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Comedy Day Hub

"Comedy is a funny way of being serious."

Muhammad Ali

"Comedy, we may say, is society protecting itself - with a smile."

John Boynton Priestley

"It's cylindrical."

The battery

"The more you suck it, the more it grows :picardia:"



The first heartbreaking truth is felt with every written character, from one moment to the next the words are reborn and die as the minutes of these 24 hours pass. Will I be able to bleed a smile through the photons produced by the light of the portal of stories?

Perhaps, others do not ask themselves any such question and this is more like a human instinct, followed by an outburst of courage and bravery. Has the disappointment already doubled? It does not matter! Of course the weight of words at this time is less than that of a wandering soul, looking for a spot in the graveyard of ideas.

Welcome to the outcome of jokes, pranks and other funny elements through the years, obvious or far-fetched references, all kinds of pandemonium are found herein.

Make our day with the best of your repertoire.

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