The Hub for CN Hubs
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Welcome to the CN Hub Hub!

This is the hub for original hubs in the Chinese branch, where all pages tagged with both "hub" and "cn" are listed (with exceptions, of course). Categorised and listed in chronological order.

This is a collaborative page. If you create a new hub page, you are welcome to add it to this list; however, please make sure that your hub page survives on the site before doing so. Please place your newly created hub page at the bottom of the appropriate category; if you create a new hub page that does not fit into any of the existing categories, please contact the creator of that page.

Some pages, such as the Guide Hub, are essentially translations. See the original Hub Hub for such pages.

To see all pages tagged with both hub and cn, click here.

Content Hubs

SCP Article Hubs

Essay Hubs

Other Content Hubs

Tale Hubs

Tale Series Hubs

Creepypasta Hubs


Contest and Event Hubs

Contest Hubs

Listed here are contests in the general sense. They have a defined preparation or submission period (usually about a month) and rank the entries by rating at the end of the voting period.

Unofficial Contests
Spring Festival Contests
X000 Contests
Winter and Summer Contests
Other Contests

Look-And-Write Contests

Look-And-Write has a unique format. The main difference from other contests is that there is only one winner and the concept of a "threshold score". Once an entry reaches this score, the contest ends and the entry is declared the winner.

Event Hubs

The events presented on these pages generally do not have a mandatory "end date" or do not meet the definition of a "contest".

Halloween Events
"Smash Crazy Pigeons" Draft Exchange Events
Artwork Collection Event
Anthology Event

Facility Hubs

The designations in this category are ordered numerically.

Site Hubs

Area Hubs

Site Non-Hubs

These hub pages are deprived of the "site" and "hub" tags due to issues such as early site tag requirements. However, since they still function as hub pages in a sense, they are placed here.

Uncategorized Hubs

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