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START> VID.REC:: 1737:09:44

"I finance assets, not stragglers, Doctor. Useful personnel. We're not in any position to waste money on rookies."

"You and I both know he performed almost flawlessly in his deployment, Director. The kid has potential. Keeping him confined in a monotonous cycle, as if he was serving a prison sentence, is only going to affect his performance as a soldier in a very negative way. This is part of his training."

"That's what he's doing, in fact. Serving a sentence."

The Agent on the opposite side of the table crossed his arms.

"The least you could've done is ask for permission."

"It was an emergency call, Director. Whenever there's a dangerous situation, there's no time to make phone calls."

The director looked through the folders of documents on the table until he pulled apart two of them.

"Mmh… What about these two agents? Their performance at Beta-7 doesn't seem out of the ordinary, they don't look like the people you would look for a team of such magnitude."

"I see you're not up to date on the situation. It looks like they haven't updated the records yet."

"What do you mean?"

"The bribery ring within Site-████. They were the ones who discovered the discrepancies in the budget that were going on for months, if not years." Agent Steffano González paused before continuing. "The details were evaluated by the rest of the committee and they kicked out directors, some doctors and even agents. It was a first."

"That's… peculiar. I have to agree. However, you still haven't answered the question I asked you at the beginning of this meeting. Why do you want such a team?"

Agent Steffano González picked up all the folders filled with information and put them aside, leaving only one in the center of the table.

"Let me assemble the team, Director. I assure you that your problem will be solved before we finish signing the required paperwork."

PAUSE> VID.REC:: 1743:27:02

             /@@/    //@@@@@//    /@@@            
          @@/  /@@@@@@*@@&&&&@@@@@@/  /@@         
        @@  /@@@@@@****@&&&&&&&&@@@@@@/  @@       
      /@  /@@@@*******@&&&&&&&&&&&&@@@@@/  @@     
     @@  @@@*********@@&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&@@@  @@    
    /@  @***********@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @@   
    @/ /@@@@*******@@         @@%%%%%%%%%%@@  @   
   /@  @@@///@@@**@@          /@%%%%%%%%%@@@  @/  
    &  &&@@/////@@@/           /@#######&&&&  &/  
  /&&( /&&&&////////&&&     &&&(&&#####&&&&/ /&&/
 %%%%%/ /%%%///////////&&&&&(((((%%###%%%%%  %%%%%
  /%%%%/ /%%%////////%%%((((((((((%%##%%%/ /%%%%/
    %%%%%  /%%////%%%((((((((((((((%#%%%  %%%%%   
     /%%%%%   %%%(((((((((((((((((((%   %%%%%/    
       %%%%%%%    %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%/   %%%%%%%      
               (%%%/           /#%%%              
            /@@/         /@@/           
         @@  /@@@@@@&&@@@@@/  /@        
      /@  @@@@@***@&&&&&&&@@@@@  @/     
     @  @@@@*****@@&&&&&&&&&&@@@@  @    
    @  @*********@&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&@  @   
   @/ @@@*******@       @%%%%%%%%%@ /@  
   @  @@//@@@**@        /@%%%%%%%@@  @  
   &  &&&/////&@/       /&&#####&&&  &  
 &&&& /&&&///////&&# &&&((&&###&&&/ %%%%
  %%%% /%%%///////%%(((((((%##%%%/ %%%%
   /%%%  %%///(%%(((((((((((%#%%  %%%%  
     %%%%/  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  /%%%%    
      %/  /%%    /%%%%%/    %%/  /%     

SHRP (pronounced "sharp"), or "Special Hazards' Response Protocols", is a tactical unit specialized in fast deployments, intelligence work and general support for other mobile task forces. It was originally conceived by specialist Steffano González, who proposed a model designed to fill the existing gaps in the system of agents and their work within the SCP Foundation, in addition to being a tool to provide immediate logistical support to organizations outside the Veil that require it in highly sensitive situations.

Intelligence. Focus. Efficiency. SHRP principles are perfectly defined, and each operation stands out for the thoroughness and excellence of its execution. Each specialist was selected according to their general skills, emphasizing on the strengths of the agents themselves, thus allowing to cover a large range of operations as well as to develop the potential of each operative in their specialty. Deployments are planned taking into account the situational context and the needs for each mission, carefully balancing the objectives and how the given operation will be carried out.

The unit was initially created as a relatively small tactical squad specialized in sensitive situations, but has since evolved into a larger force with extended responsibilities and capabilities. Notable activities of the group include, but are not limited to, target containment and neutralization, situational assessment and quick emergency deployments, private investigation and document classification, and logistical or armed support in military situations, among other functions.

Currently the main personnel consists of ███████ ██ ████████, ranging from active agents to technical unit support. It includes specialists in a variety of areas from various elite units around the world, brought into a single unit for the SCP Foundation. SHRP has two operational and functional headquarters located at Site-28, New York, USA, and Site-██ at █████, ██████████ respectively.




>G://SHRP/██-10-201█_CASEFILE-259 "Bonds"
>G://SHRP/19-10-201█_SITE-28 "Distractions"
>G://SHRP/23-10-201█_WHITE-STAR_NEW-YORK "White Star"



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