw somewhere in your castle.
What you should do is to minimize the flaws in your castle or hide them as if they didn't exist.
If someone tells you what to fix, fix it. Maybe, after fixing, the castle can be rated better.

We at the Foundation build, evaluate, and destroy castles every day.
Yes? How do we get all the materials for that?
Uh, you don't need to know yet. At least we don't take part from your house.
However, there are some new people - yes, like you - take and display… how can I phrase this the least hurtful way possible… piles of shit out of format, without any basic requirements met. This happens from time to time; no, this happens rather frequently.
Us the Foundation, immediately get rid of those piles of shit.
Yes, we know. The makers will complain, saying: "That was a great idea!"
But none of that matters if the audience hates it.

So, to prevent such unfortunate events, we made a sandbox.
Yes, you heard me correctly. Sandbox.
Please wait a moment until the explanation is over, and we will guide you to the sandbox area.

You've most likely played at the beach, building sandcastles with sand, at least once when you were young.
What is it? You're from the interior, and you've never done it?
Well, now you can. Maybe you'll love it.
We do similar stuff in the sandbox.
What you should do there is to pre-build a castle of your liking.
Don't be embarrassed being a grownup building a sandcastle. Everyone here, even the veterans, frequently use the sandbox.

Castles made of sand are not expensive and are easy to demolish.
This sandcastle will be very useful to you new folks. You can ask others to evaluate your model castle.
Don't hesitate. It's all part of improving your castle.
In the sandbox, you can do whatever you want as long as you stay in your designated area.
You can build a giant pyramid to feel like being in Egypt.
You may build a humongous statue of a naked woman… Well, it could be best if you don't do that frequently. No one would want to see a naked sand lady while going to build a castle.
What I'm trying to say is, unlike the actual display area where evaluations are strict, nobody will stop you from doing anything, even if you build the most garbage-like castle, unless you actually make it and put it on display.

Build your castle with sand before you actually build one, show it in front of everyone, and improve your castle!

The lecture is over. You are castle makers, and you should be proud of it.
Please leave through the gate behind you. Before you leave, please take the booklets 'Standard Foundation Castle Blueprints', 'The art of adequate interior concealment', 'Castle Categories' and 'Building my first castle in 30 minutes.'

It will be useful for a long time.

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